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Mirror Silver Contact Lenses

Chap. 14's up

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                                                                                 ©  Coldflame 1987

And here I am. Chapter intense and a joy to lead and deliver it to you.
I'm really satisfied, because of the story itself, for that kind of maternal sense of satisfaction in having born, grow, evolve. Translating it but no.
And let me say, with a little 'fear for his fate, seeing that nothing was yet decided, there was always all that it should be written. I do not mean that you have or have had reservations against Musca (God forbid!), But, you know, after all the fun of acting is a direct relationship with readers, who follow you step by step, and therefore have also (more or less consciously) influence the gift of Thee, to drive the plot. I found the early sensational stories often reduced to banal soap-opera after a few chapters, because the reviewers show their appreciation waaay (of course) that aspect of the whole thing.
Instead the plot of January is integrates , guys, be it over, yes, but also precisely to uncorrupted, so compact and consistent with its initial design that makes me proud to have unearthed. Of course I am referring not only to this chapter, but the total view of history: sorry, I was impressed by the ending, I can not be affected in my comments here to the end, even for us here on the side of the translation. You will understand in due time, so to speak. = P
As I said the author, what makes me so proud, and makes me say Brava Silvia, you do not waste time unnecessarily, you're not doing something stupid , is a simple fact, disarmingly stories of Musca would be the same exciting stories even without the character of Harry Potter, not even a . They have value independently of this, in my opinion. It is for this precise reason that I translate. I translate.
This chapter gives proof: the account starts to return, there is a circle that closes, the issues created are repeated and cradled, branded, and their growing sense of intensity echoes.
Today, poetic, be patient.
two things, as usual, a..

: renamed, renamed. You bet, Miss. And quiet. Decide Smity. Ghgh. Nonsense aside, how are you? Hmmm, I groped viuuulente more raids, which the wonderful world of the Internet? Turning to
J.: please please criticism, yes. Get to the point where I do congratulate Musca them to him, you tell me the criticism è_é ... I do not know, inventatevele. Do you think we are all a boatload of blind fanatics fancazzisti His fans (sorry).
Example: Ron.
Yes, I know. Growling, but I can assure you. Back soon. Such as hairdressing. (And I always keep my belly laughter. Look, long live Ron! Make a difference. Except in the books of JK, of course.)
... Then two things struck me in your review. Sally and analysis to Dawson's Creek.
Muahaha ... poor old Dawn-son, the breaker, the fourteen frustrated in the role of a 35 year old blonde. And who forgets it. But here no psychoanalysis, please.
1) No time, no a incendioooo!
2) also no thanks. What if for every cock-P to that he had given a baby food, that there would always be red and swollen like Gabibbo.
3) Mmm. If I remember correctly there was a triangle. And the best friend you idiot in the end she cares. But, but ... well, you think the case you citareee?? Ç___Ç
(Although to be honest I tifavo P. sfegatatamente. Down with the breaker.)
And then ... I really do not know Sally? I wonder where is all this envy. In fact it is not pretty. But it is so natural, is not it? His feeling of not belonging, non-capacity, this anger of wanting to be what keeps you so far from what you love, a love-hate. Like the one for her father. His envy is not disappointed by what they will never be, or to herself: I think this is now in her a feeling passed. It's anxiety to see so many people with a gift, a talent , disperse, mistreated, pretend Up to forget even to hate him .
is the anti-Hermione. As Hermione reject magic, for all that mean for you, for what he did, he did to his mother, his father Harry Ron Fred Tonks but especially his father, there is a struggle in which Sally magical world without magic . It drives her to be herself, to take the awareness of simple good fortune to make a difference, to help out. What then is the meaning of the whole affair here. And yet what they (apparently) everyone will have to learn to do a bit of 'no more magic. Just do not lose hope .
Bello, no? Meeting very me nell'Hermione of January, I also would like to have a Sally, to be held in his coat pocket.
Baaaaaci to preeeeesto!
Sabri89 : hello! Sorry for the delay, I promise that the next chapter does not extend beyond Christmas. I also liked Harry and his stream of consciousness, I think there would not it? And when Hermione makes a cautious, as you say, Sally, are all grinning: It seems a bit 'a cat, all curled up and stopped, but listening to the slightest sign, ready to take down a leg. A little 'a tiger , now that I think. Ghgh. Protective and jealous, and maybe even a little ' irritated by this impudent girl, who seems to like her (sorry, not to her, to herself in the past), which is here and as usual he says things should be done, what's wrong. Among the 'put it in another without anyone asked. Among other things brooding photos of Harry as a mad fanatic.
And what about this chapter? ;)
Baaaaaaci kisses!
Emma : TA-DAAN! Seen, it took a little. You gave me, like, a little push in the back. Very good. Without publicly thank, from all I do not know, virtual standing ovation to all readers, AOLA general ... stuff like that. If you want to we can put a good word.
Allooora, where to begin? From thank you, no doubt. And seriously, now.
As you say, I rummaged em'ingegno grooming as much as possible. Now know that even the walls. You know, are much changed since I was a translator at the beginning.
(Background Music, please.-oh my God, so that I look like a diva with the snobbish, but I want to say the same.)
much safer, bold. Let's say that someone has dared rebuke in the early days, those naive to B & nB, are completed. The original is always the sacred reference to having distort as little as possible, certainly, but also try periphrasis, idioms Inglese less Italian and more, cuts and come in here and there. In short, the first thing is the way, the image, then I can shape the words. Little things, do not worry. Removing gerunds, for example, or all those pronouns stuck everywhere, or a thousand ways to translate "just." ( Oh, how I LOVE the just !)
are things that I never imagined before. I mean, do not push you to the translators (and there are already myself), but it's a fascinating thing. Really. And now the conversion is faster, less traumatic. But the question remains of hits: this is what I say is important.
(Snivella bouncing: Son-of-Fri nanny ava bra-bra-bra-avaaa ava ...).
ghgh. Bad images.
I beg you, never ever let our guard down, especially now! Difficult Time Lies Ahead, Emma. Good chapter and prestoooo, my dear!
Baci kisses.
Magic: CIAAAAAO ... BUT! Seen everything, you know, review and e-mail. You made me die laughing. As usual. And this time also intrigued tantiiissimoo!
(MA-? MA-? The maritime? Gasp. Slumps Me.)
Seriously. Glad to hear that you are there. And you're not all the bad things that I thought I had become ( arrabbiatafuriosadelusaeccecc ...). Overwhelm me with compliments, as always, I feel Sin-ga-lu-ta. Zul zerio. Bows, bows. What can I say? Too good, for sure!
Besides, what would all this talk about your new story, hmm? You have to trust, trust! And then you always improve soon, especially with the computer: cut, paste, and so on. ;)
I have not read anything, as you may imagine (that you have not even seen the reviews from my ff jammed pack with 1000 words in native-shot), but we hope to do so. After all, Christmas is near, right? Ghgh ...
Meanwhile, you do not shoot me again, ok? I'll see what can be done, and maybe I'll try to quickly update, which goes round and round feel flow away from the hands of players such as sand. Do not it make you too have the same effect? Of having to keep up, promote and move, especially move, there are those who else gets tired and forgets about you? Do you think it is a neurosis ? Or are they really all a bit 'as children, from having to keep an eye on?
Well, my dear affectionate found-fan, I hope not. I hope not.
Baaaacissimi, and see you soon!

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Do Abortion Clinics Use Donated Blood

snivella @ 2007-11-30T12: 16:00

I'm doing a bit of changes in layout. Real jumps and pirouettes risvoltoloni. I wanted to find a more versatile, but I discovered that it is not so easy.
The reality is that I am not convinced by half. This is the least for now obscene, but I can not however replace my beautiful holes in the clouds. I try to leave it for a while ... although I think I will send this rose to hyperglycemic coma soon, knowing me.
But what do you think? (For the series: there nessuuuUUuunooo ????)

