Monday, June 29, 2009

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Karma Police

Karma police, arrest this man, he talks in maths He buzzes like a fridge
, hes like a detuned radio
Karma police, arrest this girl, her hitler hairdo, is making me feel ill And

We have crashed her party This is what you get, this is what you get
This is what you get, When you mess with us

Karma police, Ive given all I can, It's Not Enough
Ive given all I can, But Were still on the payroll
This is what you get, this is what you get
This is what you get, When you mess with us
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pathophysiology Of Cancer


Zorro, The Unit June 20

Monday, June 22, 2009

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Fishing with trawl

ROME - "The greatest danger to our democracy" is the action of the newspaper Republic , "A superpartito that concentrates in itself the political, the economic, cultural and even the judiciary." This was stated in a letter published in the Journal , the Minister for Arts and Culture Sandro Bondi, that defines the Republic as "the principal heir" of Jacobean culture.

"Assuming that the project has successfully destabilizing" the newspaper, it would "not fall of a regime, as it deems Eugenio Scalfari, or the escape of felons hierarchy," but "the weakening of our democracy and the ruin of Italy. "

According to the minister, Scalfari is skillful in "credit spread and the public a vision of historiography, political and cultural life which is exactly the antithesis of reality" and "describe a corrupt and dying regime against which the newspaper has launched its final offensive, dragging with it the Corriere della Sera and what is left of the left ".

The reality, says Bondi is instead that "a democratically elected government (...) undergoes systematic aggression on the basis of a campaign tabloid comparable to the trawl fishery."

But perhaps the most exhilarating read here:

Monday, June 15, 2009

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The discipline of land

The discipline of the earth are the fathers and children and dogs
guide the sheep

forgotten those names under the left hand of the player. Only

, love me not so
charged right in this life, I think
also good to see, and listen to track
Because life does not go well,
is the discipline of the earth.

You're more beautiful than yesterday,
life and we all get your heart pumping
and this is what I really like
but I can not write and can not say.
I do not know bow your head, not
and bows his head. And it gives you

intelligence and the company is not the case and
is not the case of waiting, no more.
Because life does not go well,
is the discipline of the earth.

I stood here with his glasses on the ceiling
to fall in love with the colors of things, but want
not enough,
from so far is not enough.

Now I have a contract with the Angels and
meeting for sure, life in some
blinding or a less deluded time, you will.
Because life does not go well,
is the discipline of the earth.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Designs Can You Make From Jelly Bracelets


take years to build a person. How you wanted it to be? Correct, consistent, interesting. What you could not say anything. Solid principles and a little 'originality. Sliced
the shape, contour strips that go around with a memory of itself wrong. Viewers
faithful who meet the strips do not recognize the membership.
have bad streaks, it is understandable that not more like them.
E 'futile attempt to justify that. There are more.
Then your father at the table to start eating. You
the strip still polite. But nothing else.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

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So sad

Like a good book.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gordons Tyres Alignment


friend in need.
What gets drunk, is shreds arms once again. Sends confusing signals to the outside world. Help me. No, do not help me. Beware if you get close.
E 'recidivism. Department of Mental Hygiene. I'm going to bring a sweater, a charger. I find it too shiny compared to other times.
"Are you her sister?" "No, I'm a friend"
There is a small balcony, where you walk the other inmates of the department.
The way you look makes you feel different, lucky, especially healthy.
Fortunato, to have a brain that still manages to distinguish the rhythms of the day. A does not have the swollen belly of pills, sedatives, tranquilizers and other drugs.
Look at them in the eye. Look eyes .

M. has no light in his eyes, just looks down and asks me if I can tell you when they pass ten minutes because he has to remove the depilatory cream. He has an old man dressed in diapers and transparent, and makes the mustache.

If you do not feel too much from them, "it is almost impossible not to want to talk and listen. Trying to understand how our health can become a disease. There

Cristina. He says he has been there for a week. Do not wear shoes because they hurt your feet with socks and running blacks now. At the head of the line part of the hair from his forehead and reaches behind his head. He tells me that is there because the parents have all told lies and admit they made. But do you think they are behaving badly. Would have less than 30 years and ask me if my glasses are eyeglasses or sunglasses. Do you like my glasses.

Then he asks me if I'm friends of St. Asks me several times. He says, "but you your friend? . And I " I know for many years" . It seemed unlikely to stay there and have a friend out.

Above all there is Andrea. Young, two beautiful eyes. It is not clear when he speaks, it must be well padded to calm him down. Despite being tied to the bed until he moved to the aisle. His father is next, a big big man with two very clear blue eyes, smiling excessively, to make him feel secure. Andrea seems so quiet chat with Santa and his father tells me when he escaped from the ward. He says that "when it happens , fly around, television, mobile . I ask him " but how?", And he says " after the incident. .. " He says a little 'voice, as if it could not be heard from Andrea. So do not ask for more. But Cristina is intrigued and asks his father " had an accident with the car? . The father always responds softly, but a bit 'in trouble, " with the bike .. was his girlfriend. .. " Andrea
perceives the word bike and something ignites in him. We turn aggressive toward his father and always with the mouth a little 'slurred says " mbe? If she held her close, she was not dead .
He continues, "that thou hast by day ? So? What to tell you? What did you do when you were 18 years ? ". It is becoming violent while the big man with blue eyes still smile to transfer them calm. Andrew then goes to his room. E 'angry.
there a cure to forgive for having caused the death of the person you love?

I go on. The nurse comes and opens the door, which is obviously locked. S. jokingly says "I'm going then, eh .. hello! "The nurse is in the game and says" okay, but gradually you keep your friend. One must remain king! .
And I think that the idea does not make me so scared. At the bottom in twenty-minute visit in there I felt more alive and more part of this world in a year of "normal" life. None

upheaval, returns to normal.