Friday, November 30, 2007

Do Abortion Clinics Use Donated Blood

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I'm doing a bit of changes in layout. Real jumps and pirouettes risvoltoloni. I wanted to find a more versatile, but I discovered that it is not so easy.
The reality is that I am not convinced by half. This is the least for now obscene, but I can not however replace my beautiful holes in the clouds. I try to leave it for a while ... although I think I will send this rose to hyperglycemic coma soon, knowing me.
But what do you think? (For the series: there nessuuuUUuunooo ????)

Speaking of sugar, I leave you some news on JANUARY , while we are!
If you're wondering about where - spiterina is over ... do not worry, I plan to update soon. Meanwhile there, on the English side, the matter was closed, my dears, the end, right, fine. (And it happened so suddenly that I always have to take back = P)
But, you still have to wait a bit ... which, for the tough, to say there is still tranquiiiilli acceptable a number of chapters ahead. ;)


Sunday, November 25, 2007

How Tie Converse Double


Today I am angry, definitely. Disappointed and angry with the world.
do not know how I can vent if not in this way. It is usually brought on little man, the clinic immigrants. The usual old acquaintance, with folder with five slips of paper sheets stapled and folded, his face sbattutta, the emphasis uncertain but already more secure than those who will not be Italian, no, but it certainly has lived long among Italian doctors and the surgery to make themselves understood faster and more directly than most.
This here is a revised and already seen one of those patients who want to be reassured, listened, touched, even a little made me smile, if you are not in the mood and nine in the evening. And preferably want a recipe, a great sheet full of doodles, medicines given to a trust and a little bit by chance, with the hope that work. O please, please, visit Specialized specialist visit, I need it I need .
It usually works, at least regarding the reassurance.
Only this one, the old knowledge, has pain, pain everywhere. pain everywhere, do not sleep do not sleep, never, never, miss. It gives you the pat on the back, tells you your back, knees, everything. Everywhere, everywhere. You eyes widen almost certain to hit the target, after all we are only a doctor from the broad face and nice and a girl with green eyes and red cheeks from silly little girl, and you can move a young doctor and a young girl. Push them to give something. To understand the situation .
So viaa, prescriviamogli a good total body scan to see if his bones are in place, who knows what could be. And also some nice creamy sauce, since the eczema on her legs, which is making me see, it looks like a skin made of baked fish, and cock, covering all her legs. Books do not seem so sucks. And itching itching, Miss . And believe it, poor man.
The thing that does not say is that the poor man lives in a refugee camp here, and no, no central heating heating nor DeLonghi dehumidifiers. It damp crushes the bones, rather than the cold. And the bones cut short, so, and for so long, they hurt. And it is useless to spread all the creams in the world if you're like a sewer, so a skin .
And so on, what's the problem, let them 'is a total body and talk about it anymore, they will tell you something the hospital. And try again for the tenth, twelfth consecutive year to spread creams, so, not bad make sure. What are we to do?
(And while the surgery has a hole of € 70,000).
This is the Italian health system.

Always one of the best in the world, and I will not think about politics, I do not give a shit. The issue of immigrants is a biggest problem for me, and certainly do not want to define now, especially now . But while the man went away, thanking and saluting as if he had received some kind of promise of Eden, I look at the floor. His shoes leave pieces behind them, all surgery has bedraggled black spongy crumb.
Someone has to clean this crap. Meanwhile, outside

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Labled Drawing Of Shark

Elisa, something that is not

There are many people who judge songs by Elisa childish, banal post-adolescent outbursts for little girls a little bit sad and definitely frustrated. Trade.
Ok, it's not Aretha Franklin, or Bruce Springsteen. No Beatles, or U2.
But I sincerely believe in the spontaneity and genuineness.
I believe that everything that goes with his songs is sincere, and profound. A little child, yes, because the public would get far more pushing his songs and his lyrics on subjects a little more ... alluring? Popular?
But now every song (except really up to 3 or 4) is affixed to and subtitled by some time in my life, so I can not do otherwise than accept the messages that launches singing.
All this to say : There should be many more videos by post, before that, and after, but this song actually has a very special meaning for me.
( energianostalgiaunsaccounsaccodicosedano nammettere )
So video posted. ;

Monday, November 12, 2007

Best Pre Workout Supplement

The Butterfly Theory

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How To Connect Regulator With Fan


Here I am! When all I have now sent to that country, or (worse still), and faded into oblivion lovers once pleasurable activities, but now dry, I returned with the new chapter flanked by the usual thanks.

E 'useless I'm sorry, I know. But I do not feel even give all the blame to my loves, this time. Period tired.
like saying ... when one is so damn property inside is also not necessary that you put in trying to write beautiful words. And expect even to someone like them.

