Monday, June 22, 2009

Cost Of Vodaphone Sim Cardinindia

Fishing with trawl

ROME - "The greatest danger to our democracy" is the action of the newspaper Republic , "A superpartito that concentrates in itself the political, the economic, cultural and even the judiciary." This was stated in a letter published in the Journal , the Minister for Arts and Culture Sandro Bondi, that defines the Republic as "the principal heir" of Jacobean culture.

"Assuming that the project has successfully destabilizing" the newspaper, it would "not fall of a regime, as it deems Eugenio Scalfari, or the escape of felons hierarchy," but "the weakening of our democracy and the ruin of Italy. "

According to the minister, Scalfari is skillful in "credit spread and the public a vision of historiography, political and cultural life which is exactly the antithesis of reality" and "describe a corrupt and dying regime against which the newspaper has launched its final offensive, dragging with it the Corriere della Sera and what is left of the left ".

The reality, says Bondi is instead that "a democratically elected government (...) undergoes systematic aggression on the basis of a campaign tabloid comparable to the trawl fishery."

But perhaps the most exhilarating read here:


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