Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sample Invitation Letter On Death Anniversary


Welcome to Gardens of Flora!
Today, the day of revelation!
Yes, today I turned ... I told the forum on alfemminile.com the scents that I write here on livejournal.com!
Basically it is precisely in this forum that I got my baptism by forumina (obviously with cologne ...)!
That scoundrel who are ... and if I find my students?
Basically I do not do anything wrong ... I write and this is beautiful. I also suggested to Mark to write here ... it is exercised for the next theme ... or not? Better write it here
a decent Italian (I hope at least sufficient) to write text messages in phone that you can not even read ... tvb ... tvmb ... etc.. etc..
Salutation: flinndudu, bluecan, pomander, gretel221, quintessenza2006, nicovonpozzar, Marzelline ... and many others.
Why do not you also ... is easy (If we are successful I are of the past millennium ...)
Or write me. Have we heard our voices or our words better.
Will is power!
Let us hear from maybe someone will listen!
scented Hello friends ... to the next.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Butterfly Cook Top Cost


Welcome to the Gardens of Flora!
Yesterday I ventured into a new perfume next to Esselunga Corridoni Via Bergamo city. I poked around here and there in the bright and tidy shelves.
And so ... toh who's here? Jicky by Guerlain ... Jicky? ... but it was discontinued? Usti Usti what a nice surprise ... then the dreams are being realized? If only there were also My Femme ... tattarattattà! Tel whom the Femme by Rochas ... beautiful as the sun ... expensive as the trilogy! Just the trilogy is forever, The Femme no!
The Bad ... per 100 ml of eau de toilette about 80 Euro ... but if they sell it on the Internet at up to € 20! Okay ... Put more than 15 € for shipping costs. Total € 35 on the nail. With 80 € you have to buy two if you buy together and save on shipping costs too! With 200 ml of Femme us field a hundred years! We do mica the bathroom ... It's not cologne that we do ... splash! I
Femme, Femme because the sip is a lingering scent of nature ... a drug, good, lawful and legal ... and it does not hurt! What a silly rhyme! Sorry but I missed unintentionally. Back to
Jicky by Guerlain. But you realize when it was launched this fragrance?
I was not born, but even my mother. It was far away ... the far ... I do not remember, help? Ah now I remember ... UEH! young, mind you I was not born yet ... However, it was in 1917 ... no no here it was early as 1889 ... so old? Here he is still here! Packaging slightly different ... I hope the precious contents of the original ... but the price? It will be the euro, will Guerlain, the store will be spending a lot of rent ... but that hit almost 90 Euro per 100 ml. Then I ask the kind committed explanations (very nice, helpful and even competent) and she opened the cardboard box e. .. O my God, a gold bottle, finely inlaid, a true jewel perfume. I ask for more. Miss me shows that the object can be refilled with a refill and that many "sciuri" furred you can buy just the refill. In fact, if you have a gift ... ok. But if you use it .. that is important is the content not the container, or not?
changed the subject. I have already updated the discovery of my friend Flora. Well. We promise not to lose more sight. Multimedia era no longer be tolerated!
Who knows how many times have you had the desire to be affected by an old friend, an old girlfriend ... an old professor ... okay, maybe that's not you ever, but it could always happen! Here
so if you come up with the desire to renew ties dissolved, fine. Go to Google, put name of the "victim", who may not have any desire to hearing from you ... and voila. Make contact. If then, always the victim, you respond in kind ... patience ... at least we have tried ...
And then I came home document. Here, take this pope and by one of the many sites devoted to perfume, the list of famous perfumes classified by year of creation. Are given in brackets the illustrious creators.
Here is the list I found:
1889: Jicky by Guerlain (Guerlain Aimé)
1917: Chypre by François Coty (Coty François)
1921: No. 5 by Chanel (Ernest Beaux)
1925: Shalimar by Guerlain (Jacques Guerlain, the grandson of Alas, affectionately known as Jicky)
1927: Arpege by Lanvin (André Fraysse)
929: Soir from Paris by Bourjois (Ernest Beaux)
1930: Joy by Jean Patou (Henri Almeras)
1945: Femme by Rochas (Edmond Roudnitska) I love you dear Edmond because you created my Femme!
1948: L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci (Francis Fabron)
1956: Diorissimo by Christian Dior (Edmond Roudnitska)
1959: Monsieur by Givenchy (undeclared)
1966: Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior (Edmond Roudnitska)
1969, or by Lancôme (Robert Gonnon)
1977: Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent (Jean-Louis Sieuzac)
1978: Azzaro by Azzaro pour hommes the
1978: Magie Noire by Lancôme (PFW)
1979: Anais Anais by Cacharel (Roger Pellegrino)
1983: Paris by Yves Saint-Laurent (Sophia Grosjman)
1984: Coco Chanel (Jacques Polge)
1985: Poison by Christian Dior (Jean Guichard)
1987: Loulou by Cacharel (Jean Guichard)
1990: Trésor by Lancôme (Sophia Grosjman)
1992: Angel from Thierry Mugler (Olvier Cresp and Yves de Chirisa)
1993: Jean-Jean-Paul Gaultier Jean-Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jacques Cavallier)
1995: CK One by Calvin Klein (Firmenich)
1995: Dolce Vita by Christian Dior ( drone Pierre and Maurice Roger)
1995: Le Mâle by Jean-Jean-Paul Gaultier (Francis Kurkdjian)
2001: Del Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel (Jacques Polge)
2001: Nu by Yves Saint-Laurent (Jacques Cavallier)

