Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tight Panty Girdlehips


Here they are my essential oils derived from citrus ... Bergamot, lemon, tangerine, sweet orange, Marancia BITTER ...

Oh yes, it is true, the essential oil of lemon, for example, is interesting. But if you remember the lemon cake ... If all goes well, the lemon cake, but if it goes wrong ... no ... Last the dishes! Help! And if I check out of the bottle Mr. Clean? I will have something to wear in order not to look bad?
Seriously, can complete all household products are flavored with lemon or masiglia? E 'persecution. And to think that I followed the scent all the way to the Riviera Marseille Provence ... struggling to find products with this delicate fragrance. But then ... puff! The fashion of Marseille, which in a little 'flavor we even toothpaste. I must confess that in the detergent is horrible, I think wash clothes instead of the dishes. Returning
citrus, I noticed that in the pyramids of olfactory scents that I liked as there is always the BERGAMOT top note and base note as VANILLA ... VANILLA attention to girls, you may be mistaken for a mille-feuille pastry to cremma! It should not be exceeded because it is invasive, you just feel fat ... If savor alone makes you want to eat it now! E 'is too closely tied to the bakery as the smell of coconut and tied to the summer vacation in the tropics! There is no tropical tan without the browning COCONUT ...
I'll tell you, the combination of orange and vanilla I like, but it takes a touch of cinnamon! Carnation and a nail?
However it appears that the smells "sweet tooth" is in fashion these days ... there are also those with various chocolates ... French? Novi could not say in an advertisement.
But I, my dear, are conservative and are linked to floral scents, the ones Donna Donna, not women, girls eternal greedy. I love the world of flowers! What a feast for the eyes and the smell! Written on a wall one day read:
... there are three good things that make life worth living: music, flowers and the smiles of children ... nice no? But I could not tell you who is the author. Have you ever heard this little thought? Who can say? Mothers Care


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