Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What To Write Ina Wedding Guest Book

But what we learn from the madness ... Nice people

I am mad, mad, mad with love for you
; ; I groan of tenderness because I'm crazy
; crazy because I lost
This morning, the morning was so hot that dictated to me this confusion
; But I was sick with torment, I was sick of your perdition

\u0026lt;\u0026lt; Because everyone likes to make the prisoner's love ... but it is limited. The great generosity of love is letting go of the beloved. The abandonment must be taken, but it must be continually ill-digested, pondered .. "Yeah but that guy left me for a lifetime .. I do not know, Manganelli planted me .. Oh, God rest his soul. It 'was very important, but from the construction point of view. But he loved the Alda Merini .. as the Father has loved Turoldo, were inspired these men, the important thing is that the woman give the texture of his soul, because we are able to make love all, you know '? "The main thing is that abbian left a trail .. abbian they filed this suit after the word becomes language. That language is not only the Devil would not recognize ALDA ALDA Merini language, was the construction of many metaphors, allusions ..>>


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