Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ureterovesical Junction Calculus Treatment

Here I am.

with just a few months since I had to scrap this post. but I do not procrastinate, I use my time differently, that is you throw out the waste of paper.

and anyway I'm here for a reason, because people stoned a bit less of you (for those 5 minutes) has not only brought me reports as I asked politely but even brought a small bundle wrapped in various parentame and left the front door with a note "I hate you.."
here, I would say something to these people ....... if the next time I avoided is bullshit you throw in the bin I avoid the waste and humidity though. I environment I want, not let him destroy others besides myself.

but let you go down a ravine you present this adorable turtle waste

here you Huff!

by dell'inannusabile [info] _izu_ that he could have put his hands between his thighs and clap and instead went to look for my cousin stizzatissima, amen, these things happen. then see what happens to you if you try again.

Aho grandfather! no, we do not hear the rest ... not even had their ear to you ... this Asti Grandpa!

part of a person who has not failed and that we will call Guyver lj and I wonder why it still has the right to breathe .. so much to look at the cross is for the same year his grandfather, who are almost 300 But not us in Sparta. ........................................
too we understand each other.

and that's it for today, hailed the parentame before the hunt in landfill retort and kicks you, please go to dry scrape manure from a blackboard with fingernails.

EDIT: but that face which has the idiot I am here?