Speaking of sugar, I leave you some news on JANUARY , while we are!
If you're wondering about where - spiterina is over ... do not worry, I plan to update soon. Meanwhile there, on the English side, the matter was closed, my dears, the end, right, fine. (And it happened so suddenly that I always have to take back = P)
But, you still have to wait a bit ... which, for the tough, to say there is still tranquiiiilli acceptable a number of chapters ahead. ;)


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How Tie Converse Double


Today I am angry, definitely. Disappointed and angry with the world.
do not know how I can vent if not in this way. It is usually brought on little man, the clinic immigrants. The usual old acquaintance, with folder with five slips of paper sheets stapled and folded, his face sbattutta, the emphasis uncertain but already more secure than those who will not be Italian, no, but it certainly has lived long among Italian doctors and the surgery to make themselves understood faster and more directly than most.
This here is a revised and already seen one of those patients who want to be reassured, listened, touched, even a little made me smile, if you are not in the mood and nine in the evening. And preferably want a recipe, a great sheet full of doodles, medicines given to a trust and a little bit by chance, with the hope that work. O please, please, visit Specialized specialist visit, I need it I need .
It usually works, at least regarding the reassurance.
Only this one, the old knowledge, has pain, pain everywhere. pain everywhere, do not sleep do not sleep, never, never, miss. It gives you the pat on the back, tells you your back, knees, everything. Everywhere, everywhere. You eyes widen almost certain to hit the target, after all we are only a doctor from the broad face and nice and a girl with green eyes and red cheeks from silly little girl, and you can move a young doctor and a young girl. Push them to give something. To understand the situation .
So viaa, prescriviamogli a good total body scan to see if his bones are in place, who knows what could be. And also some nice creamy sauce, since the eczema on her legs, which is making me see, it looks like a skin made of baked fish, and cock, covering all her legs. Books do not seem so sucks. And itching itching, Miss . And believe it, poor man.
The thing that does not say is that the poor man lives in a refugee camp here, and no, no central heating heating nor DeLonghi dehumidifiers. It damp crushes the bones, rather than the cold. And the bones cut short, so, and for so long, they hurt. And it is useless to spread all the creams in the world if you're like a sewer, so a skin .
And so on, what's the problem, let them 'is a total body and talk about it anymore, they will tell you something the hospital. And try again for the tenth, twelfth consecutive year to spread creams, so, not bad make sure. What are we to do?
(And while the surgery has a hole of € 70,000).
This is the Italian health system.

Always one of the best in the world, and I will not think about politics, I do not give a shit. The issue of immigrants is a biggest problem for me, and certainly do not want to define now, especially now . But while the man went away, thanking and saluting as if he had received some kind of promise of Eden, I look at the floor. His shoes leave pieces behind them, all surgery has bedraggled black spongy crumb.
Someone has to clean this crap. Meanwhile, outside

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Labled Drawing Of Shark

Elisa, something that is not

There are many people who judge songs by Elisa childish, banal post-adolescent outbursts for little girls a little bit sad and definitely frustrated. Trade.
Ok, it's not Aretha Franklin, or Bruce Springsteen. No Beatles, or U2.
But I sincerely believe in the spontaneity and genuineness.
I believe that everything that goes with his songs is sincere, and profound. A little child, yes, because the public would get far more pushing his songs and his lyrics on subjects a little more ... alluring? Popular?
But now every song (except really up to 3 or 4) is affixed to and subtitled by some time in my life, so I can not do otherwise than accept the messages that launches singing.
All this to say : There should be many more videos by post, before that, and after, but this song actually has a very special meaning for me.
( energianostalgiaunsaccounsaccodicosedano nammettere )
So video posted. ;

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Best Pre Workout Supplement

The Butterfly Theory

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How To Connect Regulator With Fan


Here I am! When all I have now sent to that country, or (worse still), and faded into oblivion lovers once pleasurable activities, but now dry, I returned with the new chapter flanked by the usual thanks.

E 'useless I'm sorry, I know. But I do not feel even give all the blame to my loves, this time. Period tired.
like saying ... when one is so damn property inside is also not necessary that you put in trying to write beautiful words. And expect even to someone like them.

But sooner or later it may be, you know you can read January, then return between you (live!) and, apparently, though with much more to say, this time, after the good feedback he received my little Guinevere. Try
well as your name ... if you're curious to know what made me feel your words about the last chapter of January but also to know the fate of your comments on Guinevere ...

But first of thanks, a few words addressed to all, on the translation.

1) Watermark. I know. Simple word. But it gave me a hard time, believe me. Nothing seemed the right choice. I hope you get the idea, because it is a beautiful picture. (It would be the "watermark of water, "there, just before the ' OddioèDAVVEROquellochepenso stage.)

2) Catnip. Thousand € to those who know what it is. (ghgh, so I did not.) After careful research, I'm happy to tell you that catnip is nothing but the English name delll'erba cat, understanding just like grass cat. hallucinogenic effects and everything else. Nepeta Cathars, if you want me to play the part of educated and skilled translator.
I preferred to leave catnip, However, instead of entering "cat grass" because it seemed nicer, that made more effect-drug or potion, or poison. Otherwise I would have had a lot of readers to laugh about the fact of a certain Cruddens KO'd by some of grass.

Parisienne : hello! I'm all proud when someone writes to me, as you did last time, that the chapter deserves a lot of reviews. It is precisely the thing that sends me more than any in stock jujube, believe me, me and my obsessive psycho-mania of the comparison with the player. What can you do, crazy people are indulged. Thank you tantissimissimo, then, for your kind words and the speed with which you sent your review, and I'm ashamed at this point, my slow cosmic. Can you forgive me?
I hope you enjoyed the chapter =)

Emma : Emmina Emmina! I'm glad you curious about the character of Sally. I warned you, I, who was hiding a bit 'of sorpresette! And in this thirteenth chapter, well, there will reserve other ... About Tonks, yes, the part of his colorful and hysterical outburst was hilarious to be translated, and I must say, we were waiting (sometimes translated Musca becomes very emotionally heavy, you know two jokes in here and there are good for the heart ..). But everything takes on a new color with this chapter, is not it? His character, so dismembered and transformed, dynamic and static at the same time puts a tremendous sadness, knowing what caused so many changes, what sustains the spirit now. In short, it is a bit 'feeling of cold that makes me know how the alone and so desperate and haunted and vulnerable and unnecessary, and aged, nervous and exhausted, faded and tortured and locked up in Tonks and totally different from the book that affects me so much.
Then, you think of the famous "I love you" tossed. And yes, it is a big scene. Appointed as one of the famous scenes you wanted to invent you. I could not wait to hear your comments. For me it is the most perfect statement. So, naked and emaciated from unnecessary frasone absolutely childish and silly sounding and decorated with bows and hyperbolic speeches from novelettes. I do turn up their nose. Here, however, the soaring emotional effect surprise there are (we are also always in a "book"!) but natural and adults.
The last thing honored! Honoured! Honor! But never mind! I'm just one of you, fans of the beautiful things, fans of Musca. With a little 'over decision-making about its work. Eheheheh ... (evil laughter). Baciiiiii!

Alisa . There you are! I miss you a lot, you know? But where have you gone? And you're right? Be alive more often if you can! About January, six-sigh-d'accordo sooob-with-ME! Yayyy! Music, music to my ears. At least I know that one of you not curse me every time he opens EFP. (Not because you think so vulgar and bad, anyway. But because I would do it-and I did other times. Colorfully. Only for this.) But you give me a childish joy (eerily similar alibi) that allows me to relieve a pile of guilt, and that, to me, is important. Health, you know.
On Sally: muahahahahahahHAHAHAHAH!! You made me die, I swear! Sally hanged! The rope ... ... MUAHAHAH the desk! I was just going to throw up on the PC. (But what an ugly picture). But now you could also say that, in fact, I suspect that is also a bit 'my fault for, say, your little mistake. (Muahaha)
With all my power as translator, always run the risk of "creating" of junk tangled sentences instead of civilians, which may suggest anything from the original meaning or at least my mental image of the scene. In fact, lately I often think things like "Sylvia, but if you read it 'phrase is the case, point blank, without knowing anything ... what would understand?". And there the tragedies. ("E 'written with his feet, now change two things in here and there" becomes a frightening ease "But we do not know anything, or that duuura seeeei!").
Regarding Harry, I'm curious to hear what you say after this chapter. It illustrates what I wrote in the old section. And I must say that takes folds ... uhmm ... interesting, yes. (Arrossita.). As for "I love you." Thrown there, I send you back to what I already wrote to Emma, because I had come out pretty well so ... ghgh.
About Snape ... I know. A little 'was sorry to me, you know. After this seventh chatted book is a bit 'became my new favorite character. Arguably the most successful. The most fascinating. And even the Harmony, the definition that I give the word, its meaning. A bit 'the legacy of JK, I like to think, the hint of a life that symbolizes all the values that I love. (Of course, time-Eater-ruthless-with-hair-grease separately.)
I'll tell you ... there is high probability that my translations are future oriented in that direction. With couples gently AU. We'll see ... For now
a mega-kiss-schioccoso, for all the good things I do (and do Musca) and the desire that always takes me after reading your reviews of scriverescriverescrivere and publish immediately. =)

Wonky : renamed. (Gfgf) Fiuuuu ... woman, I have fingers to spare. Do not be offended if your review-of-long review will be less than what you deserve, true? (More killers' eyes.)
Blush, blush as well (obviously Livorno you can, of course.) As always, I like, you know, the way you psychoanalyze philosophizing on things, these things. And I love how I can understand what you write on the fly (Okay ... laugh! Not in the sense that they are tough! Why are concepts made so very clear!)
I do a little 'to Wendy, this whole cabin of dreams so similar to mania, and also carry you a little 'back in time, perhaps, and certainly in the imagination, despite the many commitments that you .=)
I hope that our long-time friends will be well liked in this chapter, which to me is amazing. Siiiii, soooooo it: despite .... .. Ahem ahem. Who knows what faces you have done. Who knows how laughed (and you think Smity, poor Smity, to translate the Cossack. I wrote to 300km / h. I was wrong more words there, in three rows, which in all Voiceless). But we are adults or not? What do you say? We wanted, and it's well written. So, my dear RonRonilmeglioèRon, caught v esto. Tie.
However, your analysis of Hermione is very deep and touching. And it is true that Musca longer sees things through the lens of Hermione than others. Let me return to what I wrote Partenope, both. With the words (I do not know exactly why I've wanted to thank you, but it is a strong instinct for this kind of good reviews.) =)
leave with a kiss, hoping that the thirteenth chapter you like and you're not bored soon, since the fourteenth is definitely a bomb.
be there? Baaaaaci.

