Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Jayanagar Sports Shop


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
That failure, defeat that!
The essential oils of the fruit does not exist in the market ... then I was stolen!
could do, but the yield is negligible and would cost too much. Only the great Sultan of Brunei could afford it.
And that's okay ...
continue to hurt us ... Moretti's of memory!
Ma .. to me that I care ... I like the chemistry ... a little chewing, the digest also good ... I wanted to do chemistry at university!
So go with synthetic ... so today's natural ... There is only hunger!
is important to know. I do not like to be taken by the nose ... especially with the smell! So traders
careful. If your product is short, please tell me. I buy it anyway, the price is good. I Mica I treat myself with the essential oils I have to entertain me. For me it's a game!
And if the going gets tough? I do melt and melts away ... joking of course ... as always.
There are people who do not understand irony, do not appreciate the satire ... how sad ... A world without humor is like pasta without salt. You can also eat ... but that depression ...
I always like to see the funny side of things, even in my lifetime, the irony I've always reached out and we are still here.
nenomale E! I would have lost the phone that Star Trek was the fashion of the 70 ... I would have lost the CD i DVD. I would have lost the internet ... I would have lost ... teleportation ... oops! perhaps they have not invented yet ... Well, then I have to live another ten years ... And I'll live, I will make this sacrifice. I'll do it for you ... but no more than another hundred years.


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