Thursday, October 25, 2007

Penny Loafers On Woman

E 'on days like this that I would take this as a blank sheet of paper and start writing. Write nonsense, straight off, up stories and sentences without logic ... just to vent.

are still on their way to Mordor, a journey not without some difficulty or sudden moments when everything seems to shrink in around me and I will be sucked into anything.

may not understand anything in these "examples", you should read between the lines, but you do not strain too much to understand, so nowadays it is fashionable to do outing, then: they are four months that I suffer from panic attacks .

What are they? You may wonder, well ... for the detailed and scientific explanation, I refer you to Dr. Neo Wendsday, I might try to bend as may arise. Why are manifested at any time of day and even in the most beautiful, peaceful, serene, fun ... the beautiful thing is that I get when I can do little to stop them, or at least mitigate their effects also costs quite difficult, especially in mental and sometimes physical, especially when I take those with a lot of style Parkinson tremors. I know it's not a pretty sight to see, and this is only one type of attacks that can get me. There are also those for which I must necessarily hide somewhere, because I feel a strong sense of danger (unjustified), even I was a Vietnam veteran, with a lot of ways even more significant. It is from these that the recovery is difficult and sometimes I take medicine only if it considers necessary.

why I decided it was time to change his life, thinking, and the priority of things. I have to learn to put myself in the first place, according to the principle of selfishness healthy staff, trying to make me slide on what others might say about the choices I make. I am succeeding, step by step, without haste, as dictated by the philosophy of the Ents, "Do not hurry." Only then will I get to the end of the road, and finding myself as an adult ready to face what the future in store for me.

The first step is the final decision (mine and mine only) to abandon permanently cosplay competitions, for which, being at least ten years that I do not feel anything anymore. Neither passion nor fun, and when things start to weigh and to be seen more as a duty and not as a diversion, it is good to be abandoned. This is because that is not angry with someone, absolutely! But the time of fangirl / hotaku now is over, no regrets, so I decreased markedly manga titles I read. E 'was great fun, but enough is enough! Already I see that my vision of things is very different from that of the "me" hotaku. Maybe I'm becoming more realistic and practical, I do not know. This, however, does not mean abandoning the hobby of comics. I will continue to come to the fairs, but not in costume, just for the passion for the comic itself. I hope I do not get angry for my choice or, if you do, tell me when we meet, so I can better explain my reasons for doing something as important to confront.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Condolescence In Arabic


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                                                                              © przypadek

New translation! An old, old project, which he has been there, good, good, for some time to warm up, to ferment.
I love it, needless to say it. I love this Ginny, but I do not know how to explain it.
I like it because it is true, has consciousness, has sensitivity, more decides that the fact that ... uh ... you know ... to get out of the way. ^ ^ '
It' s a part of she is not there has never been allowed to see: the insecurity, the thoughtfulness. The sad and poignant description of a girl who becomes an adult who sacrifices his dreams to plug close your eyes tight with your hands and singing, not to see, not hear. But in the end moves his fingers, letting glimpses of the world that has around him, deciding to waive ingenuous light for charging on the weight of knowledge to enter the real world. Let

taaante recensiiiionii!

Today I feel very poetic, you see ... (and, eheh ... I needed an excuse to enter into this picture lj. E 'BELIIIIIIISSIIIIMMIIISSSIIIMMMAAAA !!!!!!)

; ; not look into the dark corners between us.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Buying Gold Bar At Gold Souk

ferrets and lace

Good evening everyone!
Desperately trying to e. .. er ... rather visibly to ignore the fact that (SQUEAAAK! !!!!)
is spent a whole month since my last update, I leave a (nice) little chat, you never know, someone could
; also be tick on his head the idea to take a look ...

First of all: an apology. Yes, I know ... useless, useless. But the fact (Why, yes, there a fact) is: I have the illusion that there is at least one (or one, why not ...) of you who, if they hear is, I know, do you think the wait has been worth that I'm not here to make me mind my own thinking as a last thing to EFP, which is basically true (or seems) I'm sorry.

Sigh ... a few sentences and already raving. I close with a little original I know, I've been there too, the authors do not update that are infamous lazy, heartless and irresponsible ... but it's nice when they do, no ?^____^.
Step behind the barricades, then, and I put my hands on, saying once that I had every intension of updating at the same time with moss, or when the next chapter would come out in English. But on the other side of the world, ALL TACE ! I dare, and then ... and still decide to climb a small step up, further reducing the gap from the original chapters in one chapter only.
Let's hope so.
If the next time will be between another month, you know why. If we play the wild card, and end at the same ... we can only hope that there , do not expect too much, or a month might seem a reasonable period of time soon piiiiiù acceptable.

