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After generating concern in that category of people who know the face of your doctor family, I offer the following seems the least of my medical story.

So yesterday morning I again went to the ASL to perform the so-called colposcopy. There were already a dozen ladies and ladies in waiting, all talking about the husband or the child who had left it somewhere.

Some were directly instead scassamaroni with the baby in tow. Just a great place to hear a whimpering creature. Must have me read my mind the lady who - with a smile - makes him "Do not go to kindergarten, you?".

Given the number of participants, I thought of having to spend half the morning there, but look a bit ', call me first of all .. and 'is what I have to say I have a little 'suspicious.
When he greets me by the doctor with the accent .... mountaineer. Is to file instead of an homonymous born in 1980 but the block of time and then wait half an hour that the lady is able to change the date of birth and to avoid the misunderstanding!
colposcopy is then put this ..

Colposcopy that has nothing to do with the shots and with the scope. Simply "kolpos" in greek means vagina and "Skopea" observation. Vaginascopia mica could not call, it seemed bad. Where they would put the emphasis?
No, no .. goes "colposcopy" .. but at least there they could put the subtitle: slam the potato on the front page !
And yes, why tutt'assieme projected on this screen you see your little gem. Aho! At least the fact that I rearrange my face.
In any case, the doctor watches me with such grace to see if there is actually something altered. Then he announced that the case proceed to biopsy.
The feature that struck me is that Dr. undertook to look very kind and gentle, given his profession, but I found it a bit 'forced me I imagined a lot more talented in the rant against the children or ironing all nervous.
Another curious detail is that while I was there, posing, went a bit 'of people. Oh well, it was a nurse, but you're always there, quietly and relaxed with her thighs spread out like a rooster on the grill, while they do the order of the buffers.

The Vagina Monologues all. It Thin among at least 40 days, when they get results at home.
Luckily they are not anxious for this story, if not until that day I would have brought you something else.

generally I think people worry too much about health and too little of life.
As if the real concern was not to die and not rather live.
Like two lovers who are treated like crap every day, but then you do the squilletto to say "I got home safe and sound." As if to live every day like worms was less severe than ending up smashed against a tree.

Kisses and hugs to those who made it this far without being unbearable.


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