But sooner or later it may be, you know you can read January, then return between you (live!) and, apparently, though with much more to say, this time, after the good feedback he received my little Guinevere. Try
well as your name ... if you're curious to know what made me feel your words about the last chapter of January but also to know the fate of your comments on Guinevere ...

But first of thanks, a few words addressed to all, on the translation.

1) Watermark. I know. Simple word. But it gave me a hard time, believe me. Nothing seemed the right choice. I hope you get the idea, because it is a beautiful picture. (It would be the "watermark of water, "there, just before the ' OddioèDAVVEROquellochepenso stage.)

2) Catnip. Thousand € to those who know what it is. (ghgh, so I did not.) After careful research, I'm happy to tell you that catnip is nothing but the English name delll'erba cat, understanding just like grass cat. hallucinogenic effects and everything else. Nepeta Cathars, if you want me to play the part of educated and skilled translator.
I preferred to leave catnip, However, instead of entering "cat grass" because it seemed nicer, that made more effect-drug or potion, or poison. Otherwise I would have had a lot of readers to laugh about the fact of a certain Cruddens KO'd by some of grass.

Parisienne : hello! I'm all proud when someone writes to me, as you did last time, that the chapter deserves a lot of reviews. It is precisely the thing that sends me more than any in stock jujube, believe me, me and my obsessive psycho-mania of the comparison with the player. What can you do, crazy people are indulged. Thank you tantissimissimo, then, for your kind words and the speed with which you sent your review, and I'm ashamed at this point, my slow cosmic. Can you forgive me?
I hope you enjoyed the chapter =)

Emma : Emmina Emmina! I'm glad you curious about the character of Sally. I warned you, I, who was hiding a bit 'of sorpresette! And in this thirteenth chapter, well, there will reserve other ... About Tonks, yes, the part of his colorful and hysterical outburst was hilarious to be translated, and I must say, we were waiting (sometimes translated Musca becomes very emotionally heavy, you know two jokes in here and there are good for the heart ..). But everything takes on a new color with this chapter, is not it? His character, so dismembered and transformed, dynamic and static at the same time puts a tremendous sadness, knowing what caused so many changes, what sustains the spirit now. In short, it is a bit 'feeling of cold that makes me know how the alone and so desperate and haunted and vulnerable and unnecessary, and aged, nervous and exhausted, faded and tortured and locked up in Tonks and totally different from the book that affects me so much.
Then, you think of the famous "I love you" tossed. And yes, it is a big scene. Appointed as one of the famous scenes you wanted to invent you. I could not wait to hear your comments. For me it is the most perfect statement. So, naked and emaciated from unnecessary frasone absolutely childish and silly sounding and decorated with bows and hyperbolic speeches from novelettes. I do turn up their nose. Here, however, the soaring emotional effect surprise there are (we are also always in a "book"!) but natural and adults.
The last thing honored! Honoured! Honor! But never mind! I'm just one of you, fans of the beautiful things, fans of Musca. With a little 'over decision-making about its work. Eheheheh ... (evil laughter). Baciiiiii!

Alisa . There you are! I miss you a lot, you know? But where have you gone? And you're right? Be alive more often if you can! About January, six-sigh-d'accordo sooob-with-ME! Yayyy! Music, music to my ears. At least I know that one of you not curse me every time he opens EFP. (Not because you think so vulgar and bad, anyway. But because I would do it-and I did other times. Colorfully. Only for this.) But you give me a childish joy (eerily similar alibi) that allows me to relieve a pile of guilt, and that, to me, is important. Health, you know.
On Sally: muahahahahahahHAHAHAHAH!! You made me die, I swear! Sally hanged! The rope ... ... MUAHAHAH the desk! I was just going to throw up on the PC. (But what an ugly picture). But now you could also say that, in fact, I suspect that is also a bit 'my fault for, say, your little mistake. (Muahaha)
With all my power as translator, always run the risk of "creating" of junk tangled sentences instead of civilians, which may suggest anything from the original meaning or at least my mental image of the scene. In fact, lately I often think things like "Sylvia, but if you read it 'phrase is the case, point blank, without knowing anything ... what would understand?". And there the tragedies. ("E 'written with his feet, now change two things in here and there" becomes a frightening ease "But we do not know anything, or that duuura seeeei!").
Regarding Harry, I'm curious to hear what you say after this chapter. It illustrates what I wrote in the old section. And I must say that takes folds ... uhmm ... interesting, yes. (Arrossita.). As for "I love you." Thrown there, I send you back to what I already wrote to Emma, because I had come out pretty well so ... ghgh.
About Snape ... I know. A little 'was sorry to me, you know. After this seventh chatted book is a bit 'became my new favorite character. Arguably the most successful. The most fascinating. And even the Harmony, the definition that I give the word, its meaning. A bit 'the legacy of JK, I like to think, the hint of a life that symbolizes all the values that I love. (Of course, time-Eater-ruthless-with-hair-grease separately.)
I'll tell you ... there is high probability that my translations are future oriented in that direction. With couples gently AU. We'll see ... For now
a mega-kiss-schioccoso, for all the good things I do (and do Musca) and the desire that always takes me after reading your reviews of scriverescriverescrivere and publish immediately. =)

