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Free Vote Of Thanks Speech At Wedding Reception

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and if there would have my own eyes! scrivetegliela the letter, scrivetegliela AHAHHAHAHA

.... well, whatever cards.

a speedy recovery.

you are not sick / injured / dying? wait, wait .....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Police Call Frequency Guide

Post Blasphemous

Italo Calvino must have been to Mc Donald.
Namely, that of the English Steps in Rome .. Maybe it was a Sunday in December, and had planned to bring three grandchildren for a walk in the capital, when a thousand other people had the same idea.
was probably forced to do half an hour in a row, and has not even been able to send their children to hold the table together with the grandmother because you had to have the tray to sit.
So in that moment of semi-despair, the genie must have produced one of the most beautiful passages of Italian literature:

The hell of living is not something that will, if there is one, is what is already here, the inferno where we live every day, that we form by being together.

and exit from the hell-mac should have produced the following:

There are two ways to escape suffering. The first is easy for many: accept the inferno and become a party to the point of no longer see it. The second is risky and demands constant vigilance and apprehension: seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the middle of hell, is not hell, and do endure, give them space.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How To Open Undf File

Dear Livejournal ....

I do not give a shit about Christmas gifts, okay?!

.... the tears that would be translated to bombard me with emails about people who received virtual gifts?!
do not you send them virtual gifts! up to sending you the drain, if you insist!

but it's Christmas again?! ... I'll be forced to cripple some reindeer ...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Average Breast Size Country

Cin Cin - Third Stake

Analysis results

squamous-columnar junction visible ectocervical course I have the scales, are a mermaid.
white vinegar thin flat epithelium I really do not ever put the vinegar in the salad
Mosaic regular In fact, I like to keep the tiles in order
ASCUS on cytology How? No, I do not join a union!
Closing colposcopic Findings insignificant This girl could do more
cytology report: smear satisfactory A force to take the step of the soldier
abnormal epithelial cells of undetermined significance ASCUS But ASCUS is a Neapolitan singer?
macroscopic findings: two fragments of grayish-4 mm3. must have been when I was playing with lego.
All Inclusive isolated. That is, can I pay in installments?
Immunohistochemical p16 protein kit CINtec p 16INK4a. You could not make a simple sudoku?

So, everything okay? They are not serious, the second alarm livello. Riproviamo fra un anno.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Official Fabric Skirt

WHORE! [Cit.]

lucca and this is over. you dragged me up to there, you made me see my messy (and expensive) home .... Autogrill ..... and then nothing?! NOTHING!? anyone new to hate?! only a witch, a Satanist and a dog dying, so in passing?
but there was the drain. to you and all lucca. But

I did a cosplay too, for another very successful.

cosplay tube of Super Mario! then do not say that there are no more original costumes fairs.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where To Buy Scholl Shoes Singapore

My song - tonight

Excuse me but can I be you for a while

My dog won't bite if you sit real still
I got the anti-Christ in the kitchen yellin' at me again
Yeah I can hear that
Been saved again by the garbage truck
I got something to say you know
But nothing comes

Yes I know what you think of me
You never shut-up
Yeah I can hear that

But what if I'm a mermaid
In these jeans of his
With her name still on it
Hey but I don't care
Cause sometimes
I said sometimes
I hear my voice
And it's been here
Silent All These Years

So you found a girl
Who thinks really deep thougts
What's so amazing about really deep thoughts
Boy you best pray that I bleed real soon
How's that thought for you
My scream got lost in a paper cup
You think there's a heaven
Where some screams have gone
I got 25 bucks and a cracker
Do you think it's enough
To get us there

Cause what if I'm a mermaid
In these jeans of his
With her name still on it
Hey but I don't care
Cause sometimes
I said sometimes
I hear my voice
And it's been here
Silent All These...

Years go by
Will I still be waiting
For somebody else to understand

Years go by
If I'm stripped of my beauty
And the orange clouds
Raining in my head
Years go by
Will I choke on my tears
Till finally there is nothing left
One more casualty
You know we're too easy easy easy

Well I love the way we communicate
Your eyes focus on my funny lip shape
Let's hear what you think of me now
But baby don't look up
The sky is falling

Your mother shows up in a nasty dress
It's your turn now to stand where I stand
Everybody lookin' at you here
Take hold of my hand
Yeah I Can Hear Them

But what if I'm a mermaid
In These jeans Of His
With her name still on it Hey

But I do not care Cause I Said Sometimes

Sometimes I hear my voice
I hear my voice I hear my voice ..

