Sunday, January 13, 2008

Virtual Plastic Surgery Lizenzschl├╝ssel

THERE ARE MORE 'THAN EVER (Puffin at the stake)

Sorry, I saw all the comments between a finger and the other to shame, and I want to know that there are.
Periodaccio tremendous, but there are, I'll be there.
January will have an end, AT ALL COSTS.
Do not doubt this, than of my free time (ie: the desire to invent, even if not there) and my will (that is: want to turn the brain massacred by the rest of the other things ).
Oh ... and while we are ... uh .... Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Epiphany to all. Sob. I know, I'm really degenerate, but I did not own.
A group kiss.

especially today I want to translate, having glimpsed in a few words here and there of the Deathly Hallows.
ARE IMBELVITA , all let this be known. Mad like never before with the Puffin. They are THIEVES
, PERBEN of crappy, the lazy profiteers and killer of ALL THE BEAUTY THAT WE CAN 'BE IN A BOOK. After reading the English version of the 7th book, I think not to buy the Italian, but then I gave in to give a sense of completeness to my collection of books (six in Italian and really the last was missing ... I was a weird effect).
I peeled a bit, in search of my favorite phrases, the highlights.
I closed the book that I want it back yelling MONEY. And we really believe. That they were unable
to publish a reliable translation was known, I expected I like the whole Italy. But this is really too much.

one sentence, as an example: last understood, The Flaw in the Plan, that meravogliosoliberatorio irreverent "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" Shouted Mrs. Weasley a transformed as never before, beside himself, his heart in his hand and all the anger toward this guerrra that kills children, is a serious fucking .
A wonderful time, exhilarating.
Rowling that launched a string that holds tightly in hand, safe from like 10 years. A rope burns . WORD of the rope (which I think we all know) in the book by children for excellence, the book on which all eyes are focused and reflectors of the world, literary and not (unfortunately). They would simply MASSACRED if he did years ago. But now, at this point, in that ' exact point of the book, it was just ... PERFECT.


I LUCCICONI eyes, and NOT ONLY laughter.

And Salani Salani dear .... do I place there ?????

A sweet ...... BITCH.


Cagnaaaaa ??????


and we waited a good 6 months for this ?????

I repeat: I want my money back.

Please let me your opinion, are too imbelvita, I need solidarity '.
And if you do not know what they mean by the British with "bitch", I highly recommend it, look in the dictionary, but with attention . You may stop the growth, transform into delinquents, make hair stand on end and check on her elbows and even pimples even on your ass.
Oh, and sorry for my bad words so much, you are in Tuscany, where it takes it takes. And I'm on hold.

Kisses, Snivella.