Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Feelings generation

In this post I refer to the speech that Harriet did some days ago on her lj, and that is making me think about many things.
This morning as I looked in the mirror and I was brushing my teeth (the bathroom is always "an inspiration" XD) I came to think of novels that sought to illustrate the teens, through stories more or less credible .
is always seen as a kind of "paradise" in which you are allowed to have any behavior, more or less questionable, react access to events of life, take everything lightly as if it were a game and not the perennial real life.

For those I love books I read, I have liked them for what they are: modern fables. Why can not I come to tell that two parents, not persons "any" but those who take to heart the fate of his teenage daughter, remain impassive to her confession that she is engaged to a man of twenty ' years old (which we probably are doing well as "appurtenances" ... and here a normal father would go to the police to report it or at least a nice slap to the child would)! But nooo ... let her do that too! So much love is beautiful, beautiful ... and then ... the love alive and let's leave these subtleties registries. Ok, could someone tell me: "Listen to the sermon comes from the pulpit that" since I found I am the largest of nine years ... but I met him when I was twenty-six more for brains than when I was seventeen and with a clearer picture of life in general. I do not there are girlfriend because I was taken by the euphoria of the moment, but I've got to think long and hard before saying yes, I have not "thrown to the fish" or at least not that much (a jump bit 'is used in such things), I know that the lives of two non- is a walk but if you put a solid foundation may be easier to tackle the climbs that we will face.

But not so today, I have an example with my cousin twenties that the weekend goes to a disco with her friends and he goes (in other places) to have fun with her friends know that others will try (I I know my cousin) and receive a "no, because I am already with a guy." They are engaged but the time they spend together is minimal compared to what you spend with friends and my cousin, it seemed strange to me because I married at my age I should just think of the fun. Ok, I admit it: I never "fun", at least to mean that by 'her or fifteen to twenty-five ... and certainly not for her are "old inside" (because in my teens club of the "losers", even s epersonalmente prefer the term "more mature than others") only because the uncertainty of the relationship, the kind where I wake up tomorrow and I do not want to be with you who cares I leave and find someone else, I seek the strength and the depth that together lead to a lasting relationship but not now, because if I had happened before I would have behaved the same way. We're not together anymore today, one company keeps for one or more stages of life because as I read many books sentimental: the forever exist only in the movies, and reports are currently the most ephemeral of the past. Sorry, but: how sad!

I am happy to be "outside the box" to facciaccia them! What they say so much because it is gnawing at the very end. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Demonstration On How To Masterbate

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Not only did no one comments, I get even Russian porn spam! # t13696
Thanks, I'm very touched. As if he felt the slightest desire to see you while you twisted bipedal horrifying ways.

well, shit ste past festivals? I did not miss the good wishes, not regret having launched this year, Indian curses, but there is always time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Side Effect Of Saint Dalfour Cream


I could denounce GameFreak for plagiarism.
tell that you have inspired me, say that shit, I recognize my eye on that fish.

Italian in addition to ignorance ... there is no end, Who Wants to question was how to be a Millionaire "which of these animals in Christian symbolism is evil?"


.............. ............ but do you think?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ureterovesical Junction Calculus Treatment

Here I am.

with just a few months since I had to scrap this post. but I do not procrastinate, I use my time differently, that is you throw out the waste of paper.

and anyway I'm here for a reason, because people stoned a bit less of you (for those 5 minutes) has not only brought me reports as I asked politely but even brought a small bundle wrapped in various parentame and left the front door with a note "I hate you.."
here, I would say something to these people ....... if the next time I avoided is bullshit you throw in the bin I avoid the waste and humidity though. I environment I want, not let him destroy others besides myself.

but let you go down a ravine you present this adorable turtle waste

here you Huff!

by dell'inannusabile [info] _izu_ that he could have put his hands between his thighs and clap and instead went to look for my cousin stizzatissima, amen, these things happen. then see what happens to you if you try again.

Aho grandfather! no, we do not hear the rest ... not even had their ear to you ... this Asti Grandpa!

part of a person who has not failed and that we will call Guyver lj and I wonder why it still has the right to breathe .. so much to look at the cross is for the same year his grandfather, who are almost 300 But not us in Sparta. ........................................
too we understand each other.

and that's it for today, hailed the parentame before the hunt in landfill retort and kicks you, please go to dry scrape manure from a blackboard with fingernails.

EDIT: but that face which has the idiot I am here?