And it's been here Silent All These Years

I've been here Silent All These Years

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dos Fdd Emulateur Usb


Fucking cosplayer, I know you are all in sclero to finish the latest crap to the fair this year ..... to make you weigh the more I decided to do a cosplay too. Needless to say, it was very easy and fast and is much nicer than all your combined. indeed, it was also at home.

And after this I just want ... HOPE TO LUCCA SHIT!

and do not forget that 2 is my birthday. indeed, it will be much better than you will not forget. Unfortunately I can never forget the first time that the hands of these assholes were laid on me after returning from the subspecies of the fair in dirty roadside restaurants.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How To Turn Off Fortiguard Filter

Cheers - Second episode

(Cin Cin ... more)

After generating concern in that category of people who know the face of your doctor family, I offer the following seems the least of my medical story.

So yesterday morning I again went to the ASL to perform the so-called colposcopy. There were already a dozen ladies and ladies in waiting, all talking about the husband or the child who had left it somewhere.

Some were directly instead scassamaroni with the baby in tow. Just a great place to hear a whimpering creature. Must have me read my mind the lady who - with a smile - makes him "Do not go to kindergarten, you?".

Given the number of participants, I thought of having to spend half the morning there, but look a bit ', call me first of all .. and 'is what I have to say I have a little 'suspicious.
When he greets me by the doctor with the accent .... mountaineer. Is to file instead of an homonymous born in 1980 but the block of time and then wait half an hour that the lady is able to change the date of birth and to avoid the misunderstanding!
colposcopy is then put this ..

Colposcopy that has nothing to do with the shots and with the scope. Simply "kolpos" in greek means vagina and "Skopea" observation. Vaginascopia mica could not call, it seemed bad. Where they would put the emphasis?
No, no .. goes "colposcopy" .. but at least there they could put the subtitle: slam the potato on the front page !
And yes, why tutt'assieme projected on this screen you see your little gem. Aho! At least the fact that I rearrange my face.
In any case, the doctor watches me with such grace to see if there is actually something altered. Then he announced that the case proceed to biopsy.
The feature that struck me is that Dr. undertook to look very kind and gentle, given his profession, but I found it a bit 'forced me I imagined a lot more talented in the rant against the children or ironing all nervous.
Another curious detail is that while I was there, posing, went a bit 'of people. Oh well, it was a nurse, but you're always there, quietly and relaxed with her thighs spread out like a rooster on the grill, while they do the order of the buffers.

The Vagina Monologues all. It Thin among at least 40 days, when they get results at home.
Luckily they are not anxious for this story, if not until that day I would have brought you something else.

generally I think people worry too much about health and too little of life.
As if the real concern was not to die and not rather live.
Like two lovers who are treated like crap every day, but then you do the squilletto to say "I got home safe and sound." As if to live every day like worms was less severe than ending up smashed against a tree.

Kisses and hugs to those who made it this far without being unbearable.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Different Kinds Of Brownies

does not go away from the head

I turn off the TV and the Butterfly hanging drops down
ah, it happens to me is one of
my limits.
I'm going down for nothing
if I think gives me the shivers.
you said yourself you said ...
I sent you away.
I can smell the city
not do anything else here closed.
Here's another of my limits.
tell you that I did not know
just thinking about it gives me the shivers
even an asshole like me like me ...

But do not think more, I told you to aim

love breaks the heart.
Shoot! Shoot! Shoot, Love!
But do not think more,
what you want to wait?
Love breaks the heart
Shoot! Shoot! Shoot, right here ...

know who I am although I have not read Freud.
So how did it myself but I can not melt

and that is why I am here
of kilometers away and you
who slept with who knows who
now there ...
But do not think more,
I told you to aim
Love breaks the heart
Shoot! Shoot! Shoot, Love!
But do not think more,
what you want to wait?
Love breaks the heart
Shoot! Shoot! Shoot, right here ...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Invitation For Death Anvesary


were days that a number of Latin America was trying to contact me. A couple of weeks ago, returned from work, my father told me that someone had called to ask about my exams, leaving a callback number. That way, I thought the Cepu - " oh, if you do not do their business! Always remember is damn thesis. And I ignored it. The number
convict tried again and, finally, my mother told me to call was the local health services, where months ago I had a Pap test, the Convention for the prevention of cervical cancer. I call them and tell me that There is something wrong and you have to do a more thorough examination.