Partenope : hello! Of your words (which are ultimately much more effective than a summary of my ranting about the exact same scene), I was struck by one thing. Hermione, who Musca "justice well, almost more than Rowling." You know, not that I go to read all especially all the articles that come on JK, or on the book (especially now), so I do not know if she ever said the same, but I always had the feeling that if c ' is something autobiographical in the book, as it is practically impossible to happen in a book, you should look for most in the character Hermione. In short, I think Jo has a particular affection for her, a sort of care and describes it as to make it better and push it to the tips of his chances of character (irony-intelligence-wisdom-fastidiousness) being always careful not to make it unpleasant. Or boring. As if the character, let alone to act autonomously, it could do, and managed to overcome that line. A little 'how do you relate to others in every day, for example, when we decide to say or not say a sentence, or do not make a gesture. I do not know if it makes sense what I say (or is it too much), but it gives me the impression of a far more rational (for example, of what I feel behind Harry), almost a work of cognitive-behavioral therapy on its own in key Hermionesca, something unconscious and immortalized in the character played down. A revenge on the world, of course. Who knows ... maybe
Rowling as a child was the classic secchioncella targeted by the class. Ghgh ..
Kisses and thanks a lot. At prossimaaaa!

Sabri89 here. I knew it. Figuretta. Ohiohi (poor me). But you do not impress you, okay? Continue recensirerecensirerecensire. A bacioneeeeee!

And, to hear what I have to say about Guinevere : ...
I wanted to thank
new purchases, as Emily Doe, Lockheed , Sara , Lalla91 (gasp! I am not the author!) And Elly . To be honest I do not know if you ever read these words, however it is always nice to get new reviewers, and beautiful words, and congratulations. Thanks.
As I do not know if Mr. Genius ( And _ Ward ) never clicks on this link (on him but I have already speranzucola some more.) If you ever happen: bows, bows.
not me 'expected.
I jumped on the chair and everything else. I continue to receive your compliments as I would those of a professor, or an authority, an essay (or perhaps an old pervert ). And I have also softened, with that I like things small and fragile , without going into detail.
One more thing ... for graziegraziegrazie Slaughterhouse Rules DISPERAAATAAA !!!!!! I WAS ... But I read that a small , and I'm 10 years old.
soon? ;)
Good Desdeus found myself, lost in the abyss that famous saying in the beginning, thanks to sabri89 and the usual kissing my lord, the legendary trio, the inevitable: Emma , Alisa and Wonky .
Lord, I'm so happy you got a good translation. It was a story that I really wanted. A sort of second place in the standings in the heart of the one-shot, after Four Points, of course. I say small and perfect, I say a little gem. And if I were to choose my favorite phrase of your reviews, I would say that some such of Wonky (I'm not fragile ... not just love, is a question of living together, sharing, thinking, feeling something .... All.) I did a bizarre effect, a mixture of sadness, anger guess that the source of my excitement goes beyond the simple words I read. It comes from things deeper, and resonates with a story like this, but perhaps for pure subjective effect. It's something personal.

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Penny Loafers On Woman

E 'on days like this that I would take this as a blank sheet of paper and start writing. Write nonsense, straight off, up stories and sentences without logic ... just to vent.

are still on their way to Mordor, a journey not without some difficulty or sudden moments when everything seems to shrink in around me and I will be sucked into anything.

may not understand anything in these "examples", you should read between the lines, but you do not strain too much to understand, so nowadays it is fashionable to do outing, then: they are four months that I suffer from panic attacks .

What are they? You may wonder, well ... for the detailed and scientific explanation, I refer you to Dr. Neo Wendsday, I might try to bend as may arise. Why are manifested at any time of day and even in the most beautiful, peaceful, serene, fun ... the beautiful thing is that I get when I can do little to stop them, or at least mitigate their effects also costs quite difficult, especially in mental and sometimes physical, especially when I take those with a lot of style Parkinson tremors. I know it's not a pretty sight to see, and this is only one type of attacks that can get me. There are also those for which I must necessarily hide somewhere, because I feel a strong sense of danger (unjustified), even I was a Vietnam veteran, with a lot of ways even more significant. It is from these that the recovery is difficult and sometimes I take medicine only if it considers necessary.

why I decided it was time to change his life, thinking, and the priority of things. I have to learn to put myself in the first place, according to the principle of selfishness healthy staff, trying to make me slide on what others might say about the choices I make. I am succeeding, step by step, without haste, as dictated by the philosophy of the Ents, "Do not hurry." Only then will I get to the end of the road, and finding myself as an adult ready to face what the future in store for me.

The first step is the final decision (mine and mine only) to abandon permanently cosplay competitions, for which, being at least ten years that I do not feel anything anymore. Neither passion nor fun, and when things start to weigh and to be seen more as a duty and not as a diversion, it is good to be abandoned. This is because that is not angry with someone, absolutely! But the time of fangirl / hotaku now is over, no regrets, so I decreased markedly manga titles I read. E 'was great fun, but enough is enough! Already I see that my vision of things is very different from that of the "me" hotaku. Maybe I'm becoming more realistic and practical, I do not know. This, however, does not mean abandoning the hobby of comics. I will continue to come to the fairs, but not in costume, just for the passion for the comic itself. I hope I do not get angry for my choice or, if you do, tell me when we meet, so I can better explain my reasons for doing something as important to confront.

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Condolescence In Arabic


; ;
                                                                              © przypadek

New translation! An old, old project, which he has been there, good, good, for some time to warm up, to ferment.
I love it, needless to say it. I love this Ginny, but I do not know how to explain it.
I like it because it is true, has consciousness, has sensitivity, more decides that the fact that ... uh ... you know ... to get out of the way. ^ ^ '
It' s a part of she is not there has never been allowed to see: the insecurity, the thoughtfulness. The sad and poignant description of a girl who becomes an adult who sacrifices his dreams to plug close your eyes tight with your hands and singing, not to see, not hear. But in the end moves his fingers, letting glimpses of the world that has around him, deciding to waive ingenuous light for charging on the weight of knowledge to enter the real world. Let

taaante recensiiiionii!

Today I feel very poetic, you see ... (and, eheh ... I needed an excuse to enter into this picture lj. E 'BELIIIIIIISSIIIIMMIIISSSIIIMMMAAAA !!!!!!)

; ; not look into the dark corners between us.

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Buying Gold Bar At Gold Souk

ferrets and lace

Good evening everyone!
Desperately trying to e. .. er ... rather visibly to ignore the fact that (SQUEAAAK! !!!!)
is spent a whole month since my last update, I leave a (nice) little chat, you never know, someone could
; also be tick on his head the idea to take a look ...

First of all: an apology. Yes, I know ... useless, useless. But the fact (Why, yes, there a fact) is: I have the illusion that there is at least one (or one, why not ...) of you who, if they hear is, I know, do you think the wait has been worth that I'm not here to make me mind my own thinking as a last thing to EFP, which is basically true (or seems) I'm sorry.

Sigh ... a few sentences and already raving. I close with a little original I know, I've been there too, the authors do not update that are infamous lazy, heartless and irresponsible ... but it's nice when they do, no ?^____^.
Step behind the barricades, then, and I put my hands on, saying once that I had every intension of updating at the same time with moss, or when the next chapter would come out in English. But on the other side of the world, ALL TACE ! I dare, and then ... and still decide to climb a small step up, further reducing the gap from the original chapters in one chapter only.
Let's hope so.
If the next time will be between another month, you know why. If we play the wild card, and end at the same ... we can only hope that there , do not expect too much, or a month might seem a reasonable period of time soon piiiiiù acceptable.