Done. Finished. Move on.
(Have you already closed the link? Ç________ç)

Alloraaaaa with laughter ... it dawn that this step will twelfth chapter ... a bit sad, some decidedly ironic. Between ferrets and lace, between romantic sighs at the sight of a white wedding dress (but what, what will dolceee?) And the cobwebs of the usual Casaccia moldy. And a past that comes back, always damp and sticky.
The part of Harry is my favorite, trattatemela well (I hope to have it translated beeeeeene ^^'). The last part is
monstrous ... I am curious to read your comments. Muahaha.
All in all, we are coming to a beautiful place, I'm sorry to leave you a glimpse of nearly so, sadistically, and make you wait for the next chapter in anxiety. A bit with the Aquolina in the mouth of what might happen-can ... ummm .. sugar for all? ^_______^

And now, miles of chatter custom ...

Parisienne I do not know how to express the joy and satisfaction that your words have left me with him. Really, I'm not exaggerating. I hope you have clicked on the link to that journal just to read this, I do not really have an idea but I hope the same, and forcefully. You know, there's always something comforting in the reviews and hired an old fan HHR, a regular customer, so I say ... on the safe side, I know I get some reactions, I know what to expect. But with people like you wrote to me saying he was simply curious about the story, not a militant shipper with a knife between his teeth, but rather to have recently discovered the pairing and his style ... I do not know how to say ... it becomes all the more thrilling. Thank you so much, then, and also for trying to comfort (though here the risk of becoming a slacker I, by dint of stretching updates ..). I hope you continue to read-review-enjoy! Ciauuu

Spekled : sob ... some of you celebrate updates as rare commodity ... Snivella blush: shame, shame black .... Thanks compliments!

Harryherm : ghghgh beeeene ... but! We have here a classic illustration of Anxiety Sex Scene Authors Repressed by diabolic ... I'm still laughing ... uh ... liked the chapter 12? Muahahahah ... no no, in fact, that you would expect ... Malfoy? Timing ferret, all in harmony c --- heavy heart! Ihihi poetic ... ... but as they send me there? Send me there? ... Sob, ok, hands up, you're right ... fully MA: kisses kisses and I wait for the next chapter-oh-oh ^________ ^

Partenope, but ciaaao! Zi, zi ... doooolciissima is the scene on the steps, I do not know how he Muschina me to be reminded of certain things ... but what locksmith in Australia? Bath salts do with magic? Mash that you smoke ... ehm ehm ... ok, so I would say that is enough. It was understood.
I am very glad that thou hast brought the sides that are mathematically most liked me too, in this chapter. That is, not for special merits, of course, but it makes me think that we are on the same wavelength, and this makes me happy. ^ ^ Please and thank you for the review. Until next time!

Briseis : vague impression ... even if accepted, in principle, in my heart were printed well before the other chapters, however, and given assumed that, naturally, there are still a bit '! To mention ... I'm curious historical statements of reading your comments to this chapter, then!
^___^ I'm really sorry I made you wait, as he had been waiting all ... I hope I have not lost your attention! ç___ç Kisses and the next.

Viky_FrA , but ciaaaaao dooooonna! Yeah, actually I had wondered where it disappeared at times some people trusted ... but then, I mean before or then, all reappear, even more galvanizing than before ... so, what I complain? I hope you enjoyed the chapter as the previous ones, that, apparently, you have just made me want to kilometers reviews! Ehehehehhe ... I repeat, that I complain? Pop up like an imbecile on the chair to review each line in more than (what strategic common knowledge at this point now boring ssss sa), and always made a living with the same joy, please! You're always something overwhelming, does not embarrass you if I tell you, right? ^___^ I rip three hundred grin and I usually separate them by dint of his head nodding as I read your expressions ecstatic frenzy-shocked-drunk-on-hold section. Since heart attacks here? Ghghgh
... ... we, but then as I have gone various tests? By now you should already be inserted between recruits, the nasty (because always and always enthusiastic) students, which will pass by with their fresh eyes and fresh faces eager to learn-to-follow examination, while you stay there, between waking and the nightmare , between coffee and the other, grunting that yes, indeed, is altogether beyond the classroom, you see, it is written on the door? you read? and no, of course, if you want to buy books library you have to go, because, sorry, if you want 3mele where you go, the fishmonger? Sigh ... have patience, staaaanco period. It is , start is the same for everybody, more or less, and even I was unconscious the image of joy, at least for a good month or so. Happy happy start, then! ^_______^
And ... ps: MACOMENONHAIANCORALETTOL'EPILOGODIVOICELESS ????????? VERGOGNAAAAA! Fiiiila immediately read it, you know!