So I reflected on health, which I do not hardly ever.
came to my mind the people I know who have a very different relationship with their exams and they are living with anxiety, fear, and I can understand a little, I can not immerse myself completely.
I belong to the anti-class doctors.
Those who do not take drugs almost never.
What was not familiar with the face of your physician.
Those who "feel bad not having a fever and cold."
Those that "if we get sick think ".

Then I thought: what if I say that I have to die?
What would I do if I say that I have little time left to live?
Well, I do not think I'd do anything much different, or that I'm so sorry.
What would I do if I knew that I have little time to live and graduates (without Cepu). Maybe for once I'd blonde. And write lots of letters.
For the rest, I would continue to do everything I do, the same way.
Why fortunately life is already that there may be at any moment .
The main thing I know: I loved, cried, made love.

But ... I'd hate not knowing what will be my great Sipi.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What To Write Ina Wedding Guest Book

But what we learn from the madness ... Nice people

I am mad, mad, mad with love for you
; ; I groan of tenderness because I'm crazy
; crazy because I lost
This morning, the morning was so hot that dictated to me this confusion
; But I was sick with torment, I was sick of your perdition

\u0026lt;\u0026lt; Because everyone likes to make the prisoner's love ... but it is limited. The great generosity of love is letting go of the beloved. The abandonment must be taken, but it must be continually ill-digested, pondered .. "Yeah but that guy left me for a lifetime .. I do not know, Manganelli planted me .. Oh, God rest his soul. It 'was very important, but from the construction point of view. But he loved the Alda Merini .. as the Father has loved Turoldo, were inspired these men, the important thing is that the woman give the texture of his soul, because we are able to make love all, you know '? "The main thing is that abbian left a trail .. abbian they filed this suit after the word becomes language. That language is not only the Devil would not recognize ALDA ALDA Merini language, was the construction of many metaphors, allusions ..>>

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tibicos Mushroom Benefits

I met a nice woman.
During my nephew's artistic gymnastics is a girl, Francesca. It 's the first day of trial.
's mother, frustrated face teacher teaches that while he thinks that it is raining and left to hang the clothes, says: " wonder if you'll like it. She wanted to go to football school. But it was not possible. "
You mean it is inconceivable that in his mind, is not covered, the idea that a girl (or her) to be a football school. Yes, yes, I mean exactly that.
So I sign his name, and in fifteen years when I meet 'is Coming Out I'll tell the girl that her mother is a bitch that a child did not do the sport he wanted.

But some nice people already know them.
In the office, while talking to each other, sometimes they say a bad word ... type fucking shop .. ". Then I look and do " oh, sorry .
I smile and say "You comfortable with."
Excuse me? But that old excuse? Do you want to protect my ears because you think of your most sensitive? Want to pretend to be polite? I do not change anything if you are a troglodyte or a gentleman. The conversation focuses on the subject
gender sensitive and my ears hear these words: "because Our women are the slaves. You must be there to clean up cooking for us. The woman can not choose. "
of this not to apologize, microcephalus what else are you not?
And after two minutes ask me, " how to bring the two points ?." With great self-control answer ( You do not want to know too? ) and he goes "oh what a good mom .. .. this is to be married .. "
No, I do not work in a cave. And these are entrepreneurs.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Brent Everett Bottoms

Fear of people

As a child, when I went around with my father, was a tragedy.
walked on foot and he waved to people of all kinds, every five meters. I made him think of Conrad's entry to "The bullfighting," when the presenter passed between the rows of the audience and shook hands with everyone. He did such a thing. He was smiling, chatting, greeting with a loud voice. If the person was beyond the sidewalk was very likely that he would be ringing with the addition of "A caaaapo ." And so on.
The most terrible thing, though, was when I had " Questa è mi figlia! Sabbrì, saluta il signore, diglie qualcosa ". Io contorcevo il collo a più non posso per fare resistenza e alla fine borbottavo sempre qualcosa per significare che secondo me non era effettivamente necessario salutare proprio tutti e tentare di coinvolgermi per forza.
E lui mi rispondeva " Ecccheccazzo e che c'hai paura della gente !?"

E sì, io avevo paura della gente. Di sorridere, di parlare, di scambiare due parole.
E non è passato mica tanto tempo da quando ho smesso di averne paura. Di qualcuno tra l'altro mi pare che sia ragionevole avere ancora paura.