Done. Finished. Move on.
(Have you already closed the link? Ç________ç)

Alloraaaaa with laughter ... it dawn that this step will twelfth chapter ... a bit sad, some decidedly ironic. Between ferrets and lace, between romantic sighs at the sight of a white wedding dress (but what, what will dolceee?) And the cobwebs of the usual Casaccia moldy. And a past that comes back, always damp and sticky.
The part of Harry is my favorite, trattatemela well (I hope to have it translated beeeeeene ^^'). The last part is
monstrous ... I am curious to read your comments. Muahaha.
All in all, we are coming to a beautiful place, I'm sorry to leave you a glimpse of nearly so, sadistically, and make you wait for the next chapter in anxiety. A bit with the Aquolina in the mouth of what might happen-can ... ummm .. sugar for all? ^_______^

And now, miles of chatter custom ...

Parisienne I do not know how to express the joy and satisfaction that your words have left me with him. Really, I'm not exaggerating. I hope you have clicked on the link to that journal just to read this, I do not really have an idea but I hope the same, and forcefully. You know, there's always something comforting in the reviews and hired an old fan HHR, a regular customer, so I say ... on the safe side, I know I get some reactions, I know what to expect. But with people like you wrote to me saying he was simply curious about the story, not a militant shipper with a knife between his teeth, but rather to have recently discovered the pairing and his style ... I do not know how to say ... it becomes all the more thrilling. Thank you so much, then, and also for trying to comfort (though here the risk of becoming a slacker I, by dint of stretching updates ..). I hope you continue to read-review-enjoy! Ciauuu

Spekled : sob ... some of you celebrate updates as rare commodity ... Snivella blush: shame, shame black .... Thanks compliments!

Harryherm : ghghgh beeeene ... but! We have here a classic illustration of Anxiety Sex Scene Authors Repressed by diabolic ... I'm still laughing ... uh ... liked the chapter 12? Muahahahah ... no no, in fact, that you would expect ... Malfoy? Timing ferret, all in harmony c --- heavy heart! Ihihi poetic ... ... but as they send me there? Send me there? ... Sob, ok, hands up, you're right ... fully MA: kisses kisses and I wait for the next chapter-oh-oh ^________ ^

Partenope, but ciaaao! Zi, zi ... doooolciissima is the scene on the steps, I do not know how he Muschina me to be reminded of certain things ... but what locksmith in Australia? Bath salts do with magic? Mash that you smoke ... ehm ehm ... ok, so I would say that is enough. It was understood.
I am very glad that thou hast brought the sides that are mathematically most liked me too, in this chapter. That is, not for special merits, of course, but it makes me think that we are on the same wavelength, and this makes me happy. ^ ^ Please and thank you for the review. Until next time!

Briseis : vague impression ... even if accepted, in principle, in my heart were printed well before the other chapters, however, and given assumed that, naturally, there are still a bit '! To mention ... I'm curious historical statements of reading your comments to this chapter, then!
^___^ I'm really sorry I made you wait, as he had been waiting all ... I hope I have not lost your attention! ç___ç Kisses and the next.

Viky_FrA , but ciaaaaao dooooonna! Yeah, actually I had wondered where it disappeared at times some people trusted ... but then, I mean before or then, all reappear, even more galvanizing than before ... so, what I complain? I hope you enjoyed the chapter as the previous ones, that, apparently, you have just made me want to kilometers reviews! Ehehehehhe ... I repeat, that I complain? Pop up like an imbecile on the chair to review each line in more than (what strategic common knowledge at this point now boring ssss sa), and always made a living with the same joy, please! You're always something overwhelming, does not embarrass you if I tell you, right? ^___^ I rip three hundred grin and I usually separate them by dint of his head nodding as I read your expressions ecstatic frenzy-shocked-drunk-on-hold section. Since heart attacks here? Ghghgh
... ... we, but then as I have gone various tests? By now you should already be inserted between recruits, the nasty (because always and always enthusiastic) students, which will pass by with their fresh eyes and fresh faces eager to learn-to-follow examination, while you stay there, between waking and the nightmare , between coffee and the other, grunting that yes, indeed, is altogether beyond the classroom, you see, it is written on the door? you read? and no, of course, if you want to buy books library you have to go, because, sorry, if you want 3mele where you go, the fishmonger? Sigh ... have patience, staaaanco period. It is , start is the same for everybody, more or less, and even I was unconscious the image of joy, at least for a good month or so. Happy happy start, then! ^_______^
And ... ps: MACOMENONHAIANCORALETTOL'EPILOGODIVOICELESS ????????? VERGOGNAAAAA! Fiiiila immediately read it, you know!

Sabri89 : mumblemumble ... ... I'm trying to remember if and where I've read your name. Well ... there are two, or is it a dream I had and is the first time I write, or am I making a terrible gaffe, is shown to have the memory of a gnat. However graziegraziegrazie for the beautiful compliment, I hope I have done justice to the original version! (Um ... and sorry for updating tardiiiiissimo) , P

Emma : ciaooooo! Welcome back! You know, it's weird, you 'know' for so long that now do almost for granted that your presence ... but no, I should not at all. In the end, however, it is comforting to think here, posted capitolone, now left to wait for the rec of my trusted reviewers 5-6 ... hence the idea to write a little 'more freely, this lj; on EFP I think from years of having to weigh the commas, because, whatever happens, be sure that half the load that floods the server at the moment when I upgrade, it depends only from my chapter.
thinning, weed! Cuts, summaries, abbreviations and all that hate to do.
But here .... ... All mine Muahaha, TUUUUTTO FOR ME ... I can go wheel to what I want, come on, come here to stick, and bannatemi fustigatemi powerful ... Silvia, Silvia et imperat decide! (And place it in front of the monitor Odiot with fists in the armpits)
Um ... we said? * Blush * ... yeah, thanks for the nice words, you made me laugh with the memories of the scene (there I jump, I dive there ... and I also here the consciousness is a little cough that resembles a er,-pedofiliaaa ah-ah). Dutiful bows, then ... if the prize had to be this chapter, I swear, I swear that the commitment was great ... but unfortunately it came after the dust. ^ ^ '
last little thing ... when I read your reviews' misdirected' I would say recurrence? ... but think about it ... (and proving to be on the verge of hospitalization) ... plus a review! Yuppiii! The numerino salt salt salt salt salt ... (laughter gasping and schizoid)

Wonkina ... WONKYYY! Muauauau ... how long, oh woman! It will be that of a sleep, it f or a two-day, and a month seems a paiozzo of weeks, but here the distance zi Zenti! Oh chetttu you doing? (And reader ... stop now! private! Toscanaccio ungrammatical! Snivella lazy rejects Italian for a few lines, you've been warned!)
Luckily I know 'the acting, I would say, at least I have an excuse to write a little' ... that in the end also read milioooooni words per day , but they blended in effect Mj Testaccio, and in a little bit 'a bona needless to know more about. I swear. That the previous review, the professors thought almost let me write, the I 'name, otherwise it is a' Apivita either. If. All true. I hear you, you know ... oh chettti laughing? So, let's talk about 'Potter, go, otherwise too much personal ef, and then take me to the apple the other half of the world that instead it would seem that respect me.
Here, I melt. Yeah What you have considerable skills of vocabulary, is a life that I know. Whether you are a gentle soul, as well. Whether you are inclined to bask in the misfortune of fantasy, cook slowly and that, deep down, you are unconditionally and irrevocably, desperately Harmony (ghgh) ... I suspect quite a while '. But this me. Put me up against the wall, put down the fingers and sink all the depth you'd find in a simple acting in complexity (especially) there look like, although maybe not there is a bit 'as you do with books Row, come to think that maybe could be read with a completely different spirit, with the lightness that she probably also wanted to raise, the innocence of a childhood world. But we no , stubborn and painful, we want to dig, turn into monsters terrible dreams of lightness of a story, reinvent them and shape them as like us, with the adult form of the darkest feelings, things deeper and harder, and complex, vibrant, and dark and sad (if possible, yes, thanks ).
is a scary thing. A crime against childhood, a kind of perversion in which to bask in order to avoid of adults do, once and for all, please.
I'll tell you a bit ... 'I feel stupid. And a little 'I like to think that pinched cone sleeve and tiger are only four words to make a child laugh. (I mean ... it so sweet and poetic!) But the fact is that when I read elsewhere , infused with a new reality, often leave chills, as in Musca. And how in the comments that they know but people like you, Wonky (and I was going to put your real name ). Last random thought: if you say you do not know if you prefer the Row or Musca. I've thought a long time. They are simply different, two things different. Two sides of same coin, of the same characters, the kind that exist in my head as such, disconnected from their creator, reinvented by many, in fact, the real world . And I think this is a beautiful thing. (And the perversion-of-complex-Peter-Pan ... but: we want to do?)
Until next time, so ... baaaaaci!

