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Donated Blood Abortion

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O my God, it's over seriously. Really . I just posted the epilogue of January.
I must say that I am always a strange effect, close the stories: a mixture of satisfaction, relief and concern about the nonsense that I could have written. And even today I do not deny, although success in the admirable intention to drag up to the extreme frontiers of January exhaustion to the point of not seeing the time to stop, having thought about not being able, then a second later regret because I am now more than half, already at the end, now all 'epilogue, shit.
Just like a movie you like, when more than half (but does anyone remember when the first film had a And second time?) And hear the story, eh Yes, it is running out. There. I'm the guy that controls the clock mode distressed noomancagiàcosìpoco ?
I was saying.
I've done it.
not really know if I would be ashamed of re-reading some shit ... probably vocabulary. But I will not touch anything, as usual. I do not think is too good to change something that already has its own form in my head as well as that of many other people. Login to write
: people! *____*
If anyone is reading (and I look forward to it), I really would like to thank everyone so incisive, but I repeat a lot of things I've already written, the usual harping on for ever. True but still honeyed.
but I wanted a special greeting to my women, my favorite sostenitriiiiiici! The usual, the mythical, the ubiquitous Magic, and Alisa Viky_Fra! Daughters ... I had to wait, I deserved the insuRti, I know ... forgive me? Let D =
lives ...

the credits I will continue giving some number (muahahah): STRA-thank you to the
  • 3778 (per hour) readers of January: OKKAKKIOSIETEUNNUMEROENORMEEEEE! O____O
  • the 46 January that they put in their favorites
  • the 37 that they put me among the favorite authors as "moss" and 15 who did as "Snivella"
  • the 142 (for now, and I hope triplichino, of course) beautiful nice bright and moving reviews (and then say you are not pander?)
  • the one thousand (okkay now exaggerating) email support that I received from you
  • the crowds (promised, I'll stop) of readers I've had in recent years of the translations
  • million (and end up with this shit) to € Salani that I offer to completely remake All seven Harry P books, seen the results of troiai
That said, a small little thought. As always opens the uncertainty of the future. The frasucola and now? I always blend in my head for days, when I finish a story. And January is a lady history. I think the most monumental story ever published, not only for length.
But I think this time is easier.
few points clear, folks: no more HHR made by Musca, no more translations made by SnIV. Unfortunately, our favorite Australian
has taken some time to try to make the writer "serious", say, and spread a novel that is not inherent-Potterian.
I really hope that makes things beautiful, in fact, I'm almost a little jealous, is certain: if he deserves it.
For me I also sincerely hope to produce my miracles (read: degree) within say the elderly, or the end of the world, or at least of this government ... make you a little . Of course I do not rule the world of FF (my panacea, that I really reputed in all sauces), but I think that's a long story, at least, I will not have much time. The short is, however, and hopefully many.
I almost thought of doing a quick poll, maybe a pool like "marking your choice, maybe here on the blog.

I do not know yet, but I invent something, stay tuned.
Snivella staggers but mooolla;)

AH, and will be strictly HHR ... Needless to say? =))))))

kisses kisses, and reviewed numerous.


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