Sabri89 : mumblemumble ... ... I'm trying to remember if and where I've read your name. Well ... there are two, or is it a dream I had and is the first time I write, or am I making a terrible gaffe, is shown to have the memory of a gnat. However graziegraziegrazie for the beautiful compliment, I hope I have done justice to the original version! (Um ... and sorry for updating tardiiiiissimo) , P

Emma : ciaooooo! Welcome back! You know, it's weird, you 'know' for so long that now do almost for granted that your presence ... but no, I should not at all. In the end, however, it is comforting to think here, posted capitolone, now left to wait for the rec of my trusted reviewers 5-6 ... hence the idea to write a little 'more freely, this lj; on EFP I think from years of having to weigh the commas, because, whatever happens, be sure that half the load that floods the server at the moment when I upgrade, it depends only from my chapter.
thinning, weed! Cuts, summaries, abbreviations and all that hate to do.
But here .... ... All mine Muahaha, TUUUUTTO FOR ME ... I can go wheel to what I want, come on, come here to stick, and bannatemi fustigatemi powerful ... Silvia, Silvia et imperat decide! (And place it in front of the monitor Odiot with fists in the armpits)
Um ... we said? * Blush * ... yeah, thanks for the nice words, you made me laugh with the memories of the scene (there I jump, I dive there ... and I also here the consciousness is a little cough that resembles a er,-pedofiliaaa ah-ah). Dutiful bows, then ... if the prize had to be this chapter, I swear, I swear that the commitment was great ... but unfortunately it came after the dust. ^ ^ '
last little thing ... when I read your reviews' misdirected' I would say recurrence? ... but think about it ... (and proving to be on the verge of hospitalization) ... plus a review! Yuppiii! The numerino salt salt salt salt salt ... (laughter gasping and schizoid)

Wonkina ... WONKYYY! Muauauau ... how long, oh woman! It will be that of a sleep, it f or a two-day, and a month seems a paiozzo of weeks, but here the distance zi Zenti! Oh chetttu you doing? (And reader ... stop now! private! Toscanaccio ungrammatical! Snivella lazy rejects Italian for a few lines, you've been warned!)
Luckily I know 'the acting, I would say, at least I have an excuse to write a little' ... that in the end also read milioooooni words per day , but they blended in effect Mj Testaccio, and in a little bit 'a bona needless to know more about. I swear. That the previous review, the professors thought almost let me write, the I 'name, otherwise it is a' Apivita either. If. All true. I hear you, you know ... oh chettti laughing? So, let's talk about 'Potter, go, otherwise too much personal ef, and then take me to the apple the other half of the world that instead it would seem that respect me.
Here, I melt. Yeah What you have considerable skills of vocabulary, is a life that I know. Whether you are a gentle soul, as well. Whether you are inclined to bask in the misfortune of fantasy, cook slowly and that, deep down, you are unconditionally and irrevocably, desperately Harmony (ghgh) ... I suspect quite a while '. But this me. Put me up against the wall, put down the fingers and sink all the depth you'd find in a simple acting in complexity (especially) there look like, although maybe not there is a bit 'as you do with books Row, come to think that maybe could be read with a completely different spirit, with the lightness that she probably also wanted to raise, the innocence of a childhood world. But we no , stubborn and painful, we want to dig, turn into monsters terrible dreams of lightness of a story, reinvent them and shape them as like us, with the adult form of the darkest feelings, things deeper and harder, and complex, vibrant, and dark and sad (if possible, yes, thanks ).
is a scary thing. A crime against childhood, a kind of perversion in which to bask in order to avoid of adults do, once and for all, please.
I'll tell you a bit ... 'I feel stupid. And a little 'I like to think that pinched cone sleeve and tiger are only four words to make a child laugh. (I mean ... it so sweet and poetic!) But the fact is that when I read elsewhere , infused with a new reality, often leave chills, as in Musca. And how in the comments that they know but people like you, Wonky (and I was going to put your real name ). Last random thought: if you say you do not know if you prefer the Row or Musca. I've thought a long time. They are simply different, two things different. Two sides of same coin, of the same characters, the kind that exist in my head as such, disconnected from their creator, reinvented by many, in fact, the real world . And I think this is a beautiful thing. (And the perversion-of-complex-Peter-Pan ... but: we want to do?)
Until next time, so ... baaaaaci!

Alisa: ... .. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Do not really know how to, how to start this review-of-review. I'm all excited (Silvia, stupid). What did I say? I missed you! But how are you? Where were you? What were you thinking? ( I think?)
See your long reviews I did make a Sigh of relief, you know, sort of like those long breaths Ooh, now that everything is back normal ... I see that your enthusiasm has remained as such, can not wait to know what you think of this chapter (and the next, but I should not dirlooo).
I would not recommend risparire! I ina R shaft! I soaked visco R! I make a killing!
Sorry if I do not find much to say, I have completely submerged with words that do not know how to respond, because, as usual, beautiful emotions that are more or less correspond to mine, and comment out one by one I really feel a monkey stupid to repeat the same phrases. Take care, see you soon! (Scuuuuusa and for the long wait, too, like everyone ... I have to do- But why do not the days of 36 hours? )