Alisa: ... .. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Do not really know how to, how to start this review-of-review. I'm all excited (Silvia, stupid). What did I say? I missed you! But how are you? Where were you? What were you thinking? ( I think?)
See your long reviews I did make a Sigh of relief, you know, sort of like those long breaths Ooh, now that everything is back normal ... I see that your enthusiasm has remained as such, can not wait to know what you think of this chapter (and the next, but I should not dirlooo).
I would not recommend risparire! I ina R shaft! I soaked visco R! I make a killing!
Sorry if I do not find much to say, I have completely submerged with words that do not know how to respond, because, as usual, beautiful emotions that are more or less correspond to mine, and comment out one by one I really feel a monkey stupid to repeat the same phrases. Take care, see you soon! (Scuuuuusa and for the long wait, too, like everyone ... I have to do- But why do not the days of 36 hours? )



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How Long Will Carbonara Keep In The Fridge

Sorry, E' UN PO 'does not write ...

I do not have much time and lately I've devoted to expenditure in the essential oils and perfumes.
The Rochas collection is almost complete.
I also found a new love and that is Diorella Dior.
now I did not think to find a perfume to replace Femmme by Rochas ... but ... never say never ...
Diorella is a perfume published in 1972 and then years when I was in the middle of adolescence.
I confess I've never heard before, but this year while I was walking aimlessly through the shelves of Lemons tried it.
just because I like cool at first, but I like it flowered foi ... and very persistent.
does not have the sugary taste of vanilla and strawberry, blueberry, banana and go with the salad ...
So I do not like the gourmand. I do not like to mix the kitchen with the scents for the body.
I like the most of the floral and chypre chypre fruity, but the fruit must not prevail. Welcome

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Vodafone India Prepaid Blackberry

Among the daredevils who have clicked ...

SORPRESAAA! I have evolved and, in tantativo to lighten my pages on EFP, I decided to dedicate a special space to express my thanks. A space for you, exactly.

Speckled I've ripped a good laugh pleased. The idea to get rid of the castle to those who tried in every way to hide for centuries, it seemed to me a true genius. A master stroke. One of those things that make you think "Wow, but why did not I think I first ??" Thanks for the
compliementi and have read.

MARCO , uh ... you know ... at a guess I would say that the answers to your questions are two beautiful "yes", I do not think that the situation remains unresolved, is not it ?^___^
Everything in the hands of Musca ... hope you like the eleventh chapter. See you soon.

Briseis, cariiiissima! ihihih the ... Your rants are more than welcome, trust me: after all, is a translator of crazy stories kilometers Harmony you're talking!
What you say of the characters is just what I think too: in FF, which creates the unpleasant effect of the new character, out of nowhere, then definitely out of place (as you'd like to skip the phrases relating to him and move on ), is, I regret to say, the lack of foresight of the authors. I mean, readers curious, willing to learn new fascinating characters, all there ... is that are fascinating! I think it is limited to write (translate, read) more of the usual 3-4 characters in the book: everything becomes much more realistic if it appears, so, out of nowhere, a man who stutters Blight three hundred words per second enthusiastic squeezing Harry's hand, or a witch who struggles with his boots in 'wet grass ... do not you think ?^_____^
and Moss, of course, we do see them briefly, not to complicate the story, but still managed to give us a clear vision of the character. E ' there is real .
Kisses and the next ... do not worry 'bout rants & Co. .^___^

EMMA that tell you .... VINCI QUALCOSAA?? *____________*: Do you realize that these are my eyes and huge sbrilluccicosi.
What I want, it was understood. What are some reviews-dependent, as well. So it's not gonna rock anyone saying that I opened EFP quancosa like 18 times in two days, waiting for this elusive CENTS REVIEW (my back my back my first!) ARRIVAL.
And do not even bother to know that, see that it was a nice, long, passionate, review by a trusted recensitrice so, I was immensely pleased. Immensely.
lets you choose the prize. Tell me ... I trust that you will not be assigned to three billion or holidays in the Maldives.
For the time being ... a mega bacioooooone you!
And even for a graziegrazie avvermi marked the abomination, the error from first grade ... I'm blushing, I gave myself a slap, and I immediately corrected, grateful.
soon, and I hope to read a 102nd, ... 103rd 200th review. Even yours, if you want ...= P

Finally, a jump of joy to all who have added me as their author, translator or favorite story.

do not know if you know that, for a while, your nick is readable.

I'm so glad that you like so what I do, I am grateful ... maybe sometimes venitemelo to say, ok?
I know, a nod, a hello, a Beautiful story, update soon!

I swear that before you delete them spit blood.

(and yes, I do not know if all you know, but I can also read their number)

Good chapter, I recommend it .... send me !!!!! many recensiooooooooooni



And........for "those-who-keep-on-not-learning-italian-in-spite-of-my- whines -adorable-spurs": new January's chap is up, I hope for the best, it took a lot of doing, with the translation (read: Amaaa! OMG!!!! Fifteen pages! FIFTEEN!!!....*hanf hanf*.....*blowing a kiss for you*).

These're some thanks, for those who reviewed: I'd widely fill up my n.o.t.a. space, on EFP....because, yeah, I'm very loquacious, and YES, I couldn't help myself doing this lj...

*devilish grin*

(um...this'd be, after all, its purpose)


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Desperately Seeking Maxine

motion against the silent readers

If I could make a great racing throughout Italy, to pull the ears at all possible ... with two, say, two brand new updates, everything my booty were two poor reviews?

* sob *

Snivella abandoned, it sounds a retreat.

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Pokemo Shiny Gold Cheats

New History

Published on the fly as they are efficient EFP ... =) Thanks
, Kaze!

Slaughterhouse RULES - The rules of slaughterhouse

it will take days, she thinks, but will start making them strangers .

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Any Guys Get Full Body Waxed

After hours ... We will never

... finally, something I can mix it myself. Viva clarity.
(To understand your garbled phrases, or genes of powerful computers, it takes a lot of good will, especially for coming up with the details omitted).

And now the question is: I can do it again, Again?

Demonstration On How To Masterbate With Friends


OR: That was something not quite immediate , to learn, I had no doubts ...

But that is beginning to be REALLY !!!!! TROOOOOPPO

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How To Recover From Throat Infection

Considerations There and Back again ...

"It 's all wrong, we do not have to be here ... but there we are.
E' as in the great stories, Mr. Frodo, the ones that really matter. They were full of darkness and danger, and sometimes you did not want to know the end, because how could there be a final allegro. How could the world go as it was, after so many bad things had happened.
But in the end, this shadow, it's just a passing thing . Even darkness must pass.
will come a new day, and when the sun shines, it will be even brighter!
Those were the stories that we stayed in, that meant something, even if you were too young to understand why ... but I think, Mr. Frodo, to understand now ... now I know. The people of those stories, had many opportunities to go back and have not done so. They went ahead, because they were clinging to something. "

(Sam Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers", the movie)

Sorry for the "silence" in recent months, and I think also next, until I do not really something meaningful to be noted.
And as my life has faced lately the particular circumstances, insurmountable problems, and days when I wanted (and sometimes still is) literally disappear ... I decided to actually tackle this shadow. I'll have to throw the Ring into Mount Doom, but also be able to go back, in the County ... although when I return, I will not be the same (thankfully). And I am sure then that you realize the people around you, you wanted to be friends, but you were to keep them away, somehow. But especially one who made me realize that it was time to change, grow, and becoming an adult ... taking out those damn balls that I always missed!! I just have to learn to live.
I know it will not read what I write, but he already knows ... somehow. "Frodo would do nothing without Sam." Even though Frodo must reach Mount Doom with his legs and face darkness and danger, but with Sam ... well ... I really want to meet them!

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Excess Fuel Consumption In Suzuki Grand Vitara

sum up

I lost my inspiration.

I do not write more than three months that an accident. The second feature of the saga of Lily is on my desktop PC since February, and I have not touched since. The story that originally had developed suddenly I did not like most, and now I find myself rework the following at least twice a day, telling me that never goes well. Even this post, before writing at least fifteen minutes I was good at the screen thinking about what I write, here is the question ... think. Before writing the things, I find already "packed" at the top, everything, gesture and behavior of this or that character had its own because in the plot, but now I think about what players should do, always finding it unsatisfactory . Most likely I will write the remaining two chapters in the saga of Lily in an original way, in short, what I thought, also some situations where we were to find the characters were too predictable and I am convinced that if a pattern can be expected to not even be written. Otherwise where is the suspense? Or the surprise effect that characterized the first few episodes? If I write something, I want to be original at least!

