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Spring Snow

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out alerts WWF

The Piedmont Region has decided to produce 20% of its energy needs from renewable sources . How does it do? Through the destruction of forests . To produce energy will be used each year 2.2 million cubic meters of timber, according to the crazy rules in the new Regional Forestry Law ( LR 4 / 2009 ) . A law in total conflict with the provisions of Resolution adopted sustainability of the Ministerial Conferences on the Protection of Forests in Europe. The Law Attila / Bresso was approved in a bipartisan (and how could it be otherwise?) And from the PDL and the PDminusL. In a few years of the forests will disappear in Piedmont, both public and private. According to a WWF press release: "Through the mechanism of interim management association (LR 4 / 2009, art. 18), Piedmont cutting wood today can be executed without prior notice to the owner direct . If the owner wants to keep the woods, it's up to him that chasing government decide to cut and to oppose it, if not nothing is cut the wood! The wood will be paid to the real market value, but who then will use biomass as it will get the overvaluation, drugged, thanks to public money, which was said above .
The forests are a precious and increasingly rare, the proportion of forest per capita in 1861, the year of birth of Italy, is halved. The woods should be transmitted to future generations . Destroying the forests to produce electricity and diseconomies, as well as criminal. The wood features low-energy CE, approximately one fourth that of diesel. Why
Piedmont has passed a law against private property, against the environment and against the economy? According to WWF: "The answer lies in a excessive incentive system that is unparalleled in other European countries and is not accompanied by an appropriate corollary of limitations. Missing the assessment of the environmental costs of the activity, it should be, on the contrary, binding decision-making. What we do is preparing to a big speculation, with devastating environmental effects. French, Swiss and Austrian, our neighbors across the Alps, while using the woods regularly, do not dream of producing electricity from forest biomass, but merely to exploit intelligently process waste wood for heat. If you overpaid, the current price of wood for building, wood that is designed to burn in Piedmont in a year, we would arrive at the figure of 58 million € . In the current market junkie, to use the same wood and energy production, public administration will spend an amount estremamente più elevata, che nessuno ha calcolato (o reso noto), ma di cui possiamo aver percezione se consideriamo le dichiarazioni rese dalla Regione: negli ultimi 5 anni sono stati destinati 300 milioni di euro per promuovere l’utilizzo di energia da fonti rinnovabili e, entro il 2013, sono previsti investimenti nel settore che raggiungeranno il miliardo di euro . Il dato è riferito alla generalità delle fonti rinnovabili, ma considerato che la Regione vuole ottenere il 60% dell’energia da biomasse forestali, è automatico che il grosso degli investimenti vada a finire in tale comparto. Per citare solo un esempio di voce di related expenditure, consider that the forestry practices in Piedmont is planned to 2,000 km of new forest road and many miles in need of maintenance works . They are the citizen's money, which pays out for the kWh from biomass and nearly three times its actual value and who pays for public investments that support the so-called timber sector through various channels and bodies: the ERDF, FAS Fund, the Social Development Plan Rural (which finances farmers ECUs) Forest Consortium, IPLA, UNCEM, Departments of mountains and forests, etc. .. .
We are destroying themselves in silence. We are in a race extinction.
anyone still write a heart and voice mail to the President of Regione Piemonte, Mercedes Bresso : .
Ps: Download and circulate the document of the WWF: