Saturday, April 28, 2007

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The one who's just for Chii Test

"Is Hideki, the one who's just for me?" Chii-

Yesterday I finished watching the anime "Chobits" that my friend adorevole

[info] kinnara_fertu

gave me for my birthday. Chii, the U.S. version, has a voice carinissimaaaaa !??!?!>///\u0026lt; Not to mention him ... "the person who's just for me", or Hideki! He is a fabulous guy! Especially when he starts talking to himself in front of a ladies underwear shop, to find a pair of panties to Chii ... mistook the binder for a sex maniac! History shows that
Chii law, has the background music that defines it is just heartbreaking! After all, everyone in the world would like to find someone just for himself, the other half of the apple, well ... but in the case of this research is an outline Chobits even more bitter and sad. Can a computer have feelings of love for as a human being? And 'something' natural '? Or, having been of artificial intelligence have been so programmed by their inventors? These questions came out during the return journey that

[info] fengtianshi

did together me and

\u0026lt;/ href = ""> \u0026lt;/ b> \u0026lt;/ a> [info] harriet_yuuko

about two and a half months ago. However, "Cobits" is one of the few anime and manga that I have stayed in, in recent years, at least to have the Clamp finito.Oo

Lily W.


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