I rewrote a little something in particular, but have been yes and no at least ten lines, that convinced me the right. Most likely the kind of fan fiction to me getting tired, simply made up the story of Lily trying to put it in a context of already defined by others, it was not easy. I did everything that could be a character plausible and at the same time "live", which would immediately capture the reader's attention to his way of doing in the first place, and also for the reason of his character.

Another reason that can explain my momentary "crisis" creative, I state that I'm not too upset, it makes me fall into depression, etc. ..., I'm just making some observations about it, is the lack of time. The university is always first, because I have broken and I'm trying to finish it so I can at least start working, I have to attend, call notes, studying and possibly even in your spare time try to have a life, or at least something to it closer. The result is that I'm tired that I did not want to put in writing a story and further straining my gray matter. Although the plot in his head has further evolved in the latter period, and at least seven days than the parts. Maybe it's the right time and especially so at least I finish. The bad thing is that now there are also exams ... and time is short ... I prefer to pass the leisure hours in the gym and if possible .**

Tranquille out that sooner or later they end up special, it's just that by dint of reading Clamp'm taking their accursed habit of suspending "production" for a variable period of time ... I just hope ... afree him not to the end of "X"? XD

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Vip Suitcase Number Lock

The one who's just for Chii Test

"Is Hideki, the one who's just for me?" Chii-

Yesterday I finished watching the anime "Chobits" that my friend adorevole

[info] kinnara_fertu

gave me for my birthday. Chii, the U.S. version, has a voice carinissimaaaaa !??!?!>///\u0026lt; Not to mention him ... "the person who's just for me", or Hideki! He is a fabulous guy! Especially when he starts talking to himself in front of a ladies underwear shop, to find a pair of panties to Chii ... mistook the binder for a sex maniac! History shows that
Chii law, has the background music that defines it is just heartbreaking! After all, everyone in the world would like to find someone just for himself, the other half of the apple, well ... but in the case of this research is an outline Chobits even more bitter and sad. Can a computer have feelings of love for as a human being? And 'something' natural '? Or, having been of artificial intelligence have been so programmed by their inventors? These questions came out during the return journey that

[info] fengtianshi

did together me and

\u0026lt;/ href = ""> \u0026lt;/ b> \u0026lt;/ a> [info] harriet_yuuko

about two and a half months ago. However, "Cobits" is one of the few anime and manga that I have stayed in, in recent years, at least to have the Clamp finito.Oo

Lily W.

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Tally Error Memory Access Violation Solutions

flowers in flowers ...

in the gardens of Flora. What should
gardening ... peonies are putting the first buds, the aromatics are giving their best first dlla summer heat ...
the little roses open their delicate flowers ...
My baby is growing as a fragrant basil plant ...

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1.2 Ghz Legal ? Australia

highly recommended for people who are too smart

This test has passed me MJ. The fandom is my version used "revised" X-Men, and came out something really bad sbiellante?!?! XD So read, laughter and rotolatevi in tar for acute seizures risatite! Good reading.

X-MEN (Lily's version)

1. Lily Westwood (Lilith)
2. Logan (Wolverine)

3. Bobby Drake (Iceman)

4. Ororo Munroe (Storm)
Charles Francis Xavier (the peak)
6. Peter Rasputin (Colossus)
7. Kitty Pride (Shadowcat)
8. Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)

9. Jean Grey (Marvel Girl)
10. Scott Summers (Cyclops)
11. Eric (The Magneto)
12. Jean Paul

1. Have you ever read a fanfic with the pairing Six / Eleven? Would you like to read one?
ColossoxMagne Odd ...?! Absolutely not! But, folks ... we're kidding! Oh well that Colossus Ultimate universe is a tantinello Yagami ... but with Magne ... * shudders *

2. I think four is cool?
'Ro? Well, it's a beautiful woman ... but honestly I can not give an objective answer, not a man, I?!

3. What if you become pregnant Otto?
Odd?! But what?! Colossus necessarily be gay?! First with Magne ... and now with Kurt?!?! Oo Oo ?!?!?! And then impregnate ... But how can two men to impregnate?!?! Oh well ... but we are mutants so long as the mutation has not pushed?!?!

4. Can you recommend a good fic with Nine as the protagonist?
Jean Grey?! Mmmmmm .... Of fan fic I would think a lot ... too bad that all end with his death so terrible, especially in agony, or awareness on his part to go and beat the pavement, and as X-Men is not a chip only being ... I really better of her ... in all senses!

5. Two and Six would make a good couple?
No ... ... now. ... Ie. BASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Steps for Colossus Yagami, but my beloved Logan ?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's disgustingly straight and I can ... I confirm this! * Destroys at least three cars parked outside the school with the power of thought *

6. And five and nine? And Five and Ten?
Well, the peak was already known for a long time had a soft spot for that troiona of Gina! But maybe ... yes ... WOULD BE well together ... too bad the little detail that you are under a meter of earth gnawed by worms! Maximum satisfaction * * Unless the professor has no taste of horror, I do not think it makes a nice couple with a rotting corpse! * Bwah! Bwah! Bwah! * With Cyclops, too?! No, the peak is too smart to be with a jerk like Summers, oh well that is an act of "charity" welcoming the mutants in his school, but weave a murky relationship with Cyclops ... it goes beyond its charities. Why Summers is a desperate, and will remain so!

7. What would happen if Seven and Ten Two caught having sex?
Oo * runs to vomit because they can not stand Scott Logan, and most importantly HE is not Yagami *

8. Create a summary for a hypothetical fic Three / Ten. We
hour of the school lunch break, Bobby goes to the corridor with his sandwich to the macrobiotic smelly sock. Watch culinary satisfied that great work who made the Ruga for him. At that moment, in the opposite direction, Summers is coming pretty fast pitch. Must go from the peak to recut the multiplication table of two, which is at least two decades that did not enter into his head. Bobby hits just as it bites into the sandwich, but the filling comes out dirty and the precious blue overalls condom that Actimel cha Cyclops. This sends him to fuck off ... after a few seconds throughout the school sends Bobby ass, just for fun ... but also because, if Drake had looked at the clock ... it was the 15! Current global tantric fuck Bobby.

9. Suggest a title for a fic Seven / Twelve.
Kitty Pride / Jean Paul?

Surely a title that has to do with the fashion world .... "Modelcat" ... instead of Sadowcat, in which Kitty Jean Paul parades.

10. What kind of plot device would you use if I wanted to write a fanfic in which four deflower One?
and I 'Ro?! Oo No ... but when maiiiii ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! But what is a lesbian fan fic?!?! I do not know! Oo ' * Logan tries to get confirmation about his sexual orientation *

11. Some of your friends / acquaintances who have Seven SLASH fic law as protagonist?

My friend MJ'm sure will never read the fan fic on Kitty Pride, let alone if they were also SLASH? XD

12. Some of your friends / acquaintances who HET FIC Act Three as protagonist?

already read a fan fic about Bobby Drake is his weight ... people attempt suicide for things like that ?!?!?! Oo

13. Some of your friends / acquaintances draw or write about eleven?

draws and writes no ... but in the meantime it is a soap opera out of respect that we are already at the tenth season!

14. Some of your friends / acquaintances would write a fic pairing with Two / Four / Five?
Logan / Ororo / peak.

... because I do not think Logan is just MY! And then he is not for menages a tois!

15. What might Ten scream in private?





16. If I had to write a song-fic about Eight, what song would you use?

on Kurt? I would say the beautiful Gregorian chants, as he would like to become a priest.

17. If I had to write a fic pairing with One / Six / Twelve, that warnings would you use?
Lily / Peter / Jean Paul?

I guess that's a fan fic highly unconventional, especially pearls discussions between Lily and Jean Paul about what to wear to fashion shows, while Peter is there a club that does not understand what those sclerotic are discussing so animatedly. It could not happen because nothing is Jean Paul Yagami! * Tie! *

18. What would covet Two for Ten?

19. When was the last time you read a fic about Five?
on the peak?! Oo never read one ... though I imagine there are a fucking scattered throughout the network.

20. What is the super secret are you?
of Colossus? Who is gay, the end was paired with everyone in this test?!

21. Nine Eleven would you? Drunk or sober?
words: Magneto would be Jean Gray? Mah! We must say that Gina is dead, but if he were still alive ... give it to him for sure ... no matter what Magneto is too much effort to lust after! But first he must get drunk ... and a lot too! Since Mystica defines a process when it became "normal"!

22. If you end up with three and seven, who hold the reins of the game?
Kitty / Bobby? But this is really a pair Marvel! XDD But I think certainly Kitty who is to hold the reins of the game, even if it is a "wall pass" as defined by MJ is one tough chick!

23. "One and Nine are in a relationship until Nine is not a crush on Four. One, brokenhearted, has a one-night adventure with Eleven and a brief, unhappy relationship with the Twelve, so follow the advice of Five and find true love in Three. " What title would you give this fic? Name three friends / acquaintances who might read it. Make the name of a person who could write it.

