Friday, January 12, 2007

What Are Polips On Dogs


Dear friends of the essences and ... the magic of perfumes

I'd like to deepen with you on the topic missing fragrances, discontinued from the market today, but still present in pallets of collectors, so to speak.
Or perfume still alive, but that it is hard to find until after long and exhausting ambushes in auctions on the Internet. Why so much effort?
Why the smell of a family life is no longer fashionable. Why
some "criminal" who wants to meet ever want to settle and that is that the olfactory promicuità his belief ... and so down to market new ... (New?) Fragrances, of course, always at Christmas ... ale!
Damn, but because every so often to celebrate any happy occasion, with occasional victory Olympics or the World Cup, pyrotechnical few hundred years old, you do not reproduce the discontinued perfumes or fragrances true vintage dream that made more than a generation?
not bad idea, it would be enough to resurrect the patent.
resynthesized essences no longer on the market or banned, so if you notice that!
Risoffiare the glass bottles referring to the original models found in some museum of perfume.
do some promotional marketing ... and voila! The business is served by a single euro of expenses to pay for a "nose" what is turning out the newcomer of the year ... then he won first prize at the Academy of Perfume ... but from? With little expense
gifts of a great joy to the ladies like me, nostalgic scent of the beloved mother, aunt, teacher's dall'acconciatura impeccable. Teacher felt that coming, not from the cleat spiked shoes, but from the persuasive and reassuring scent of Rochas.
So ... a perfume of 1944 ... who remembers the most. Much less one in 1917, stuff from the museum!
But for the younger generation is like that it was "Pacas de nuevo." Nice name by Ted Lapidus to propose because I want my Vu. A fragrance that when my friends asked me what perfume I used I answered candidly: "Vu" Lapidus. They burst out laughing thinking about my conversion to a dark. What Little Rascals ...
But back to the keynote speech.
So come on, ADHD, DDDA! Great Maisons threadbare. From large
Maisons you produce more and more goods Commercial little all the same for women and men increasingly approved! And now
riesibire hidden skeletons in the closets! And skeletons! The Coty, Guerlain ... Vu Ted Lapidus ... Sorry if I insist, but I have not digested his departure from the scene ... and at least tell that it robbed the perfume!
And yet, history of the legendary Houbigant perfume, Caron, Rochas, Patou ...
Enough! We must act, if we ask for will come to us ... or at least I hope.
I, my Femme de Rochas found it in the U.S. ... in the land of the barbarians ... The summit is not in Italy. Maybe there is, you say ... there is will include, but We can not turn all the perfume of the city!
... Now let's go ... it's time to migrate. We follow the track (olfactory) and we do not lose. We
tigers ... not meek lambs.
Thank you for your kind availability.
your winx61


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