Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Modern Ceremony Program Wording

back nights before exams

place only because could be the last time I do, because after tomorrow I have a script analysis ... I just hope that the prof does not face much the bastard?! (And laughter rose ... it was cold ... damn him!? È_é) For at least two weeks, I'm steering a middle course on this question and also on the dissertation for geodianmica - fortunately I've already thrown down (... no, no that the demented professor, who really has the age of Cold Astairs, even if they deserve it all avendoci abandoned in search of miscellaneous arguments for our choice!) - the pattern to search for ... six paragraphs of demonstrating that the phenomenon is so dear to Mr. Professor: subduction. ° ° He puts it at the root of everything ... even his life, has made it a cult, I think ... it hurts a tooth? Simple ... this is subducts your gum! You have the corns on the feet? It is the call that you are subducts nail. It's raining outside? Clouds, subducts produce rain! Well ... I do not know how many pages are as they are midway through the second paragraph, but it will be the subduction of the house ... my ultimate goal is also to deny the evidence of experiments against this process so dear to that crazy?!
Oh, yeah ... maybe none of you know what the hell is' blessed is subduction, which now makes me sleepless nights ... such as a geological process (Bell, this ... otherwise I letters? XD) for the which, by the collision of two plates of the other one goes down (For short).
Luckily there are always preparing for the next cosplay me up. çH
buy fabrics and skirt cut to half if cabbage is good OO ...?! It is expected that deaths and injuries in Milan on March 25? XD ... The skirt is quite short and low-cut dress ...
However I'd love to do the famous scene and I thought Kinnaras train .. ". ... I've been waiting Hello coconut?! Do you like how I decorated? ... etc ... etc ..." I think I throw myself away from there and not laugh ... at least tomorrow after the exam.
OO Oh my God, we might as well laugh, if I'm noticing that this stuff has in fact as he did the last two intermediate tests that do not ... I passed only one and a half. çH
And if this is not bad luck?!

Your demorilzzata and depressed

Lily Westwood


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