Sunday, November 25, 2007

How Tie Converse Double


Today I am angry, definitely. Disappointed and angry with the world.
do not know how I can vent if not in this way. It is usually brought on little man, the clinic immigrants. The usual old acquaintance, with folder with five slips of paper sheets stapled and folded, his face sbattutta, the emphasis uncertain but already more secure than those who will not be Italian, no, but it certainly has lived long among Italian doctors and the surgery to make themselves understood faster and more directly than most.
This here is a revised and already seen one of those patients who want to be reassured, listened, touched, even a little made me smile, if you are not in the mood and nine in the evening. And preferably want a recipe, a great sheet full of doodles, medicines given to a trust and a little bit by chance, with the hope that work. O please, please, visit Specialized specialist visit, I need it I need .
It usually works, at least regarding the reassurance.
Only this one, the old knowledge, has pain, pain everywhere. pain everywhere, do not sleep do not sleep, never, never, miss. It gives you the pat on the back, tells you your back, knees, everything. Everywhere, everywhere. You eyes widen almost certain to hit the target, after all we are only a doctor from the broad face and nice and a girl with green eyes and red cheeks from silly little girl, and you can move a young doctor and a young girl. Push them to give something. To understand the situation .
So viaa, prescriviamogli a good total body scan to see if his bones are in place, who knows what could be. And also some nice creamy sauce, since the eczema on her legs, which is making me see, it looks like a skin made of baked fish, and cock, covering all her legs. Books do not seem so sucks. And itching itching, Miss . And believe it, poor man.
The thing that does not say is that the poor man lives in a refugee camp here, and no, no central heating heating nor DeLonghi dehumidifiers. It damp crushes the bones, rather than the cold. And the bones cut short, so, and for so long, they hurt. And it is useless to spread all the creams in the world if you're like a sewer, so a skin .
And so on, what's the problem, let them 'is a total body and talk about it anymore, they will tell you something the hospital. And try again for the tenth, twelfth consecutive year to spread creams, so, not bad make sure. What are we to do?
(And while the surgery has a hole of € 70,000).
This is the Italian health system.

Always one of the best in the world, and I will not think about politics, I do not give a shit. The issue of immigrants is a biggest problem for me, and certainly do not want to define now, especially now . But while the man went away, thanking and saluting as if he had received some kind of promise of Eden, I look at the floor. His shoes leave pieces behind them, all surgery has bedraggled black spongy crumb.
Someone has to clean this crap. Meanwhile, outside


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