. .. And then ...?
Beloved, do not guarantee the accuracy because I trusted the site. If you have concerns write them and update the list. A hug

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Watch Online For Free Digital Playground

... Search and find!

But how stupid I was.
And 'Just enter the name into a search engine e. .. I found it! Flora
Hello, how are you is a pleasure to resent ... etc.. etc.. etc..
That's great, I can get back in touch friends and friends I have not heard for a long time just because they had changed address or phone number.
Loneliness has no justification. Just click! And sail around the world.
Warning! In the great sea of the web there are fish dogs ... and flying fish!
bye in the garden of ... Flora

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Judical Punish By Whip


read that passion.
I recently rediscovered an old passion. The topics? Of course, the essences, aromatherapy, perfumes ...
I would point out the following works: "The Story of a nose" by Laura Tonatto, "Essence and Alchemy" by Mandy Aftel, "The emperor of scent" by Chandler Burr, "Perfume" by Mario Rossi.

Who read or just browsed?
Who wants to argue?
who knows the books of Prof. Calisto Craveri?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Orange County Plasma Donation


Here we are, in the beautiful gardens of Flora.

About Flora ... I know a biologist, Dr. Flora Ferrari, with whom I worked in the '80s in Milan, Department of Pharmacology.
I'd like to be affected, but I no longer have any contact ... In the world of Internet ... not possible!
I ask you, who has seen it? Have you heard from him?
Ah ... Flora ... if I had called my daughter ... I would call ... Mary Flora, too good. Flora
But they already know another ... I can not tell you who it is because she has no pleasure ... but when you put it is a show ... a force of nature! I
"contract" for the passion and magic of aromatherapy essences from her. But

changing the subject. Recently I'm reading a book "The Great Mother - The cult of women in history" by Laura Rangoni ed. Xenia.
After starting a bit 'technical and boring on the archaeological discoveries of statues depicting the Goddess, has started an interesting description of the worship of the goddess ... interesting!
I'm pretty sure that if God exists is certainly female, because only a woman pours out the life ... The primordial divinity was certainly Woman ... But who, I ask, who ... at some point has usurped his throne?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tight Panty Girdlehips


Here they are my essential oils derived from citrus ... Bergamot, lemon, tangerine, sweet orange, Marancia BITTER ...

Oh yes, it is true, the essential oil of lemon, for example, is interesting. But if you remember the lemon cake ... If all goes well, the lemon cake, but if it goes wrong ... no ... Last the dishes! Help! And if I check out of the bottle Mr. Clean? I will have something to wear in order not to look bad?
Seriously, can complete all household products are flavored with lemon or masiglia? E 'persecution. And to think that I followed the scent all the way to the Riviera Marseille Provence ... struggling to find products with this delicate fragrance. But then ... puff! The fashion of Marseille, which in a little 'flavor we even toothpaste. I must confess that in the detergent is horrible, I think wash clothes instead of the dishes. Returning
citrus, I noticed that in the pyramids of olfactory scents that I liked as there is always the BERGAMOT top note and base note as VANILLA ... VANILLA attention to girls, you may be mistaken for a mille-feuille pastry to cremma! It should not be exceeded because it is invasive, you just feel fat ... If savor alone makes you want to eat it now! E 'is too closely tied to the bakery as the smell of coconut and tied to the summer vacation in the tropics! There is no tropical tan without the browning COCONUT ...
I'll tell you, the combination of orange and vanilla I like, but it takes a touch of cinnamon! Carnation and a nail?
However it appears that the smells "sweet tooth" is in fashion these days ... there are also those with various chocolates ... French? Novi could not say in an advertisement.
But I, my dear, are conservative and are linked to floral scents, the ones Donna Donna, not women, girls eternal greedy. I love the world of flowers! What a feast for the eyes and the smell! Written on a wall one day read:
... there are three good things that make life worth living: music, flowers and the smiles of children ... nice no? But I could not tell you who is the author. Have you ever heard this little thought? Who can say? Mothers Care

