Sunday, October 21, 2007

Condolescence In Arabic


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                                                                              © przypadek

New translation! An old, old project, which he has been there, good, good, for some time to warm up, to ferment.
I love it, needless to say it. I love this Ginny, but I do not know how to explain it.
I like it because it is true, has consciousness, has sensitivity, more decides that the fact that ... uh ... you know ... to get out of the way. ^ ^ '
It' s a part of she is not there has never been allowed to see: the insecurity, the thoughtfulness. The sad and poignant description of a girl who becomes an adult who sacrifices his dreams to plug close your eyes tight with your hands and singing, not to see, not hear. But in the end moves his fingers, letting glimpses of the world that has around him, deciding to waive ingenuous light for charging on the weight of knowledge to enter the real world. Let

taaante recensiiiionii!

Today I feel very poetic, you see ... (and, eheh ... I needed an excuse to enter into this picture lj. E 'BELIIIIIIISSIIIIMMIIISSSIIIMMMAAAA !!!!!!)

; ; not look into the dark corners between us.


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