Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Can U Make Chocolate Cigarellos


Last Sunday I went out with Mia, a walk through Florence. Of course we talked about the topic coolest: Sting and the myth of tantric sex. We imagined the worst things, that man has really done sbiellare head, in my mind that buggy was born the following story nonsense.


long, long, but taaaantooo time ago in a small remote village in Cornwall, where he Rosemunde Pilcher ambienterà approximately 99.9% of his fruitful literary production, there lived a handsome young luthier named Sting. The young

Stinghi remained unfortunately orphaned at an early age because his parents died during the terrible epidemic of spastic colitis, promptly curbed by Dr. Gregory House, world-renowned doctor to the king. The young and sgarzolino maker would thus have to go ahead with the father's shop, when he became quite adept in the ancient art of wood, began to build the first musical instruments. In his spare time dabbled in the ancient art of the seven notes placed at random on a sheet covered with staves, known by the word of ... score, in which to vent all his frustrations of adolescence.

And so by dint of practice reached the sublime perfection in the use of such a tool was then knocked on his door a person in rags, and the bearer of a great state: the representative of the Treccani.

"Good evening," said the man from distant lands.

"Hello, Ciccio! Icche tu'voi, de, "said Sting.

"He wants to take un'anciclopedia mica consists of 400 volumes, 8 CD-ROMs and 900 lifetime updates?"

"Mmmmm, Bono would be! And how many deaf e'deo disbursement? "

" 1,200,000 Euris. "

" It is a I'm nini! E'l'è too, you shall! "

"Well ... maybe I've got something you can do for you. You are young, dynamic, sporty and with a jacket ... not bad! "He said pointing to a double-green with yellow buttons vomiting.

"O'fammi see, dé"

The stranger showed him a booklet worn by time, with yellowed pages.

"Look who arrived today from Tibet!"

The dossier had a title written in ancient and unknown ignoramus goat Sting, was the mystery hidden in those pages, which meant that if that coglionazzo bought by paying eight hundred bags, not knowing the arcane writing was none other than his mother tongue. So it was that he spent sleepless nights before the pages that immediately caught his attention, with a side of her bed on which the trust was still strumming the lute albeit smaller than usual. The discovery of part of Tantric left him absolutely blown away. Because there is always a bit 'so much in all of us! How to read the book written by a wise old Tibetan lama, but a wise man and wise ... but a real knife!

The following years passed between the study of tantra and exercises to the lute until he became proficient in both ancestral arts. So it was decided that one day to undertake a journey of initiation along the length and breadth of the great kingdom. Moved using the resources of even the most unlikely to find the inspiration to compose his songs, he was tired of singing covers of old composers. Stinghi But he also had a certain charm on young maidens whom he met on his journey, the erudite and illuminating the hidden secrets of the ancient Tibetan art. But all this reckless life style of sex, drugs and rock en'roll not soddisfala wanted to express his vocal abilities, but he could not, was at this time that he met the woman of his life for which he composed the song of the century the "Come again". A hymn to his philosophy of life tantric, which then led him to assume strange positions on the covers of his CDs and photos to give to his many fans and followers. All this has a downside: his wife at the end, after years and years of "Come again", that had grown tired of his obsession with tantric sex lasting six hours. Weeks that were not tidied the house, and by the way looked like a pigsty! When the wife left the bathroom with the shower towel tied at the waist, while a supernatural light lit up behind her, put her fists on her hips and shouted his battle cry, his wife between the sheets, was invaded by a sense of dread and boredom together.

"Coooome agaaaaiiiinnnn!" Shouted Sting and his wife responded to his call, saying

"Oh, look ... Stinghi. ... That is ... no .... Bastaaaaaaaaaaaa

!!!!!" So Stinghi was kicked out home, and now is teaching the "come again" turtle doves that come to chirp at five in the morning before the windows of my room, just to impress his wife in the hope of being allowed back into the house.


conclude by saying that Tantra BE WITH YOU!


PS I passed the test of Geodynamics with 24 ... thank goodness! In the last 24 hours


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