Monday, February 26, 2007

Monster Energy In Thong

drama in the house of Spider Woman

a serious drama that has engulfed the house of the Spider Woman, Spider Dall'Omo furnished of course, not from America Omo as some people might have suggested ... because otherwise I would have filled with stars ... and umbrellas?! * the "I've been waiting coconut" pose * A certainty, in fact everything on the basis of which firm belief of the Spider Woman, collapsed like a house of cards in front of the cruel and harsh reality: I could not FIND THE MOST PRECIOUS fishnet stockings ?!?!?!?!?!?!
all started just yesterday night around 23 when, before taking the walking corpse in my bed for the usual night's sleep, I had a look the image of the Spider Woman, to mentally review the situation with regard to the suit cosplay (mi'nonna if you decide to cut and sew that part centimeter of cloth also known as ...\u0026lt;_\u0026lt;) skirt and accessories. When an idea, an ominous sign, a tangible sign dell'hitsusen always lurking around the corner barluginò in my mind between the incipient fumes of sleep, I must return to the fishnet stockings that I used for the cosplay Lucca. Then I head to my room, with the certainty that I had painted on his face found in the drawer of underwear ... and ... nothing but fishnet stockings. I try not losing hope in the number 2 spot in the door ... near the wall, there I want the socks that I use more ... and there is nothing. Panico. Crisis. Collapse of certainties.
Just to do something in that moment of despair, I go to my amdre, who was asleep in her room and say
moi meme: "But ', you know where are the mica fishnet stockings that I put to cosplay Lucca?
mother (turning between the sheets): "But I know '... I do not know if you are now ... ... and then half past eleven ..."
moi meme: "But I need to Milan?! I do not know where I hunted everywhere ... I checked ... "
mother:" Therefore, the question in your room is a mess as usual! The try tomorrow, go! "

morning morning, still in pajamas and with sticky eyes begin to look where the hell have put 'ste blessed socks. After an hour I was looking for home, I realized it has lost her. astonished gaze . Be by Doris Day in "That Touch of Mink." Shout:
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with lots of hands attached to the face style Munch.
How could I make the Spider Woman, the most "driver" of Holic (ssieme to Yuuko), without supreme power that characterizes it, ie: her fishnet stockings! deadly weapon for every male, except in the case that this is called Watanuki ... then we talk of a Yagami inside and outside. XD then I sling inmerceria hoping to find a new pair, but on Monday morning ... haberdashery are closed! I remedied in the afternoon when I finally managed to get hold of a pair of fishnet stockings. * *
emotion Now I'm ready to put myself in the COCONUT .... HELLO ... I was waiting for! Watanuki * looks around not understanding a pipe and making jokes about the furnishings of the home. The Spider Woman snorts and crosses her legs ... that's really a Yagami it does not react ?!... raises his eyes to conceal disconsolate .*

Lily W.

outing PS I do: I got it "Three Steps Over Heaven" ... I did not because I like Scamarcio, is that clear?! But after reading "thing called love", I like the style of Moccia.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hairdressing Icc Chart


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
Today I have a new job ... the thesis of my student's 5 th B
After various treatments in terms of titles I've finally convinced. He will essay the importance of smell and then the perfume in the kitchen. The student attends my
Hotel Institute and is and will be a cook ... maybe if you do not change your mind after the state exam.
So now he has to search the Web site about some ... as typical of his young age was immediately dipped in food aphrodisiacs ...
But these teenagers have not yet realized that at their age you just thought to take off?
foods aphrodisiacs leave them to me as old as the cuckoo!
If you help us ... we are glad.
accepted ideas, suggestions and even criticism, of course!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Cavity

Coincidence? Shojo

Can you believe it?! See bellow qunti points as I telepath? XD Sometimes it is said ... the cases of life!
take the psi-q psychic test yourself
This is proof that my fan fic telling the truth !!!!!!

Lily W. My

PS, good luck for the examination of Casanew tomorrow! On the advice of our

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hr Breaks Confidentiality


fengtianshi (to whom I bow anhce for discovering that she is a Slayers fan ^ ^) I bought the manga "Full Moon" of Tanemura. How much
cariiinooooooooo !!!!!! >/////\u0026lt;
Finally after years and years of endless series (see DB ... OO) and especially not shojo series, here you turn on "Full Moon" that I literally fell in love the second page.
no doubt about it, a nice throwback, because 10 years ago, I started meeting with one of my passion for shojo manga, it was "Dear sweet Kyoko" or better, respecting the original title of "Maison Ikkoku" Takahashi ... the woman who is taken then the unhealthy desire to strike up a kind of neverending story known as' s "Inuyasha "?!°°)
I saw that this new manga has some of the clothes really promising ... series ... subliminal message ... people ... we do a cosplay?! Come on, come on, come on, Come on, come ....!!! * Look style Puss in Boots of "Shrek 2" * But I'm in doubt about what to do ... I'm uncertain of Mitsuky, the protagonist, and Meroko ... OO .... I love this character .... perhaps because it is dressed up a little?! Now I play only scantily clad women ... XD
Meroko is the character of my avatar ... maybe ... yes ... CC ... I decided ... I just .... I should Meroko starmene in garter?! · ° but perchèèèèèèèèè ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Desperate cry * * And tell me that this time I have chosen the character ... I'm masochistic. ^ ^ '


Lily W.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Jayanagar Sports Shop


