Saturday, November 24, 2007

Labled Drawing Of Shark

Elisa, something that is not

There are many people who judge songs by Elisa childish, banal post-adolescent outbursts for little girls a little bit sad and definitely frustrated. Trade.
Ok, it's not Aretha Franklin, or Bruce Springsteen. No Beatles, or U2.
But I sincerely believe in the spontaneity and genuineness.
I believe that everything that goes with his songs is sincere, and profound. A little child, yes, because the public would get far more pushing his songs and his lyrics on subjects a little more ... alluring? Popular?
But now every song (except really up to 3 or 4) is affixed to and subtitled by some time in my life, so I can not do otherwise than accept the messages that launches singing.
All this to say : There should be many more videos by post, before that, and after, but this song actually has a very special meaning for me.
( energianostalgiaunsaccounsaccodicosedano nammettere )
So video posted. ;


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