Friday, August 22, 2008

Kate From Kates Playground

word too that I would definitely do well to keep for me

Where was I?

Yeah, where I was.

I was in a dark and small, and empty. A well of silence where a mushy word echoes and become one thousand up to shake his head. And where you can feel even whole days trying to earn a cm upward toward the light, and little nails that bleed air into the lungs, just a minute to slide back down, further down than before.

long as you do not think that deep down you like (it's dark and warm and Your , and you know him so well, and of course there are already been before, why sweat just to get out of it?).
And until you get to thinking you like slip, then you can start to climb, and slip again.

All things you might not know very well that I might avoid even thinking.

(Too dramatic? Definitely. Be practical. Be practical and do not overdo it. It does not take itself too seriously. These are the things that really work in life.)

And I do not know if the end it was just a dream, or if, indeed, I am always there inside, to scratch away the skin from his hands and asking why.
Maybe I just learned to use two mirrors to let in light.

January was a mirror that I had simply forgotten to have.
Sorry sorry sorry.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lupus Anticoagulant Normal Value

Eye of the tiger

"Risin 'up, back
on the street Did my time,
Took my chances Went the distance now I'm back on my feet
Just a Man and His will to survive "

(Eye of the tiger-from the movie "Roky II)

As I said in previous posts I had started a" trip ", indeed ... perhaps I should say" the "travel . A path more or less difficult to learn about themselves, even if that knowledge never comes through. This also applies to people who have next in life, even after many years of knowledge you can get to say you know exactly what they are.

Six months ago, partly as a result of unfortunate events that have happened to me, after crying all the tears of this world and beyond, after having bottomed out in pain, after the world seemed to have no more sense to me, I knew it was time for a change. Change to my survival, because I wake up every day and did not know who was the person that I looked in the mirror in the morning, and the life I was very close. I had to figure out what was happening to me, and above all take a different path from those around me was due to the fact that most of the time when we went out together I felt like a fish out of water. To do this I chose to get away from you, not because I was angry with someone or I had done some wrong, I just hope you have not thought about it, because that road had to go alone to get to the end and be a person new. I know, I was wrong to disappear without any explanation whatsoever, but to go forward in what I set for myself to heal from my problem was just leaving the "old Elena," which began to andarmi not more, and its old habits which then began to not tell me anything. Now the manga and comics in general had done their time, take it was more a habit than anything else, because today I have several volumes that I have not read. Why the passion in me had been over for quite a while and do not want to admit it, because it was the only subject that could keep us in some way, together. Probably why I retired, as the "glue" was gone, and most probably my new habits interested in a few entirely outside from seeing comics.

First, I literally jumped on the books, forking tests on examinations, we are to offer three in less than a week, coming to give a nice trimmed the list of those who had to give, and come in six months to to be an excellent point, there are only fourteen to the thesis. It is also to do this that I am made to feel, I wanted to do the impossible and I did. As the motto of "Nike" Impossible is Nothing!

And so I do a lot of pats on the back is missing me just finish them!

was at that time of great change that, after ignoring it for years, saying that I was not able to do this and that "social" would be a very strange thing, I took my courage in both hands and went to try the course held in the boxing gym I frequent ... I tried for four years, initially feeling a little ridiculous but the coach is that the comrades with whom I connected immediately I have always encouraged and prodded. Perhaps too, because now I am three months that the practical and I did my first "encounter" with my training partner who does boxing for two years and I personally admire very much for the fighting style ^ ^ I, Having remedied by a straight left in the mouth ... with lots of cut below the lip (I looked like the Parietti ), because until I remove the device I can not wear a mouthguard ... but despite initial uncertainties, the Finally I gave in my little beginner's an awkward one. So much so that at the end I held the meeting of compliments, and I was proud of what he said, because in life have always been a good packer and again I was sent to the rug, but I have always raised, more or less quickly. I am reminded of a phrase that I read several months ago in an interview by the daughter of boxer Primo Carnera, and he argued that the true fighter, despite the life he put on the canvas, always gets up again. There were also these words that made me think of starting this sport, just as I said earlier.

It is also thanks to boxing and the beautiful people, boys and girls, whom I met, without the laughter, the crap shoot in training, along with the barrel that we give ourselves, the "sporting life tips" that Gabriel (the coach) gives us that each of us grows a little each day '.

I left I was a lover of the drawing, and now return as a fighter ... (fairly strong, because I do train with the boys ... I sometimes the "pleasure" of lead busy, busy ...) because, as we Bilbo teaches, we must go then to go home, and I the way back I just embarked.