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Mirror Silver Contact Lenses

Chap. 14's up

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And here I am. Chapter intense and a joy to lead and deliver it to you.
I'm really satisfied, because of the story itself, for that kind of maternal sense of satisfaction in having born, grow, evolve. Translating it but no.
And let me say, with a little 'fear for his fate, seeing that nothing was yet decided, there was always all that it should be written. I do not mean that you have or have had reservations against Musca (God forbid!), But, you know, after all the fun of acting is a direct relationship with readers, who follow you step by step, and therefore have also (more or less consciously) influence the gift of Thee, to drive the plot. I found the early sensational stories often reduced to banal soap-opera after a few chapters, because the reviewers show their appreciation waaay (of course) that aspect of the whole thing.
Instead the plot of January is integrates , guys, be it over, yes, but also precisely to uncorrupted, so compact and consistent with its initial design that makes me proud to have unearthed. Of course I am referring not only to this chapter, but the total view of history: sorry, I was impressed by the ending, I can not be affected in my comments here to the end, even for us here on the side of the translation. You will understand in due time, so to speak. = P
As I said the author, what makes me so proud, and makes me say Brava Silvia, you do not waste time unnecessarily, you're not doing something stupid , is a simple fact, disarmingly stories of Musca would be the same exciting stories even without the character of Harry Potter, not even a . They have value independently of this, in my opinion. It is for this precise reason that I translate. I translate.
This chapter gives proof: the account starts to return, there is a circle that closes, the issues created are repeated and cradled, branded, and their growing sense of intensity echoes.
Today, poetic, be patient.
two things, as usual, a..

: renamed, renamed. You bet, Miss. And quiet. Decide Smity. Ghgh. Nonsense aside, how are you? Hmmm, I groped viuuulente more raids, which the wonderful world of the Internet? Turning to
J.: please please criticism, yes. Get to the point where I do congratulate Musca them to him, you tell me the criticism è_é ... I do not know, inventatevele. Do you think we are all a boatload of blind fanatics fancazzisti His fans (sorry).
Example: Ron.
Yes, I know. Growling, but I can assure you. Back soon. Such as hairdressing. (And I always keep my belly laughter. Look, long live Ron! Make a difference. Except in the books of JK, of course.)
... Then two things struck me in your review. Sally and analysis to Dawson's Creek.
Muahaha ... poor old Dawn-son, the breaker, the fourteen frustrated in the role of a 35 year old blonde. And who forgets it. But here no psychoanalysis, please.
1) No time, no a incendioooo!
2) also no thanks. What if for every cock-P to that he had given a baby food, that there would always be red and swollen like Gabibbo.
3) Mmm. If I remember correctly there was a triangle. And the best friend you idiot in the end she cares. But, but ... well, you think the case you citareee?? Ç___Ç
(Although to be honest I tifavo P. sfegatatamente. Down with the breaker.)
And then ... I really do not know Sally? I wonder where is all this envy. In fact it is not pretty. But it is so natural, is not it? His feeling of not belonging, non-capacity, this anger of wanting to be what keeps you so far from what you love, a love-hate. Like the one for her father. His envy is not disappointed by what they will never be, or to herself: I think this is now in her a feeling passed. It's anxiety to see so many people with a gift, a talent , disperse, mistreated, pretend Up to forget even to hate him .
is the anti-Hermione. As Hermione reject magic, for all that mean for you, for what he did, he did to his mother, his father Harry Ron Fred Tonks but especially his father, there is a struggle in which Sally magical world without magic . It drives her to be herself, to take the awareness of simple good fortune to make a difference, to help out. What then is the meaning of the whole affair here. And yet what they (apparently) everyone will have to learn to do a bit of 'no more magic. Just do not lose hope .
Bello, no? Meeting very me nell'Hermione of January, I also would like to have a Sally, to be held in his coat pocket.
Baaaaaci to preeeeesto!
Sabri89 : hello! Sorry for the delay, I promise that the next chapter does not extend beyond Christmas. I also liked Harry and his stream of consciousness, I think there would not it? And when Hermione makes a cautious, as you say, Sally, are all grinning: It seems a bit 'a cat, all curled up and stopped, but listening to the slightest sign, ready to take down a leg. A little 'a tiger , now that I think. Ghgh. Protective and jealous, and maybe even a little ' irritated by this impudent girl, who seems to like her (sorry, not to her, to herself in the past), which is here and as usual he says things should be done, what's wrong. Among the 'put it in another without anyone asked. Among other things brooding photos of Harry as a mad fanatic.
And what about this chapter? ;)
Baaaaaaci kisses!
Emma : TA-DAAN! Seen, it took a little. You gave me, like, a little push in the back. Very good. Without publicly thank, from all I do not know, virtual standing ovation to all readers, AOLA general ... stuff like that. If you want to we can put a good word.
Allooora, where to begin? From thank you, no doubt. And seriously, now.
As you say, I rummaged em'ingegno grooming as much as possible. Now know that even the walls. You know, are much changed since I was a translator at the beginning.
(Background Music, please.-oh my God, so that I look like a diva with the snobbish, but I want to say the same.)
much safer, bold. Let's say that someone has dared rebuke in the early days, those naive to B & nB, are completed. The original is always the sacred reference to having distort as little as possible, certainly, but also try periphrasis, idioms Inglese less Italian and more, cuts and come in here and there. In short, the first thing is the way, the image, then I can shape the words. Little things, do not worry. Removing gerunds, for example, or all those pronouns stuck everywhere, or a thousand ways to translate "just." ( Oh, how I LOVE the just !)
are things that I never imagined before. I mean, do not push you to the translators (and there are already myself), but it's a fascinating thing. Really. And now the conversion is faster, less traumatic. But the question remains of hits: this is what I say is important.
(Snivella bouncing: Son-of-Fri nanny ava bra-bra-bra-avaaa ava ...).
ghgh. Bad images.
I beg you, never ever let our guard down, especially now! Difficult Time Lies Ahead, Emma. Good chapter and prestoooo, my dear!
Baci kisses.
Magic: CIAAAAAO ... BUT! Seen everything, you know, review and e-mail. You made me die laughing. As usual. And this time also intrigued tantiiissimoo!
(MA-? MA-? The maritime? Gasp. Slumps Me.)
Seriously. Glad to hear that you are there. And you're not all the bad things that I thought I had become ( arrabbiatafuriosadelusaeccecc ...). Overwhelm me with compliments, as always, I feel Sin-ga-lu-ta. Zul zerio. Bows, bows. What can I say? Too good, for sure!
Besides, what would all this talk about your new story, hmm? You have to trust, trust! And then you always improve soon, especially with the computer: cut, paste, and so on. ;)
I have not read anything, as you may imagine (that you have not even seen the reviews from my ff jammed pack with 1000 words in native-shot), but we hope to do so. After all, Christmas is near, right? Ghgh ...
Meanwhile, you do not shoot me again, ok? I'll see what can be done, and maybe I'll try to quickly update, which goes round and round feel flow away from the hands of players such as sand. Do not it make you too have the same effect? Of having to keep up, promote and move, especially move, there are those who else gets tired and forgets about you? Do you think it is a neurosis ? Or are they really all a bit 'as children, from having to keep an eye on?
Well, my dear affectionate found-fan, I hope not. I hope not.
Baaaacissimi, and see you soon!