Thursday, July 2, 2009

Comment Emuler Un Dongle Rainbow


DDL Safety.
I do not know if I understand it, but I think the news are not so exciting. But since there are always a little 'foggy on the news, on the one side, you never know what is real and what is not. What is dangerous and what is not.

I have heard mainly this:
You can organize the patrols.
Immigration becomes a crime.

I misunderstood? I understand that even the Vatican says, "just criminalize foreigners." And I can not say if the thinking of the fact that Ratzinger is not Italian.

And then I realized that to 'I point it behooves us to organize us pretty pissed off a round and then, if we can circumvent the gorilla, to say that we have confused Berlusconi for an immigrant rapist. Dunno, something like that. He is not the problem? Okay, but would still good for the soul, I get this feeling.

"A law made for the serenity of the citizens, I have strongly supported". We had no doubts about your passion, Silvio.

They also tightened sanctions against graffiti. Now that's a step necessary. And disturbing. Clean walls, is what it takes. Azz.
and returns to be criminal for the crime of insulting a public official. not allow us to know '!



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