Sunday, June 3, 2007

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sum up

I lost my inspiration.

I do not write more than three months that an accident. The second feature of the saga of Lily is on my desktop PC since February, and I have not touched since. The story that originally had developed suddenly I did not like most, and now I find myself rework the following at least twice a day, telling me that never goes well. Even this post, before writing at least fifteen minutes I was good at the screen thinking about what I write, here is the question ... think. Before writing the things, I find already "packed" at the top, everything, gesture and behavior of this or that character had its own because in the plot, but now I think about what players should do, always finding it unsatisfactory . Most likely I will write the remaining two chapters in the saga of Lily in an original way, in short, what I thought, also some situations where we were to find the characters were too predictable and I am convinced that if a pattern can be expected to not even be written. Otherwise where is the suspense? Or the surprise effect that characterized the first few episodes? If I write something, I want to be original at least!

I rewrote a little something in particular, but have been yes and no at least ten lines, that convinced me the right. Most likely the kind of fan fiction to me getting tired, simply made up the story of Lily trying to put it in a context of already defined by others, it was not easy. I did everything that could be a character plausible and at the same time "live", which would immediately capture the reader's attention to his way of doing in the first place, and also for the reason of his character.

Another reason that can explain my momentary "crisis" creative, I state that I'm not too upset, it makes me fall into depression, etc. ..., I'm just making some observations about it, is the lack of time. The university is always first, because I have broken and I'm trying to finish it so I can at least start working, I have to attend, call notes, studying and possibly even in your spare time try to have a life, or at least something to it closer. The result is that I'm tired that I did not want to put in writing a story and further straining my gray matter. Although the plot in his head has further evolved in the latter period, and at least seven days than the parts. Maybe it's the right time and especially so at least I finish. The bad thing is that now there are also exams ... and time is short ... I prefer to pass the leisure hours in the gym and if possible .**

Tranquille out that sooner or later they end up special, it's just that by dint of reading Clamp'm taking their accursed habit of suspending "production" for a variable period of time ... I just hope ... afree him not to the end of "X"? XD