Thursday, October 25, 2007

Penny Loafers On Woman

E 'on days like this that I would take this as a blank sheet of paper and start writing. Write nonsense, straight off, up stories and sentences without logic ... just to vent.

are still on their way to Mordor, a journey not without some difficulty or sudden moments when everything seems to shrink in around me and I will be sucked into anything.

may not understand anything in these "examples", you should read between the lines, but you do not strain too much to understand, so nowadays it is fashionable to do outing, then: they are four months that I suffer from panic attacks .

What are they? You may wonder, well ... for the detailed and scientific explanation, I refer you to Dr. Neo Wendsday, I might try to bend as may arise. Why are manifested at any time of day and even in the most beautiful, peaceful, serene, fun ... the beautiful thing is that I get when I can do little to stop them, or at least mitigate their effects also costs quite difficult, especially in mental and sometimes physical, especially when I take those with a lot of style Parkinson tremors. I know it's not a pretty sight to see, and this is only one type of attacks that can get me. There are also those for which I must necessarily hide somewhere, because I feel a strong sense of danger (unjustified), even I was a Vietnam veteran, with a lot of ways even more significant. It is from these that the recovery is difficult and sometimes I take medicine only if it considers necessary.

why I decided it was time to change his life, thinking, and the priority of things. I have to learn to put myself in the first place, according to the principle of selfishness healthy staff, trying to make me slide on what others might say about the choices I make. I am succeeding, step by step, without haste, as dictated by the philosophy of the Ents, "Do not hurry." Only then will I get to the end of the road, and finding myself as an adult ready to face what the future in store for me.

The first step is the final decision (mine and mine only) to abandon permanently cosplay competitions, for which, being at least ten years that I do not feel anything anymore. Neither passion nor fun, and when things start to weigh and to be seen more as a duty and not as a diversion, it is good to be abandoned. This is because that is not angry with someone, absolutely! But the time of fangirl / hotaku now is over, no regrets, so I decreased markedly manga titles I read. E 'was great fun, but enough is enough! Already I see that my vision of things is very different from that of the "me" hotaku. Maybe I'm becoming more realistic and practical, I do not know. This, however, does not mean abandoning the hobby of comics. I will continue to come to the fairs, but not in costume, just for the passion for the comic itself. I hope I do not get angry for my choice or, if you do, tell me when we meet, so I can better explain my reasons for doing something as important to confront.


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