Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tibicos Mushroom Benefits

I met a nice woman.
During my nephew's artistic gymnastics is a girl, Francesca. It 's the first day of trial.
's mother, frustrated face teacher teaches that while he thinks that it is raining and left to hang the clothes, says: " wonder if you'll like it. She wanted to go to football school. But it was not possible. "
You mean it is inconceivable that in his mind, is not covered, the idea that a girl (or her) to be a football school. Yes, yes, I mean exactly that.
So I sign his name, and in fifteen years when I meet 'is Coming Out I'll tell the girl that her mother is a bitch that a child did not do the sport he wanted.

But some nice people already know them.
In the office, while talking to each other, sometimes they say a bad word ... type fucking shop .. ". Then I look and do " oh, sorry .
I smile and say "You comfortable with."
Excuse me? But that old excuse? Do you want to protect my ears because you think of your most sensitive? Want to pretend to be polite? I do not change anything if you are a troglodyte or a gentleman. The conversation focuses on the subject
gender sensitive and my ears hear these words: "because Our women are the slaves. You must be there to clean up cooking for us. The woman can not choose. "
of this not to apologize, microcephalus what else are you not?
And after two minutes ask me, " how to bring the two points ?." With great self-control answer ( You do not want to know too? ) and he goes "oh what a good mom .. .. this is to be married .. "
No, I do not work in a cave. And these are entrepreneurs.