But I learned. I understood what he was doing, what fun we tried. Time goes first, and better. If we include in our time to others, even those unknown. Employees, passers-by. It's not bad smile and chat.
Then when you do you realize how many people are turning to narrow jaws. Sealed in their own time, to make it even worse than it already is, that life in dark and wrinkled.

makes a great racket, my father, but in this he is right.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Congratulations On Your Engagement Sayings

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Some days I wake up and realize that I hate the human race .... Then I think about it ... and no, it is wrong and immoral .... excluded because the animal? and believe that the plants be saved ...

you reading, however, remain the worst.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Online Free Digital Playground Movies

Family Psychology

How to protect the psychological health of a small man

remnant of stolen jokes in a family where there are now a mother, a brother a little 'overweight 9 year old (Luciano) and a brother less overweight than 13 years (Francis).

Luciano: leave me alone, I do not give pinches
Francis but who are you to do 'nothing!
Luciano: asshole
Francis fat
Mother: Francis, not to say fat Luciano.
Francis Why? Yet he always tells me so.
Luciano: fat
Mother: He must not say, because it's true.
Luciano ...
Francis ...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Films Incesto Italiani


I just saw the film by Marco Bellocchio, with Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Filippo Timi.
was the last night when the film was being screened, only one show at 22.00, more proletarian cinema in the city (fascist), with the risk that I would be the only and therefore would not projected. As I walked I also thought "oh well, if not the project does not do anything, once in a while 'to abbiocco I already have .."
But here I am, that I have no desire to go to sleep. I want to talk, talk, talk.
I'm not going to criticize from where there are no great expert.
I'm just thinking that I was tangled his stomach several times while watching the film, and I came really nervous at the thought of how they are going to finish things, the simple consideration of the "human case," the thought tears of those detained, and even those paid. I think Ida Dalser and cruelty in its history.
I think I am against the death penalty, but then they showed the pictures of Benito, with his absurd face, with those expressions which an imitator can not really make it a better caricature .. and you would not have wanted to kill him. Then you think 'ah well have already done'. Head down. And oh well, that's something.
But still .. here I can think of lots of other considerations, you might connect with each other ...
But I want to stop here, just the story of Ida. And his son.

Comment Emuler Un Dongle Rainbow


DDL Safety.
I do not know if I understand it, but I think the news are not so exciting. But since there are always a little 'foggy on the news, on the one side, you never know what is real and what is not. What is dangerous and what is not.

I have heard mainly this:
You can organize the patrols.
Immigration becomes a crime.

I misunderstood? I understand that even the Vatican says, "just criminalize foreigners." And I can not say if the thinking of the fact that Ratzinger is not Italian.

And then I realized that to 'I point it behooves us to organize us pretty pissed off a round and then, if we can circumvent the gorilla, to say that we have confused Berlusconi for an immigrant rapist. Dunno, something like that. He is not the problem? Okay, but would still good for the soul, I get this feeling.

"A law made for the serenity of the citizens, I have strongly supported". We had no doubts about your passion, Silvio.

They also tightened sanctions against graffiti. Now that's a step necessary. And disturbing. Clean walls, is what it takes. Azz.
and returns to be criminal for the crime of insulting a public official. not allow us to know '!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Mixed Wrestling Submissionholds

Karma Police

Karma police, arrest this man, he talks in maths He buzzes like a fridge
, hes like a detuned radio
Karma police, arrest this girl, her hitler hairdo, is making me feel ill And

We have crashed her party This is what you get, this is what you get
This is what you get, When you mess with us

Karma police, Ive given all I can, It's Not Enough
Ive given all I can, But Were still on the payroll
This is what you get, this is what you get
This is what you get, When you mess with us
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

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Pathophysiology Of Cancer


Zorro, The Unit June 20

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cost Of Vodaphone Sim Cardinindia

Fishing with trawl

ROME - "The greatest danger to our democracy" is the action of the newspaper Republic , "A superpartito that concentrates in itself the political, the economic, cultural and even the judiciary." This was stated in a letter published in the Journal , the Minister for Arts and Culture Sandro Bondi, that defines the Republic as "the principal heir" of Jacobean culture.

"Assuming that the project has successfully destabilizing" the newspaper, it would "not fall of a regime, as it deems Eugenio Scalfari, or the escape of felons hierarchy," but "the weakening of our democracy and the ruin of Italy. "

According to the minister, Scalfari is skillful in "credit spread and the public a vision of historiography, political and cultural life which is exactly the antithesis of reality" and "describe a corrupt and dying regime against which the newspaper has launched its final offensive, dragging with it the Corriere della Sera and what is left of the left ".