Lily and Jean have a relationship but when * maiiiiiiiii ?!?!*, until Gina not a crush on Ororo * runs to vomit, Logan and bleach ... it's really pregnant! *. Lily, brokenhearted, has an adventure for one night with Magneto * cabbage?! * And a brief, unhappy relationship with Jean Paul * but it was Yagami?! Oo *, so the counsel of the peak and is his true love Bobby Drake. * Vomits, Logan is seriously concerned

.* Title: "But you eat heavy treasure tonight to write 'fan fic is bullshit?"

Readers: Totals only the mentally ill.

Author: probably a jerk, like Scott.

24. How would you feel if the pairing Seven / Eight was canon?
Kitty / Kurt? More ether so you die! XDD

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In The Public Toilet_gay

Coincidence? (Part II)

If these are not coincidences? XD Which could never go out except Chii? This cosplay is a sign of something bound by destiny ... '... INEVITABLE?! Oo Paraphrasing Yuuko.XD

You scored as Chii . You are Most like Chii from Chobits. People Tend to describe you as innocent, adorable and fresh. You love learning new things and exploring the world, Even Though It Might get you in to trouble from time to time. You are happy in your own little world, and you feel best when you are able to show those around you how much you care.























Who is your inner CLAMP character?
created with

Friday, March 30, 2007

Price Of The Average Beer

Kanoe, Kanoe Kanoe .... why are you!

In the past two weeks has begun to take off the idea of a new cosplay, logically by Clamp, or the now "urban legend" that is " X 1999 ". It all started when I Kinnaras and Yuuko were in line to buy tickets for the Eurostar Milan. During the exhausting Kinnaras waiting, anticipating his new idea with various noises and urletti (Kinnaras adore you for this!! XD), came up saying

"Why not do a cosplay of X in the future?"

L ' idea was accepted by consensus, understood as a look of approval from me and Yuuko, then puts his finger on Kinnaras:

"Yes, but ... ... you do Kanoe Lily!"

I look shocked:

"Excuse me? But we were not left that I Yuzurika or Karen? "° °

" No. "He continued Kinnaras with his usual enthusiasm. "You'll ... KAAANOOOOEEEEEEE!"

From there she began to tell other people literally queued call Kaaanooooeeee, or behind the little woman who had asked
"Madam, convinces her to do Kanoe! After all you can ... or not! "

That woman is currently in a state of shock! XD

The great thing was when I left to go to the gym ... Kinnaras greeted me shouting

" Kanoeeeee! "Until I was out of station! XD

got home I started to seriously think about whether I was "able" to do Kanoe. Kanoe is ... Well ... .... ... Kanoe a woman with sex on batteries, and also much, much, but another loooong. The Kanoe images found on the net did not help, or also because she was in her underwear, or even as Mom did it (I would like to know who was the mother of Kano and Hinoto ... ° °) than with long hair that covered the sise! · °

Sure, Kinnaras has done his best, eh?! Since then it has created the "myth" (?) "Cup of Kano, which is literally non-existent .... XD where the wire is replaced by the hands of Yuuto? XD The thing is then moved on in our minds buggy was even a kind commercials, which would (with voice by 144): a bra ... ... ... Kanoe. for curves apocalyptic ... XD

E 'was diminished by this huge, that I finally decided to make this character "very bad", because I really want to see if I can play the part of the wicked.

From what I could see Kanoe also has a habit "managerial" consists of a jacket and trousers and shirt by the neck ... as deep as the Mariana Trench! I could always take the dress to go to discuss the idea. ... Or when I am in charge of a team of geologists, which arguably will command with an iron fist since Kanoe ... and raving every three and two on how to implement the unfinished floor inherent the conquest of mondo.XD

now it's hard not to think Kanoe .... ° ° and its way of life ... ° ° ... ... this is to say that girls are at fruttaaaa! XD



Friday, March 23, 2007

Kidney Swollen Tongue

Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
I see that the arguments concerning the perfumes, aromatherapy and essential oils began to circulate on the blogs ... I'm happy!
other hand, the thesis of Jonnycicola not take off!
Now I'm waiting for two books on the subject as they arrive and we work hard because there is more 'a long time ... If there
qulcuno who wants to give us some advice, so be it! Hello


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Food-mixer Instructions


I do not know why, but after I noticed the old incipient * Last week I came across in my first gray hair ... do not tell you what a shock, a little 'how to see Emma Frost, really! * I have decided that the party in Ireland should be addressed through a new hairstyle. So this morning I get up and go to the hairdresser. I cut and color ... anyway, service Full finished ... and when I took bad! What I saw in the mirror was not me ... but the black version of Storm. Long story short ... I find myself with the same cut that Ororo, or 'as it is called Ro Wolvie has the third film of the X-Men .... the beauty is that the hairdresser has cut his inspiration! XD
Lily Storm hair ... ... but always sounds anachronistic to them that as Ororo Gina !!!!!
Gals can not wait to be a dance tonight !!!!**
then for seven years with the elves? XD kisses

Lily W.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Can U Make Chocolate Cigarellos


Last Sunday I went out with Mia, a walk through Florence. Of course we talked about the topic coolest: Sting and the myth of tantric sex. We imagined the worst things, that man has really done sbiellare head, in my mind that buggy was born the following story nonsense.


long, long, but taaaantooo time ago in a small remote village in Cornwall, where he Rosemunde Pilcher ambienterà approximately 99.9% of his fruitful literary production, there lived a handsome young luthier named Sting. The young

Stinghi remained unfortunately orphaned at an early age because his parents died during the terrible epidemic of spastic colitis, promptly curbed by Dr. Gregory House, world-renowned doctor to the king. The young and sgarzolino maker would thus have to go ahead with the father's shop, when he became quite adept in the ancient art of wood, began to build the first musical instruments. In his spare time dabbled in the ancient art of the seven notes placed at random on a sheet covered with staves, known by the word of ... score, in which to vent all his frustrations of adolescence.

And so by dint of practice reached the sublime perfection in the use of such a tool was then knocked on his door a person in rags, and the bearer of a great state: the representative of the Treccani.

"Good evening," said the man from distant lands.

"Hello, Ciccio! Icche tu'voi, de, "said Sting.

"He wants to take un'anciclopedia mica consists of 400 volumes, 8 CD-ROMs and 900 lifetime updates?"

"Mmmmm, Bono would be! And how many deaf e'deo disbursement? "

" 1,200,000 Euris. "

" It is a I'm nini! E'l'è too, you shall! "

"Well ... maybe I've got something you can do for you. You are young, dynamic, sporty and with a jacket ... not bad! "He said pointing to a double-green with yellow buttons vomiting.

"O'fammi see, dé"

The stranger showed him a booklet worn by time, with yellowed pages.

"Look who arrived today from Tibet!"

The dossier had a title written in ancient and unknown ignoramus goat Sting, was the mystery hidden in those pages, which meant that if that coglionazzo bought by paying eight hundred bags, not knowing the arcane writing was none other than his mother tongue. So it was that he spent sleepless nights before the pages that immediately caught his attention, with a side of her bed on which the trust was still strumming the lute albeit smaller than usual. The discovery of part of Tantric left him absolutely blown away. Because there is always a bit 'so much in all of us! How to read the book written by a wise old Tibetan lama, but a wise man and wise ... but a real knife!

The following years passed between the study of tantra and exercises to the lute until he became proficient in both ancestral arts. So it was decided that one day to undertake a journey of initiation along the length and breadth of the great kingdom. Moved using the resources of even the most unlikely to find the inspiration to compose his songs, he was tired of singing covers of old composers. Stinghi But he also had a certain charm on young maidens whom he met on his journey, the erudite and illuminating the hidden secrets of the ancient Tibetan art. But all this reckless life style of sex, drugs and rock en'roll not soddisfala wanted to express his vocal abilities, but he could not, was at this time that he met the woman of his life for which he composed the song of the century the "Come again". A hymn to his philosophy of life tantric, which then led him to assume strange positions on the covers of his CDs and photos to give to his many fans and followers. All this has a downside: his wife at the end, after years and years of "Come again", that had grown tired of his obsession with tantric sex lasting six hours. Weeks that were not tidied the house, and by the way looked like a pigsty! When the wife left the bathroom with the shower towel tied at the waist, while a supernatural light lit up behind her, put her fists on her hips and shouted his battle cry, his wife between the sheets, was invaded by a sense of dread and boredom together.

"Coooome agaaaaiiiinnnn!" Shouted Sting and his wife responded to his call, saying

"Oh, look ... Stinghi. ... That is ... no .... Bastaaaaaaaaaaaa

!!!!!" So Stinghi was kicked out home, and now is teaching the "come again" turtle doves that come to chirp at five in the morning before the windows of my room, just to impress his wife in the hope of being allowed back into the house.


conclude by saying that Tantra BE WITH YOU!


