Monday, February 26, 2007

Monster Energy In Thong

drama in the house of Spider Woman

a serious drama that has engulfed the house of the Spider Woman, Spider Dall'Omo furnished of course, not from America Omo as some people might have suggested ... because otherwise I would have filled with stars ... and umbrellas?! * the "I've been waiting coconut" pose * A certainty, in fact everything on the basis of which firm belief of the Spider Woman, collapsed like a house of cards in front of the cruel and harsh reality: I could not FIND THE MOST PRECIOUS fishnet stockings ?!?!?!?!?!?!
all started just yesterday night around 23 when, before taking the walking corpse in my bed for the usual night's sleep, I had a look the image of the Spider Woman, to mentally review the situation with regard to the suit cosplay (mi'nonna if you decide to cut and sew that part centimeter of cloth also known as ...\u0026lt;_\u0026lt;) skirt and accessories. When an idea, an ominous sign, a tangible sign dell'hitsusen always lurking around the corner barluginò in my mind between the incipient fumes of sleep, I must return to the fishnet stockings that I used for the cosplay Lucca. Then I head to my room, with the certainty that I had painted on his face found in the drawer of underwear ... and ... nothing but fishnet stockings. I try not losing hope in the number 2 spot in the door ... near the wall, there I want the socks that I use more ... and there is nothing. Panico. Crisis. Collapse of certainties.
Just to do something in that moment of despair, I go to my amdre, who was asleep in her room and say
moi meme: "But ', you know where are the mica fishnet stockings that I put to cosplay Lucca?
mother (turning between the sheets): "But I know '... I do not know if you are now ... ... and then half past eleven ..."
moi meme: "But I need to Milan?! I do not know where I hunted everywhere ... I checked ... "
mother:" Therefore, the question in your room is a mess as usual! The try tomorrow, go! "

morning morning, still in pajamas and with sticky eyes begin to look where the hell have put 'ste blessed socks. After an hour I was looking for home, I realized it has lost her. astonished gaze . Be by Doris Day in "That Touch of Mink." Shout:
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with lots of hands attached to the face style Munch.
How could I make the Spider Woman, the most "driver" of Holic (ssieme to Yuuko), without supreme power that characterizes it, ie: her fishnet stockings! deadly weapon for every male, except in the case that this is called Watanuki ... then we talk of a Yagami inside and outside. XD then I sling inmerceria hoping to find a new pair, but on Monday morning ... haberdashery are closed! I remedied in the afternoon when I finally managed to get hold of a pair of fishnet stockings. * *
emotion Now I'm ready to put myself in the COCONUT .... HELLO ... I was waiting for! Watanuki * looks around not understanding a pipe and making jokes about the furnishings of the home. The Spider Woman snorts and crosses her legs ... that's really a Yagami it does not react ?!... raises his eyes to conceal disconsolate .*

Lily W.

outing PS I do: I got it "Three Steps Over Heaven" ... I did not because I like Scamarcio, is that clear?! But after reading "thing called love", I like the style of Moccia.


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