Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Average Breast Size Country

Cin Cin - Third Stake

Analysis results

squamous-columnar junction visible ectocervical course I have the scales, are a mermaid.
white vinegar thin flat epithelium I really do not ever put the vinegar in the salad
Mosaic regular In fact, I like to keep the tiles in order
ASCUS on cytology How? No, I do not join a union!
Closing colposcopic Findings insignificant This girl could do more
cytology report: smear satisfactory A force to take the step of the soldier
abnormal epithelial cells of undetermined significance ASCUS But ASCUS is a Neapolitan singer?
macroscopic findings: two fragments of grayish-4 mm3. must have been when I was playing with lego.
All Inclusive isolated. That is, can I pay in installments?
Immunohistochemical p16 protein kit CINtec p 16INK4a. You could not make a simple sudoku?

So, everything okay? They are not serious, the second alarm livello. Riproviamo fra un anno.


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