PS I passed the test of Geodynamics with 24 ... thank goodness! In the last 24 hours

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monster Energy In Thong

drama in the house of Spider Woman

a serious drama that has engulfed the house of the Spider Woman, Spider Dall'Omo furnished of course, not from America Omo as some people might have suggested ... because otherwise I would have filled with stars ... and umbrellas?! * the "I've been waiting coconut" pose * A certainty, in fact everything on the basis of which firm belief of the Spider Woman, collapsed like a house of cards in front of the cruel and harsh reality: I could not FIND THE MOST PRECIOUS fishnet stockings ?!?!?!?!?!?!
all started just yesterday night around 23 when, before taking the walking corpse in my bed for the usual night's sleep, I had a look the image of the Spider Woman, to mentally review the situation with regard to the suit cosplay (mi'nonna if you decide to cut and sew that part centimeter of cloth also known as ...\u0026lt;_\u0026lt;) skirt and accessories. When an idea, an ominous sign, a tangible sign dell'hitsusen always lurking around the corner barluginò in my mind between the incipient fumes of sleep, I must return to the fishnet stockings that I used for the cosplay Lucca. Then I head to my room, with the certainty that I had painted on his face found in the drawer of underwear ... and ... nothing but fishnet stockings. I try not losing hope in the number 2 spot in the door ... near the wall, there I want the socks that I use more ... and there is nothing. Panico. Crisis. Collapse of certainties.
Just to do something in that moment of despair, I go to my amdre, who was asleep in her room and say
moi meme: "But ', you know where are the mica fishnet stockings that I put to cosplay Lucca?
mother (turning between the sheets): "But I know '... I do not know if you are now ... ... and then half past eleven ..."
moi meme: "But I need to Milan?! I do not know where I hunted everywhere ... I checked ... "
mother:" Therefore, the question in your room is a mess as usual! The try tomorrow, go! "

morning morning, still in pajamas and with sticky eyes begin to look where the hell have put 'ste blessed socks. After an hour I was looking for home, I realized it has lost her. astonished gaze . Be by Doris Day in "That Touch of Mink." Shout:
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with lots of hands attached to the face style Munch.
How could I make the Spider Woman, the most "driver" of Holic (ssieme to Yuuko), without supreme power that characterizes it, ie: her fishnet stockings! deadly weapon for every male, except in the case that this is called Watanuki ... then we talk of a Yagami inside and outside. XD then I sling inmerceria hoping to find a new pair, but on Monday morning ... haberdashery are closed! I remedied in the afternoon when I finally managed to get hold of a pair of fishnet stockings. * *
emotion Now I'm ready to put myself in the COCONUT .... HELLO ... I was waiting for! Watanuki * looks around not understanding a pipe and making jokes about the furnishings of the home. The Spider Woman snorts and crosses her legs ... that's really a Yagami it does not react ?!... raises his eyes to conceal disconsolate .*

Lily W.

outing PS I do: I got it "Three Steps Over Heaven" ... I did not because I like Scamarcio, is that clear?! But after reading "thing called love", I like the style of Moccia.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hairdressing Icc Chart


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
Today I have a new job ... the thesis of my student's 5 th B
After various treatments in terms of titles I've finally convinced. He will essay the importance of smell and then the perfume in the kitchen. The student attends my
Hotel Institute and is and will be a cook ... maybe if you do not change your mind after the state exam.
So now he has to search the Web site about some ... as typical of his young age was immediately dipped in food aphrodisiacs ...
But these teenagers have not yet realized that at their age you just thought to take off?
foods aphrodisiacs leave them to me as old as the cuckoo!
If you help us ... we are glad.
accepted ideas, suggestions and even criticism, of course!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Cavity

Coincidence? Shojo

Can you believe it?! See bellow qunti points as I telepath? XD Sometimes it is said ... the cases of life!
take the psi-q psychic test yourself
This is proof that my fan fic telling the truth !!!!!!

Lily W. My

PS, good luck for the examination of Casanew tomorrow! On the advice of our

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hr Breaks Confidentiality


fengtianshi (to whom I bow anhce for discovering that she is a Slayers fan ^ ^) I bought the manga "Full Moon" of Tanemura. How much
cariiinooooooooo !!!!!! >/////\u0026lt;
Finally after years and years of endless series (see DB ... OO) and especially not shojo series, here you turn on "Full Moon" that I literally fell in love the second page.
no doubt about it, a nice throwback, because 10 years ago, I started meeting with one of my passion for shojo manga, it was "Dear sweet Kyoko" or better, respecting the original title of "Maison Ikkoku" Takahashi ... the woman who is taken then the unhealthy desire to strike up a kind of neverending story known as' s "Inuyasha "?!°°)
I saw that this new manga has some of the clothes really promising ... series ... subliminal message ... people ... we do a cosplay?! Come on, come on, come on, Come on, come ....!!! * Look style Puss in Boots of "Shrek 2" * But I'm in doubt about what to do ... I'm uncertain of Mitsuky, the protagonist, and Meroko ... OO .... I love this character .... perhaps because it is dressed up a little?! Now I play only scantily clad women ... XD
Meroko is the character of my avatar ... maybe ... yes ... CC ... I decided ... I just .... I should Meroko starmene in garter?! · ° but perchèèèèèèèèè ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Desperate cry * * And tell me that this time I have chosen the character ... I'm masochistic. ^ ^ '


Lily W.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Jayanagar Sports Shop


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
That failure, defeat that!
The essential oils of the fruit does not exist in the market ... then I was stolen!
could do, but the yield is negligible and would cost too much. Only the great Sultan of Brunei could afford it.
And that's okay ...
continue to hurt us ... Moretti's of memory!
Ma .. to me that I care ... I like the chemistry ... a little chewing, the digest also good ... I wanted to do chemistry at university!
So go with synthetic ... so today's natural ... There is only hunger!
is important to know. I do not like to be taken by the nose ... especially with the smell! So traders
careful. If your product is short, please tell me. I buy it anyway, the price is good. I Mica I treat myself with the essential oils I have to entertain me. For me it's a game!
And if the going gets tough? I do melt and melts away ... joking of course ... as always.
There are people who do not understand irony, do not appreciate the satire ... how sad ... A world without humor is like pasta without salt. You can also eat ... but that depression ...
I always like to see the funny side of things, even in my lifetime, the irony I've always reached out and we are still here.
nenomale E! I would have lost the phone that Star Trek was the fashion of the 70 ... I would have lost the CD i DVD. I would have lost the internet ... I would have lost ... teleportation ... oops! perhaps they have not invented yet ... Well, then I have to live another ten years ... And I'll live, I will make this sacrifice. I'll do it for you ... but no more than another hundred years.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Modern Ceremony Program Wording

back nights before exams

place only because could be the last time I do, because after tomorrow I have a script analysis ... I just hope that the prof does not face much the bastard?! (And laughter rose ... it was cold ... damn him!? È_é) For at least two weeks, I'm steering a middle course on this question and also on the dissertation for geodianmica - fortunately I've already thrown down (... no, no that the demented professor, who really has the age of Cold Astairs, even if they deserve it all avendoci abandoned in search of miscellaneous arguments for our choice!) - the pattern to search for ... six paragraphs of demonstrating that the phenomenon is so dear to Mr. Professor: subduction. ° ° He puts it at the root of everything ... even his life, has made it a cult, I think ... it hurts a tooth? Simple ... this is subducts your gum! You have the corns on the feet? It is the call that you are subducts nail. It's raining outside? Clouds, subducts produce rain! Well ... I do not know how many pages are as they are midway through the second paragraph, but it will be the subduction of the house ... my ultimate goal is also to deny the evidence of experiments against this process so dear to that crazy?!
Oh, yeah ... maybe none of you know what the hell is' blessed is subduction, which now makes me sleepless nights ... such as a geological process (Bell, this ... otherwise I letters? XD) for the which, by the collision of two plates of the other one goes down (For short).
Luckily there are always preparing for the next cosplay me up. çH
buy fabrics and skirt cut to half if cabbage is good OO ...?! It is expected that deaths and injuries in Milan on March 25? XD ... The skirt is quite short and low-cut dress ...
However I'd love to do the famous scene and I thought Kinnaras train .. ". ... I've been waiting Hello coconut?! Do you like how I decorated? ... etc ... etc ..." I think I throw myself away from there and not laugh ... at least tomorrow after the exam.
OO Oh my God, we might as well laugh, if I'm noticing that this stuff has in fact as he did the last two intermediate tests that do not ... I passed only one and a half. çH
And if this is not bad luck?!

Your demorilzzata and depressed

Lily Westwood