The reality, says Bondi is instead that "a democratically elected government (...) undergoes systematic aggression on the basis of a campaign tabloid comparable to the trawl fishery."

But perhaps the most exhilarating read here:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Detect Logitech Webcam Model

The discipline of land

The discipline of the earth are the fathers and children and dogs
guide the sheep

forgotten those names under the left hand of the player. Only

, love me not so
charged right in this life, I think
also good to see, and listen to track
Because life does not go well,
is the discipline of the earth.

You're more beautiful than yesterday,
life and we all get your heart pumping
and this is what I really like
but I can not write and can not say.
I do not know bow your head, not
and bows his head. And it gives you

intelligence and the company is not the case and
is not the case of waiting, no more.
Because life does not go well,
is the discipline of the earth.

I stood here with his glasses on the ceiling
to fall in love with the colors of things, but want
not enough,
from so far is not enough.

Now I have a contract with the Angels and
meeting for sure, life in some
blinding or a less deluded time, you will.
Because life does not go well,
is the discipline of the earth.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Designs Can You Make From Jelly Bracelets


take years to build a person. How you wanted it to be? Correct, consistent, interesting. What you could not say anything. Solid principles and a little 'originality. Sliced
the shape, contour strips that go around with a memory of itself wrong. Viewers
faithful who meet the strips do not recognize the membership.
have bad streaks, it is understandable that not more like them.
E 'futile attempt to justify that. There are more.
Then your father at the table to start eating. You
the strip still polite. But nothing else.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rainbow Sandals Outlet

So sad

Like a good book.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gordons Tyres Alignment


friend in need.
What gets drunk, is shreds arms once again. Sends confusing signals to the outside world. Help me. No, do not help me. Beware if you get close.
E 'recidivism. Department of Mental Hygiene. I'm going to bring a sweater, a charger. I find it too shiny compared to other times.
"Are you her sister?" "No, I'm a friend"
There is a small balcony, where you walk the other inmates of the department.
The way you look makes you feel different, lucky, especially healthy.
Fortunato, to have a brain that still manages to distinguish the rhythms of the day. A does not have the swollen belly of pills, sedatives, tranquilizers and other drugs.
Look at them in the eye. Look eyes .

M. has no light in his eyes, just looks down and asks me if I can tell you when they pass ten minutes because he has to remove the depilatory cream. He has an old man dressed in diapers and transparent, and makes the mustache.

If you do not feel too much from them, "it is almost impossible not to want to talk and listen. Trying to understand how our health can become a disease. There

Cristina. He says he has been there for a week. Do not wear shoes because they hurt your feet with socks and running blacks now. At the head of the line part of the hair from his forehead and reaches behind his head. He tells me that is there because the parents have all told lies and admit they made. But do you think they are behaving badly. Would have less than 30 years and ask me if my glasses are eyeglasses or sunglasses. Do you like my glasses.

Then he asks me if I'm friends of St. Asks me several times. He says, "but you your friend? . And I " I know for many years" . It seemed unlikely to stay there and have a friend out.

Above all there is Andrea. Young, two beautiful eyes. It is not clear when he speaks, it must be well padded to calm him down. Despite being tied to the bed until he moved to the aisle. His father is next, a big big man with two very clear blue eyes, smiling excessively, to make him feel secure. Andrea seems so quiet chat with Santa and his father tells me when he escaped from the ward. He says that "when it happens , fly around, television, mobile . I ask him " but how?", And he says " after the incident. .. " He says a little 'voice, as if it could not be heard from Andrea. So do not ask for more. But Cristina is intrigued and asks his father " had an accident with the car? . The father always responds softly, but a bit 'in trouble, " with the bike .. was his girlfriend. .. " Andrea
perceives the word bike and something ignites in him. We turn aggressive toward his father and always with the mouth a little 'slurred says " mbe? If she held her close, she was not dead .
He continues, "that thou hast by day ? So? What to tell you? What did you do when you were 18 years ? ". It is becoming violent while the big man with blue eyes still smile to transfer them calm. Andrew then goes to his room. E 'angry.
there a cure to forgive for having caused the death of the person you love?

