Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red Bridge Rb-539 Driver

And do not tell me the title, I do not want to know! New look

guys are a bit 'confused. What
that thing that make up the Italy one evening around 20.30?
not want to be an anachronistic morbid, but I still think m'interenisco the jingle of " Lunch is served."
conductors, which is Corrado Claudio Lippi, were discrete and ironic, and that's nice.
gets worse when I think " Dual Slalom " with a Corrado Tedeschi in great shape and young people who challenged sapientini. I even remember " Tandem , a species of beetle television conducted by Fabrizio Frizzi.
I will not appoint the pillars as " The Wheel of Fortune" , and especially " Genius , both led by Mike Bongiorno.
growing melancholy enough to think of "The dating game " with Marco Predolin, or " Wives and Lovers" with Marco Columbro.
absolutely forbidden the comparison with " Games Without Frontiers , definitely none.

But that's okay. Because nostalgia is inevitable, penetrated into the fabric of remembrance for those who do not want to forget, but to dress its melancholy experience of epidermis.

I wondered, In short, what the heck is that stuff on Italy1?
In theory there is all that should be in a program of entertainment: a presenter, the valley, the contestants, the quiz.

But when the present is this:

When the valley is this:

When the valley above, to make the audience laugh, says giving the public "queer" the presenter of the above ...

When competitors have the trickle of drool at the corner of his mouth to give their 'clever' answers ...

Well, in these cases to me is not the nostalgia .. I do not want to cry, but just do this:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Generator Venn Diagram

Here I am with a new look and a different image, but it is always me.
I left the Little Earthquake that took me for a long time 'and I have taken over the poetic stillness. But not too much!
and have always been here .. every now and then I went back to reread them every now and then I thought of the interesting things and I said to myself "now I write a post on" .. Now now ... and then did not do it.
now be now, then .. marrana!
should have a laptop on the fingertips, and much more time available .. but if I had time right now occupying it. I can not stand still, to hold the brain, can not bear more or boring, who is still there and turn around.

But here there are people moving! The other day, Nadia, quietly, sent me the link of his journal:
Not to mention Ferdinand, who created it months ago and writes, writes, writes ...

'm glad I infected .. I dedicate this new look to them that made me want to come face again here.

And this song, which I love, I dedicate it to My romantic spirit ... (I have, I have it ...)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Letter Of Completion For Community Service

ilrancore @ 2010-01-06T21: 17:00

Do not you have done this year to see me, eh? I hid well ... I was smart .... and I was able to spend a fantastic new year alone I know where I'll be back ....... I will return, do not worry, when the turkeys mooing.

and we are finally in 2010, which spelled backwards and without glasses can also be read as "idiot who reads"
short, an idiot who reads all the shit!

back to look for drugs under the carpet.