Friday, March 30, 2007

Price Of The Average Beer

Kanoe, Kanoe Kanoe .... why are you!

In the past two weeks has begun to take off the idea of a new cosplay, logically by Clamp, or the now "urban legend" that is " X 1999 ". It all started when I Kinnaras and Yuuko were in line to buy tickets for the Eurostar Milan. During the exhausting Kinnaras waiting, anticipating his new idea with various noises and urletti (Kinnaras adore you for this!! XD), came up saying

"Why not do a cosplay of X in the future?"

L ' idea was accepted by consensus, understood as a look of approval from me and Yuuko, then puts his finger on Kinnaras:

"Yes, but ... ... you do Kanoe Lily!"

I look shocked:

"Excuse me? But we were not left that I Yuzurika or Karen? "° °

" No. "He continued Kinnaras with his usual enthusiasm. "You'll ... KAAANOOOOEEEEEEE!"

From there she began to tell other people literally queued call Kaaanooooeeee, or behind the little woman who had asked
"Madam, convinces her to do Kanoe! After all you can ... or not! "

That woman is currently in a state of shock! XD

The great thing was when I left to go to the gym ... Kinnaras greeted me shouting

" Kanoeeeee! "Until I was out of station! XD

got home I started to seriously think about whether I was "able" to do Kanoe. Kanoe is ... Well ... .... ... Kanoe a woman with sex on batteries, and also much, much, but another loooong. The Kanoe images found on the net did not help, or also because she was in her underwear, or even as Mom did it (I would like to know who was the mother of Kano and Hinoto ... ° °) than with long hair that covered the sise! · °

Sure, Kinnaras has done his best, eh?! Since then it has created the "myth" (?) "Cup of Kano, which is literally non-existent .... XD where the wire is replaced by the hands of Yuuto? XD The thing is then moved on in our minds buggy was even a kind commercials, which would (with voice by 144): a bra ... ... ... Kanoe. for curves apocalyptic ... XD

E 'was diminished by this huge, that I finally decided to make this character "very bad", because I really want to see if I can play the part of the wicked.

From what I could see Kanoe also has a habit "managerial" consists of a jacket and trousers and shirt by the neck ... as deep as the Mariana Trench! I could always take the dress to go to discuss the idea. ... Or when I am in charge of a team of geologists, which arguably will command with an iron fist since Kanoe ... and raving every three and two on how to implement the unfinished floor inherent the conquest of mondo.XD

now it's hard not to think Kanoe .... ° ° and its way of life ... ° ° ... ... this is to say that girls are at fruttaaaa! XD




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