Friday, August 22, 2008

Kate From Kates Playground

word too that I would definitely do well to keep for me

Where was I?

Yeah, where I was.

I was in a dark and small, and empty. A well of silence where a mushy word echoes and become one thousand up to shake his head. And where you can feel even whole days trying to earn a cm upward toward the light, and little nails that bleed air into the lungs, just a minute to slide back down, further down than before.

long as you do not think that deep down you like (it's dark and warm and Your , and you know him so well, and of course there are already been before, why sweat just to get out of it?).
And until you get to thinking you like slip, then you can start to climb, and slip again.

All things you might not know very well that I might avoid even thinking.

(Too dramatic? Definitely. Be practical. Be practical and do not overdo it. It does not take itself too seriously. These are the things that really work in life.)

And I do not know if the end it was just a dream, or if, indeed, I am always there inside, to scratch away the skin from his hands and asking why.
Maybe I just learned to use two mirrors to let in light.

January was a mirror that I had simply forgotten to have.
Sorry sorry sorry.


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