Thursday, September 27, 2007

How Long Will Carbonara Keep In The Fridge

Sorry, E' UN PO 'does not write ...

I do not have much time and lately I've devoted to expenditure in the essential oils and perfumes.
The Rochas collection is almost complete.
I also found a new love and that is Diorella Dior.
now I did not think to find a perfume to replace Femmme by Rochas ... but ... never say never ...
Diorella is a perfume published in 1972 and then years when I was in the middle of adolescence.
I confess I've never heard before, but this year while I was walking aimlessly through the shelves of Lemons tried it.
just because I like cool at first, but I like it flowered foi ... and very persistent.
does not have the sugary taste of vanilla and strawberry, blueberry, banana and go with the salad ...
So I do not like the gourmand. I do not like to mix the kitchen with the scents for the body.
I like the most of the floral and chypre chypre fruity, but the fruit must not prevail. Welcome


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