Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Invitation For Death Anvesary


were days that a number of Latin America was trying to contact me. A couple of weeks ago, returned from work, my father told me that someone had called to ask about my exams, leaving a callback number. That way, I thought the Cepu - " oh, if you do not do their business! Always remember is damn thesis. And I ignored it. The number
convict tried again and, finally, my mother told me to call was the local health services, where months ago I had a Pap test, the Convention for the prevention of cervical cancer. I call them and tell me that There is something wrong and you have to do a more thorough examination.

So I reflected on health, which I do not hardly ever.
came to my mind the people I know who have a very different relationship with their exams and they are living with anxiety, fear, and I can understand a little, I can not immerse myself completely.
I belong to the anti-class doctors.
Those who do not take drugs almost never.
What was not familiar with the face of your physician.
Those who "feel bad not having a fever and cold."
Those that "if we get sick think ".

Then I thought: what if I say that I have to die?
What would I do if I say that I have little time left to live?
Well, I do not think I'd do anything much different, or that I'm so sorry.
What would I do if I knew that I have little time to live and graduates (without Cepu). Maybe for once I'd blonde. And write lots of letters.
For the rest, I would continue to do everything I do, the same way.
Why fortunately life is already that there may be at any moment .
The main thing I know: I loved, cried, made love.

But ... I'd hate not knowing what will be my great Sipi.


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