Friday, November 30, 2007

Do Abortion Clinics Use Donated Blood

snivella @ 2007-11-30T12: 16:00

I'm doing a bit of changes in layout. Real jumps and pirouettes risvoltoloni. I wanted to find a more versatile, but I discovered that it is not so easy.
The reality is that I am not convinced by half. This is the least for now obscene, but I can not however replace my beautiful holes in the clouds. I try to leave it for a while ... although I think I will send this rose to hyperglycemic coma soon, knowing me.
But what do you think? (For the series: there nessuuuUUuunooo ????)

Speaking of sugar, I leave you some news on JANUARY , while we are!
If you're wondering about where - spiterina is over ... do not worry, I plan to update soon. Meanwhile there, on the English side, the matter was closed, my dears, the end, right, fine. (And it happened so suddenly that I always have to take back = P)
But, you still have to wait a bit ... which, for the tough, to say there is still tranquiiiilli acceptable a number of chapters ahead. ;)



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