Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sample Invitation Letter On Death Anniversary


Welcome to Gardens of Flora!
Today, the day of revelation!
Yes, today I turned ... I told the forum on alfemminile.com the scents that I write here on livejournal.com!
Basically it is precisely in this forum that I got my baptism by forumina (obviously with cologne ...)!
That scoundrel who are ... and if I find my students?
Basically I do not do anything wrong ... I write and this is beautiful. I also suggested to Mark to write here ... it is exercised for the next theme ... or not? Better write it here
a decent Italian (I hope at least sufficient) to write text messages in phone that you can not even read ... tvb ... tvmb ... etc.. etc..
Salutation: flinndudu, bluecan, pomander, gretel221, quintessenza2006, nicovonpozzar, Marzelline ... and many others.
Why do not you also ... is easy (If we are successful I are of the past millennium ...)
Or write me. Have we heard our voices or our words better.
Will is power!
Let us hear from maybe someone will listen!
scented Hello friends ... to the next.


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