Monday, January 15, 2007

Long Time To Load Conquerors


exhausted, bored but creative

Saturday I played "alchemy" with my daughter. A success! For
game we did the "noses" professionals, is a bit like Mrs. Tonatto which are admirers and a little jealous ...
All activity has taken place with little expense and great fun.

1. we cut the strips of paper towels;
2. Then we wrote in pencil the name of the essence;
3. prepared all the bottles with essential oils in order;
4. deposited small amounts of essential oil on the strip;
5. We sniffed and commented on every single essential oil;
6. we have created simple mixtures with fragrances like;
7. ... and we gave them too names! What a curious noses!


House scented baby happy, relaxed mother ... not cheap these days in which the play station monopolizes the time and not just small ones!

to forget the little liked: Cherry, Vanilla, lemon, bergamot, TUBERS, jasmine, fennel, amber and myrrh.

did not like instead: patchouli, vetiver, cloves, ylang ylang and TIMO

And you know what I said at the end of the game?


Eh! Not bad, not ...

Friday, January 12, 2007

What Are Polips On Dogs


Dear friends of the essences and ... the magic of perfumes

I'd like to deepen with you on the topic missing fragrances, discontinued from the market today, but still present in pallets of collectors, so to speak.
Or perfume still alive, but that it is hard to find until after long and exhausting ambushes in auctions on the Internet. Why so much effort?
Why the smell of a family life is no longer fashionable. Why
some "criminal" who wants to meet ever want to settle and that is that the olfactory promicuità his belief ... and so down to market new ... (New?) Fragrances, of course, always at Christmas ... ale!
Damn, but because every so often to celebrate any happy occasion, with occasional victory Olympics or the World Cup, pyrotechnical few hundred years old, you do not reproduce the discontinued perfumes or fragrances true vintage dream that made more than a generation?
not bad idea, it would be enough to resurrect the patent.
resynthesized essences no longer on the market or banned, so if you notice that!
Risoffiare the glass bottles referring to the original models found in some museum of perfume.
do some promotional marketing ... and voila! The business is served by a single euro of expenses to pay for a "nose" what is turning out the newcomer of the year ... then he won first prize at the Academy of Perfume ... but from? With little expense
gifts of a great joy to the ladies like me, nostalgic scent of the beloved mother, aunt, teacher's dall'acconciatura impeccable. Teacher felt that coming, not from the cleat spiked shoes, but from the persuasive and reassuring scent of Rochas.
So ... a perfume of 1944 ... who remembers the most. Much less one in 1917, stuff from the museum!
But for the younger generation is like that it was "Pacas de nuevo." Nice name by Ted Lapidus to propose because I want my Vu. A fragrance that when my friends asked me what perfume I used I answered candidly: "Vu" Lapidus. They burst out laughing thinking about my conversion to a dark. What Little Rascals ...
But back to the keynote speech.
So come on, ADHD, DDDA! Great Maisons threadbare. From large
Maisons you produce more and more goods Commercial little all the same for women and men increasingly approved! And now
riesibire hidden skeletons in the closets! And skeletons! The Coty, Guerlain ... Vu Ted Lapidus ... Sorry if I insist, but I have not digested his departure from the scene ... and at least tell that it robbed the perfume!
And yet, history of the legendary Houbigant perfume, Caron, Rochas, Patou ...
Enough! We must act, if we ask for will come to us ... or at least I hope.
I, my Femme de Rochas found it in the U.S. ... in the land of the barbarians ... The summit is not in Italy. Maybe there is, you say ... there is will include, but We can not turn all the perfume of the city!
... Now let's go ... it's time to migrate. We follow the track (olfactory) and we do not lose. We
tigers ... not meek lambs.
Thank you for your kind availability.
your winx61