I go on. The nurse comes and opens the door, which is obviously locked. S. jokingly says "I'm going then, eh .. hello! "The nurse is in the game and says" okay, but gradually you keep your friend. One must remain king! .
And I think that the idea does not make me so scared. At the bottom in twenty-minute visit in there I felt more alive and more part of this world in a year of "normal" life. None

upheaval, returns to normal.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ikea Stranne Light Bulbs

Ilrancore marine

fetecchie hey, are you still alive? I hope not. well, you know.
I know that all you have to gaze at my friend unspeakable beauty but unfortunately (for you) are not here today to post my photos (but the schedule will soon be on sale at 1000 euro per month in all newsagents so-so ;), I just wanted to greet my cute cousin who is just now returning from Hawaii and, as you can well imagine if you can squeeze enough that neuron sad that you strolling in the skull, a member of the family there ..... hates. but I more.

are also open to recommendations!
found a turtle very angry? fotografatela (possibly making you hate to death by the ushers) and send it to questamailèfalsa@yayoo.puz or simply here on livejournal. always happy to greet my fellow (much less than you)!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Samples Of Church Programmes

run in the library ... are you still here?

invitation, kindly way, users of this blog as soon as possible to get the must-have book that a fan wanted to publish my unknown, clearly in my honor.
this is not to say thank you, Mr. Aldo Bonomi.

so Learn to buy, your still in my dirty south ice .... .... Sudic ..... oh, well, stinking car, and carry in this fog of shit that place is the north of Italy. no, Lucca center, if I say I am right.

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سيكس روسى

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.......... I could give me the great psychology! ..........................................

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Treatment Ureterovesical Junction Calculus

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not know about you, but I'll start already in the rancorizzare lucca.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Charlie Sheen Bowling

She Did not Mean to Do It

Oh, she was sad, oh, she was sad.
She didn't mean to do it.

Certain thrills stay tucked in your limbs,
go no further than your fingers, move your legs through their paces,
but no more. Certain thrills knock you flat
on your sheets on your bed in your room and you fade
and they fade. You falter and they're gone, gone, gone.
Certain thrills puff off you like smoke rings,
some like bell rings growing out, out, turning
brass, steel, gold, till the whole world's filled
with the gonging of your thrills.

But oh, she was sad, she was just sad, sad,
and She Did not mean to do it.

(Daisy Fried)

* To whom sent e-mail to know about me, if the site was dead, and things like this:

Post-it : this site is made of hidden pages.

I can see it just me, and will remain so. I'm sorry.

Not because people did not already listen to me, of course.
But it's too nice a feeling that I can write here, and throw me to write any crap the head, and scroll down to the bottom of the abyss where not to drag anyone else, soggy depths of sand with paper walls from which there is no return.

(for those depths I have led so many, I need to channel all this on something that does not breathe and think and no one gets hurt)

But, you get free. Free not to injure, not to justify.

be anything I want.

Dear old diary, in short:)

And if someone goes: salveciaograzie and scusamacosa cifaiqui dick?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Latino Wedding Invitation Words In English

ilrancore @ 2009-02-19T17: 27:00

deceived. deceived even resentful of not having my eyes on him .... thought you were safe just because I got distracted for a moment a month? but no!
I was just busy with my friend Maicol.

well, now you've finished reading this message you can go to suffer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Large Number Division C

but porc ...

so what? I do not shit any more? fuck you and I who insult to do then? and I have to say that slaves servants admirers! Also today I found a new stock to bow to my will .... hey, know that I hate you! and I hated you before to meet you!

hate you hate you hate you, hate you more than I can hate you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Listerine Poisonous If Some Swallowed By Acciden

ilrancore @ 2009-01-15T00: 23:00

the winter air will be ..... will be the moon's reflection in the snow is still white ... these songs are nearly as sweet .................. ................ but I feel I hate you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Should I Wear For A Ice Skating Date

ilrancore @ 2009-01-09T00: 53:00

uuhm ... let me think .... now I hate you, you, yes, even that ... you're trying to hide over there, know that I hate you! and strong too!
then I hate the snow, the influence, humanity, winter, summer, spring and autumn, 2009 and all the years that preceded it, but especially now hate this quiz!

was a bit 'not remember how I hated you, now that I have, you can also die.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sa Kanya English Version

winx61 @ 2009-01-04T16: 17:00

Rochas FEMME 2

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That means Rochas Femme 2?
Okay ... Output in 1989 is a retouched version of Femme ... Femme 2 but why? What a saga? Then there will be 3 Femme revenge? Femme 4 return? Welcome