Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ikea Stranne Light Bulbs

Ilrancore marine

fetecchie hey, are you still alive? I hope not. well, you know.
I know that all you have to gaze at my friend unspeakable beauty but unfortunately (for you) are not here today to post my photos (but the schedule will soon be on sale at 1000 euro per month in all newsagents so-so ;), I just wanted to greet my cute cousin who is just now returning from Hawaii and, as you can well imagine if you can squeeze enough that neuron sad that you strolling in the skull, a member of the family there ..... hates. but I more.

are also open to recommendations!
found a turtle very angry? fotografatela (possibly making you hate to death by the ushers) and send it to questamailèfalsa@yayoo.puz or simply here on livejournal. always happy to greet my fellow (much less than you)!