Thursday, July 2, 2009

Films Incesto Italiani


I just saw the film by Marco Bellocchio, with Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Filippo Timi.
was the last night when the film was being screened, only one show at 22.00, more proletarian cinema in the city (fascist), with the risk that I would be the only and therefore would not projected. As I walked I also thought "oh well, if not the project does not do anything, once in a while 'to abbiocco I already have .."
But here I am, that I have no desire to go to sleep. I want to talk, talk, talk.
I'm not going to criticize from where there are no great expert.
I'm just thinking that I was tangled his stomach several times while watching the film, and I came really nervous at the thought of how they are going to finish things, the simple consideration of the "human case," the thought tears of those detained, and even those paid. I think Ida Dalser and cruelty in its history.
I think I am against the death penalty, but then they showed the pictures of Benito, with his absurd face, with those expressions which an imitator can not really make it a better caricature .. and you would not have wanted to kill him. Then you think 'ah well have already done'. Head down. And oh well, that's something.
But still .. here I can think of lots of other considerations, you might connect with each other ...
But I want to stop here, just the story of Ida. And his son.


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