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
That failure, defeat that!
The essential oils of the fruit does not exist in the market ... then I was stolen!
could do, but the yield is negligible and would cost too much. Only the great Sultan of Brunei could afford it.
And that's okay ...
continue to hurt us ... Moretti's of memory!
Ma .. to me that I care ... I like the chemistry ... a little chewing, the digest also good ... I wanted to do chemistry at university!
So go with synthetic ... so today's natural ... There is only hunger!
is important to know. I do not like to be taken by the nose ... especially with the smell! So traders
careful. If your product is short, please tell me. I buy it anyway, the price is good. I Mica I treat myself with the essential oils I have to entertain me. For me it's a game!
And if the going gets tough? I do melt and melts away ... joking of course ... as always.
There are people who do not understand irony, do not appreciate the satire ... how sad ... A world without humor is like pasta without salt. You can also eat ... but that depression ...
I always like to see the funny side of things, even in my lifetime, the irony I've always reached out and we are still here.
nenomale E! I would have lost the phone that Star Trek was the fashion of the 70 ... I would have lost the CD i DVD. I would have lost the internet ... I would have lost ... teleportation ... oops! perhaps they have not invented yet ... Well, then I have to live another ten years ... And I'll live, I will make this sacrifice. I'll do it for you ... but no more than another hundred years.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Modern Ceremony Program Wording

back nights before exams

place only because could be the last time I do, because after tomorrow I have a script analysis ... I just hope that the prof does not face much the bastard?! (And laughter rose ... it was cold ... damn him!? È_é) For at least two weeks, I'm steering a middle course on this question and also on the dissertation for geodianmica - fortunately I've already thrown down (... no, no that the demented professor, who really has the age of Cold Astairs, even if they deserve it all avendoci abandoned in search of miscellaneous arguments for our choice!) - the pattern to search for ... six paragraphs of demonstrating that the phenomenon is so dear to Mr. Professor: subduction. ° ° He puts it at the root of everything ... even his life, has made it a cult, I think ... it hurts a tooth? Simple ... this is subducts your gum! You have the corns on the feet? It is the call that you are subducts nail. It's raining outside? Clouds, subducts produce rain! Well ... I do not know how many pages are as they are midway through the second paragraph, but it will be the subduction of the house ... my ultimate goal is also to deny the evidence of experiments against this process so dear to that crazy?!
Oh, yeah ... maybe none of you know what the hell is' blessed is subduction, which now makes me sleepless nights ... such as a geological process (Bell, this ... otherwise I letters? XD) for the which, by the collision of two plates of the other one goes down (For short).
Luckily there are always preparing for the next cosplay me up. çH
buy fabrics and skirt cut to half if cabbage is good OO ...?! It is expected that deaths and injuries in Milan on March 25? XD ... The skirt is quite short and low-cut dress ...
However I'd love to do the famous scene and I thought Kinnaras train .. ". ... I've been waiting Hello coconut?! Do you like how I decorated? ... etc ... etc ..." I think I throw myself away from there and not laugh ... at least tomorrow after the exam.
OO Oh my God, we might as well laugh, if I'm noticing that this stuff has in fact as he did the last two intermediate tests that do not ... I passed only one and a half. çH
And if this is not bad luck?!

Your demorilzzata and depressed

Lily Westwood

Tender Head Pregnancy


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora! Today
What I have yet to learn about essential oils!
with sadness that I have found the essential oils from fruits are not pure essential oils ... but trivial synthetic products. That figure! From
fruits are only those extracted from the peel of citrus fruit! At least the ones I have well chosen!
All right ... and that's fine ... and that's fine ... and that's okay!
Now I have to dip into the study. I am a beginner, but mica listless! So for a while I
rintanerò in my studio to studio ...
But I will return, deer in the spring ....

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Diane 35 For Breast Enlargment


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
now in the drawer of my dresser 'I have a lot' of vials of essential oils. I wonder if some of them even have you or did you just smelled and what you try.
If you like, what evoke. I describing my feelings are not pure gold. Then
Here's my list: •

citrus notes:
lemongrasse (Bottega green) very good, stimulating, energizing grapefruit
() tasty, tangy, bitter
bergamot () God, it puts the buonuomre, remembers the summer
petitgrain () cool, I have to study it better
lemon (Ligurian company) delicious, fresh, invigorating
sweet orange () gourmand, remembers the Christmas
files () fresh, sparkling

jasmine () great, mellow, female, miss
ylang ylang () very penetrating, enveloping
pink () classic, is not as smell the flower, fresh flower is another thing
tuberose () lovely, feminine .. but in the end stove!
geranium () unclassifiable, you do not understand, I have to study it better

Cherry • Fruit () luscious, slightly more 'stronger than in the fresh fruit

basil () unclassifiable, you do not understand, can not remember at all the basil from the kitchen, I have to study it better
clary sage () sweet, can not remember at all the culinary sage (Salvia officinalis), I have to study it better
lavender (), invasive, woody, almost fecal

rosewood () unclassifiable you do not understand, I have to study it better
cloves () pungent, opaque, stimulating
vetiver () herbaceous, fresh ginger
() spicy, but fresh

• NOTES funds and / or fixative:
patchouli (Ligurian company) heavy, persistent, rancid, moldy smell
amber () Heavy, Oriental
myrrh () pleasant, Eastern
benzoin () very deep, warm, vanilla
() sweet, round, round .. but in the end I have nausea
make additions and changes?