Wonky : renamed. (Gfgf) Fiuuuu ... woman, I have fingers to spare. Do not be offended if your review-of-long review will be less than what you deserve, true? (More killers' eyes.)
Blush, blush as well (obviously Livorno you can, of course.) As always, I like, you know, the way you psychoanalyze philosophizing on things, these things. And I love how I can understand what you write on the fly (Okay ... laugh! Not in the sense that they are tough! Why are concepts made so very clear!)
I do a little 'to Wendy, this whole cabin of dreams so similar to mania, and also carry you a little 'back in time, perhaps, and certainly in the imagination, despite the many commitments that you .=)
I hope that our long-time friends will be well liked in this chapter, which to me is amazing. Siiiii, soooooo it: despite .... .. Ahem ahem. Who knows what faces you have done. Who knows how laughed (and you think Smity, poor Smity, to translate the Cossack. I wrote to 300km / h. I was wrong more words there, in three rows, which in all Voiceless). But we are adults or not? What do you say? We wanted, and it's well written. So, my dear RonRonilmeglioèRon, caught v esto. Tie.
However, your analysis of Hermione is very deep and touching. And it is true that Musca longer sees things through the lens of Hermione than others. Let me return to what I wrote Partenope, both. With the words (I do not know exactly why I've wanted to thank you, but it is a strong instinct for this kind of good reviews.) =)
leave with a kiss, hoping that the thirteenth chapter you like and you're not bored soon, since the fourteenth is definitely a bomb.
be there? Baaaaaci.

Partenope : hello! Of your words (which are ultimately much more effective than a summary of my ranting about the exact same scene), I was struck by one thing. Hermione, who Musca "justice well, almost more than Rowling." You know, not that I go to read all especially all the articles that come on JK, or on the book (especially now), so I do not know if she ever said the same, but I always had the feeling that if c ' is something autobiographical in the book, as it is practically impossible to happen in a book, you should look for most in the character Hermione. In short, I think Jo has a particular affection for her, a sort of care and describes it as to make it better and push it to the tips of his chances of character (irony-intelligence-wisdom-fastidiousness) being always careful not to make it unpleasant. Or boring. As if the character, let alone to act autonomously, it could do, and managed to overcome that line. A little 'how do you relate to others in every day, for example, when we decide to say or not say a sentence, or do not make a gesture. I do not know if it makes sense what I say (or is it too much), but it gives me the impression of a far more rational (for example, of what I feel behind Harry), almost a work of cognitive-behavioral therapy on its own in key Hermionesca, something unconscious and immortalized in the character played down. A revenge on the world, of course. Who knows ... maybe
Rowling as a child was the classic secchioncella targeted by the class. Ghgh ..
Kisses and thanks a lot. At prossimaaaa!

Sabri89 here. I knew it. Figuretta. Ohiohi (poor me). But you do not impress you, okay? Continue recensirerecensirerecensire. A bacioneeeeee!

And, to hear what I have to say about Guinevere : ...
I wanted to thank
new purchases, as Emily Doe, Lockheed , Sara , Lalla91 (gasp! I am not the author!) And Elly . To be honest I do not know if you ever read these words, however it is always nice to get new reviewers, and beautiful words, and congratulations. Thanks.
As I do not know if Mr. Genius ( And _ Ward ) never clicks on this link (on him but I have already speranzucola some more.) If you ever happen: bows, bows.
not me 'expected.
I jumped on the chair and everything else. I continue to receive your compliments as I would those of a professor, or an authority, an essay (or perhaps an old pervert ). And I have also softened, with that I like things small and fragile , without going into detail.
One more thing ... for graziegraziegrazie Slaughterhouse Rules DISPERAAATAAA !!!!!! I WAS ... But I read that a small , and I'm 10 years old.
soon? ;)
Good Desdeus found myself, lost in the abyss that famous saying in the beginning, thanks to sabri89 and the usual kissing my lord, the legendary trio, the inevitable: Emma , Alisa and Wonky .
Lord, I'm so happy you got a good translation. It was a story that I really wanted. A sort of second place in the standings in the heart of the one-shot, after Four Points, of course. I say small and perfect, I say a little gem. And if I were to choose my favorite phrase of your reviews, I would say that some such of Wonky (I'm not fragile ... not just love, is a question of living together, sharing, thinking, feeling something .... All.) I did a bizarre effect, a mixture of sadness, anger guess that the source of my excitement goes beyond the simple words I read. It comes from things deeper, and resonates with a story like this, but perhaps for pure subjective effect. It's something personal.